This morning, in a Truth Social post, Trump used just two of his favorite weapons, projection and false, inflammatory political accusations, in a particularly dark and dangerous way. As usual, he created the post for his own benefit without any care for the damage to the country it might cause.

In a post that scared me in a very subtle way, Trump wants to turn Joe Biden into Donald Trump, using two of the most powerful accusations often lobbed at Trump to turn on Biden. As is well known, Trump likes to get ahead of possible accusations against him by accusing an enemy of all that Trump’s done.

It seems to be the case here. From Trump’s Truth Social account:

Was Joe Biden really paid $50,000 a month by Hunter for a house that’s worth comparatively very little. Who actually owns the house? This is just the beginning of one of the greatest political and money laundering Scams of all time. However, don’t know wether or not the Rigged and Corrupt Fake News Media will want to report on it. Probably not, they’d rather report on a 75 year old Trump employee who did not pay tax on the use of a company car or apartment (few people do, never charged before).

It may seem like a “typical Trump” post. But I don’t think so.

Trump proclaims as a fact that this is “just the beginning” of the greatest political and money laundering scams of ALL TIME. (Everything involving Trump is the biggest, best, worst, etc.) But then he does something that is rarely seen before the fact, which makes it particularly dangerous. He assures his cult that, as big as it is, they’ll never hear about it in the media. Trust him to report on it.

What is “true” and what isn’t doesn’t matter in Trumpworld, nor in any propaganda campaign. The purpose of propaganda is not to get people to believe any one story or situation. No. Propaganda is a science (especially in Eastern Europe), and the ultimate goal is to convince people that there is no “truth” because everyone – even something caught on camera or eyewitnesses – necessarily involves someone with an angle. Everyone is self-interested. Everyone will say what is in their best interest. No one ever agrees on facts, and so facts become irrelevant.

It won’t matter that the facts may say that Biden never laundered money, but perhaps Trump did because we can’t know the actual truth – if propaganda is done properly.

The evolution of Biden being such a good guy that he brought Lindsey Graham to tears to now, where Biden is a criminal mastermind of the first order, is just Trump being Trump but also the product of a rigid propaganda campaign. Biden was a flawed but “good” person in nearly everyone’s mind, and yet, through typical propaganda, Trump stirred his MAGAs into a rabid, frothing hatred that is a huge threat to democracy.

Regardless, the projection and self-defense are laid out. Trump has loonggg been accused of being involved in money laundering (Just never proven in a court of law). It is possible that Trump has laundered his political donations with his personal finances, which we’ve learned are far less impressive than originally thought. And then there’s Russia, always Russia, subservience and love of Russia going back to the Cold War days, and a new love of the Arab peninsula where money is pumped directly from the ground and corruption is encouraged.

One could say that Trump’s only real “platform” is to make the world safe for open corruption. So, of course, he would put it on Biden. It is awfully rich, coming from a guy who went to the SCOTUS twice to hide his tax returns and was never completely audited as president, which the law requires.

No, this post is dark because he’s setting the table for something much bigger. He is prepping for possible allegations against him by already laying them at Biden’s feet, despite the fact there is no basis nor any rationale to believe Trump’s theory.
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  1. Where are those men with the little white straight jackets when you need them, because it’s time for DJT to be fitted for one immediately!!!!!

  2. Is there a such thing as a ball gag for thumbs? Please, someone break his thumbs. I’m so sick to death of this guy and his ceaseless campaign to destroy this country.

    • You just sent me looking for a typo that I made, wondering why Grammarly ($39.00 a month) didn’t pick it up.

      Trump doesn’t use Grammarly in his posts.

  3. Trump has never been convicted of money laundering because somehow prosecutors have never followed through on cases they might have brought. Even Rudy G. Remember, they had a serious one cooking back when he was at SDNY but he wanted to move into elective politics. He meets with Trump and gets an “angel investment” in the form of a large donation to his campaign’s war chest – enough that other potential donors took him seriously and the rest is (sad) history. And just “purely not at all related by crazy coincidence” the investigation into Trump (which had RICO hallmarks) just melted away! Hmmmmm.

  4. “But then he does something that is rarely seen before the fact, which makes it particularly dangerous. He assures his cult that, as big as it is, they’ll never hear about it in the media. Trust him to report on it.”

    And yet, for some odd reason, Trump did NOT “report” on any of Biden’s files until AFTER the media told everyone. So, he really expects his followers to “trust” him to report on this “scandal?”


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