I swear, this is almost too stupid to be true, but when you’ve spent as much time paddling on a raft in Trump’s personal cesspool, you realize that nothing is actually too stupid to be true.

As I type this, Traitor Tot is standing behind a podium at Mar-A-Lago, surrounded by American flags, to announce his candidacy for President in 2024. And God help us, he actually has an updated 2024 campaign slogan. It’s MAGAGA. Yeah, Make America Great And Glorious Again! Just different enough to force the sheeple to buy new hats and t-shirts. But does anybody here remember the racial slur MAKAKA that former GOP gubernatorial candidate George Allen used against a black progressive voter at a rally several years ago? And yes, Allen lost that election.

NBC News is reporting that Traitor Tot has already filed his paperwork with the FEC for his 2024 run. Nice going Emperor Numbus Nuttus. You just kissed goodbye to some $100 million in your Leadership PAC. Which means that Trumpenstein is now going to have to go back to hitting up the RNC for his legal bills, and start screaming for the GOP sheeple to donate to his election campaign fund so that he can continue licking his nuts at campaign rallies, all on the dime.

But here’s the funny thing. His Lowness is 76 years old. And like Air Supply, or 3 Dog Night, or Styx, he’s decided to Bring the band back together for a reunion tour. Reporting is that Trump has already told advisors that he wants a leaner, smaller campaign staff for this run than his 2020 flop, and that he wants to run his 2024 campaign on the outsider insurgent platform that he successfully ran on in 2016.

This is so politically stupid that it defies rational description! And I don’t have to waste a lot of time with paragraphs of history and platitudes. It’s brain dead stupid for one simple reason.

In 2016, Trump truly was an outsider, insurgent candidate. He was a total outsider, a multimedia celebrity with universal name recognition, a loud, foul mouthed racist who appealed solely to the worst in the US electorate. And he rode his filthy campaign all the way to the White House.

There’s an old saying, You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Trump made his first impression in 2016, And he rode that into power. But that was the end of his first impression. Trump had four years in the White House as President, and when they were over, American voters bounced his sorry ass out of office by a record 7 million votes. In politics we have a word for that, it’s called A fucking record! Voters had 4 long, bitter years to measure Trump’s persona up against his actual performance. And they found him sadly wanting.

You can’t go home again. Personally, I love the idea of Hair Twitler trying to rerun his successful 2016 campaign again in 2024. After all, there’s a reason he didn’t run it in 2020. Because he had an actual record that he couldn’t run away from. And if he continues to run a 2016 campaign again in 2024, he’s going to run into the same Great Wall of China that led him to the worst electoral defeat in US history in 2020, by some 7 million votes.

But The Trumpster Fire’s preemptive strike running for President in 2024 ensures one thing. It ensure that the simmering GOP civil war will only erupt into a full boil. Which only means total chaos in the GOP for leadership positions in the House and Senate. And it gives the Democrats the early edge to retain the White House in 2024, along with the Senate, against headwinds, and expanding the House majority beyond what it was in 2018. White suburban women voters won’t vote for Trump, it’s just that simple. At this point, the Democrats don’t need to do anything but put forward qualified candidates, sit back, and watch the GOP implode.

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  1. William Blake once wrote “The past is the only dead thing that smells sweet.” Obviously, he never met Trump, who is the epitome of “dead man walking” in every sense. Wonder how his forthcoming indictments are going to change the math here?

  2. I hope first thing in the morning journalists are checking for confirmation with the FEC that tRumpledforeskin actually did file the paperwork. He lies as easily as he breathes, so I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to find out he’s “filled it out” but hasn’t actually turned it in. And when pressed will say “in the next couple of weeks!” My guess is that he’s got a couple of third rate lawyers trying to figure out money laundering so he can illegally shift funds from his Leadership (?) PAC without getting caught.

    But he did his first campaign on the cheap because he got a billion dollars worth of airtime on the news. That’s not gonna happen this time around. Neither will being able to fuck over local jurisidctions and venues with the costs of one of his rallies – they have slowly been learning the painful lesson that if they don’t get their money up front they will be stuck with the tab! (And they won’t take a check either. Modern banking means they will want to see that money safely in THEIR accounts or the “deal” will be off.

    He’ll be able to hire some third rate “talent” for advance work and making some ads but he’ll be lucky to get even a couple of not ready for prime time operatives from the RNC. What he’ll get is “prospects.” Minor Leaguers who may or may not be ready for the Majors. If one turns out to have the goods it will be pure luck but as with baseball’s Minor Leagues most won’t prove ready for what baseball players call “The Show.”

    Here’s the fascinating question. How long will wannabe Princess Ivanka and Jar Jar stay away?

  3. I think the new slogan should be simplified slightly (and in keeping with the mentality of the Trumpettes):

    GAGA (they all are anyway)

    Besides that, I wonder what will happen when he finds out that the GQP doesn’t want to actually install him as their ‘official’ nominee? A new party maybe?

  4. MAGAGA? Shouldn’t Lady Gaga get to swat that one away? I thought he already had people shifting funds around for the last month or so. Definitely breaking campaign finance laws somewhere. He doesn’t know how to follow the law much less care. Waiting for another filing.

  5. 🧐 Our Nation’s co-Founder, Alexander Hamilton, described Trump as “THE MAN WHO WOULD DESTROY DEMOCRACY”:

     “Such a DEMAGOGUE [would be]:
    • a man UNPRINCIPLED in private life,
    • DESPERATE in his fortune,
    • BOLD in his temper, and
    • DESPOTIC in his ordinary demeanour.”

    Hamilton wrote further…

    Such a man would one day:
    • “Mount the hobby horse of popularity to
    • Join in the cry of danger to liberty to
    • Bringing it under suspicion —
    • to flatter and fall in with all the nonsense of the zealots of the day” with the objective
    • that he may ‘ride the storm and direct the whirlwind”.


  6. I think you’re right. Trump doesn’t seem to have much of a chance. But we all thought that in 2016. I’m not taking a Trump loss for granted. Nor should anyone else.

    • He managed to get his way the first time in spite of the Repubs all saying they did not support him – that was precisely because they all got scared he would rip the party in two & so they all changed tack & gave in. Now he thinks that will happen again, which is entirely possible ! For trump all is simple – all you have to do to win anything is just do whatever it takes, regardless of legality ! This time their choice is an even harder one, because they know his chances of winning a new election are slim. Any PRINCIPLES on display anywhere, anyone ?

  7. Without ‘pubes having majorities in congress I kind of do take his loss for granted. I don’t see him getting the ‘pube nod during the primaries-death sentence will likely get it unless there is another candidate we’re just not considering yet. I do however, think there is a possibility of him running as an indie if he doesn’t get the ‘pube nod. That would divide up the votes against the democrat candidate and would make things easy for whoever runs on that ticket-presumably Biden.

    If the ‘pubes had gotten their “red tsunami”, we would be screwed and likely before the 2024 election. But definitely in that election.

  8. If Trumpty get the ‘pubs nomination, I think Cheney will split the party and take all the ‘pubs like Cheney who are dedicated to the Constitution with her into a new party. If DeSantis or some other person gets the ‘pubs nomination, I see Trumpty splitting the party. Either way, the Democrats win.


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