Trump is trapped.


Geez, I can literally feel the IQ points dripping out of my ears just trying to keep up with Traitor Tot. First His Lowness tells four U.S. citizens, sitting-congresswomen of color, to “go back where they came from.” Over the next three days, he doubles, and then triples down on it. Then, at his rally last night, he specifically calls one of them out by name, and sits back to bask in the response.

But now he’s “not happy about it.” He was unhappy with the chant. He’s not the only one. Apparently, abject colon smooching aside, many members of the GOP caucus are unhappy about it too, up to the point of complaining to Trump’s personal Preparation-H tube, Mike Pence about his rhetoric. This is like complaining to the dog that his master didn’t pick up the shit in your yard. So now poor widdle Donnie has a case o the sadz, and promises he’ll try to stop it if there’s a repeat performance at future rallies.

Let me make this crystal clear for all and sundry. He can’t fucking stop it! Trump has personally crafted this Trumpenstein’s monster, and he can’t just pat his thigh and whistle, and expect it to stop terrorizing the countryside. The best he can do is to avoid the subject completely, and remove the opportunity for those Y-chromosome mutants that attend his rallies, but he can’t do that either. Trump feels that these four women are too soft of a target, and sow discontent in the Democratic House caucus, so he has to play that card. But he’ll “try to stop it” if it happens again. But he can’t even try.

Here’s why. Look at Trump supporters going to a Trump rally as similar to cult fans going to a midnight showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. It is by its inception a place for sorry, deluded kindred souls to go, people everybody else finds a wee beyond the pale, to share in a communal experience. And Trump stands there behind the podium, and plays this meshugas like Lawrence Welk with his long-ago orchestra.

For Trump supporters, like Rocky Horror fans, it’s all about the audience participation. Trump supporters go into these shit shows fully expecting to loudly boo Obama’s name every time it’s mentioned, to scream out “Lock her up!” every time the grim specter of Hillary Clinton is mentioned. They are bursting at the seams with enthusiasm to turn menacingly, storm forward up against the rope line, and scream epithets while they flip the media double barrel birds every time Trump points out the “dishonest fake media” in the back of the room. You don’t honestly think that they all stood in lines like spring lambs in front of the barn doors for hours, in all kinds of weather, just to hear Hair Furor spout off the same, exact, lame shit he’s been spouting off for four years now, do you? For Trump supporters, it’s not about the show, it’s about being the show.

And now Trump’s supporters have a brand new, bright and shiny toy to play with. And if Der Gropinfuror thinks that his Trombies are going to let this new toy go quietly into that good night, he’s even crazier than I think he is. If Trump goes through an entire rally without mentioning “The Squad,” his fans are going to go home feeling terribly cheated, kind of leaving a Lynryd Skynrd concert without hearing free bird. And if Trump mentions them, which is voracious ego and lack of self control will compel him to do, the chant of “Send her home!” will be immediate.

And Trump dare not actually try to stop it, or his supporters will think that his tiny, shriveled balls are still in the glass on Melania’s bedside table. Besides, it’s not like they’d pay any attention, it’d be just another “nudge-nudge, wink-wink” admonition they’ve come to expect from him when he does something he’s not supposed to do.

For four years now, Trump has been slipping his toes farther and farther over the abyss of putting himself into a no-sin situation that he can’t extract himself from, and he’s finally done it. If he doesn’t douse his flaming ego and stop using these racist tropes against The Squad, members of his own party are going to have no choice but to criticize him for it. And if he does stop about sending The Squad back to shithole countries, his fans are gonna be royally pissed. Because screaming at and insulting “others” is the only reason to attend one of these prepubescent mosh pits in the first place.

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    • Yep…And if THIS turns out to be the thing that finally knocks him down a peg or two, he’ll feel even MORE betrayed, simply because he has NEVER paid a price for anything like this before…

  1. A bit of phrasing from Rod Serling, courtesy of the Twilight Zone episode “Deathshead Revisited”, in a different context comes to mind: “…the plaintive litany of the Master Race as it lay dying.” Deep down, all those troglodytes KNOW this is the end of the world they grew up in. So they’re begging a guy in Heaven they have talked to since at least 1980 to deliver a miracle. But none shall come.

    • I enjoyed going (and participating) back in the day. The difference is we all knew it was a freaking movie and a game of sorts to interact with the movie and each other. At least where I was in southern Illinois folks didn’t take the movie or our antics seriously.

      These Trump goobers are a different story. They actually do believe the show is complete reality, and that taking part is “making mur-I-ca great again.”

      • Hey Denis, I agree and another thing about this new crop of useless, can’t think for themselves, no-accounts, is they could, and might just lay in wait, for 1 or more of these great ladies, for a personal attack …

        This idiot in the WH, using all those little winks and shoulder hunches, wide spread arms of come to me fool, I’m laying the biggest blanket of BS with his silly ass facial screw ups ….

        These less than normal cretins could easily feel that trump is giving them permission to maim, even kill these 4 intruders on Trump’s god-given orders …

        There had better be security in place on these women 24/7 … all 4 have spoken about peace and getting things done, (for everyone), stupid Trump says he is going to call AOC, by her last name only, he has no time out on the golf course, or sucking his thumb, to use her whole name … the truth is, he cannot remember her first names or how to pronounce them …

  2. I thought he had progressed from the idiotic “Squad” thing to focusing primarily or exclusively on Ilhan Omar because of her obvious qualities they can wreak their hatred on. And that’s scary.

  3. I’m not pleased with the comparison to “Rocky Horror.”

    The people who attend that are there to HAVE FUN and share in a mutual joy–even joie de vivre.

    The people who attend Trump rallies are there to instill fear in “the others” and bask in the “warmth” they get from their Führer. I don’t believe a single one is there to enjoy themselves at all.


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