Sigh. Every story has to be bigger, better, and stronger. But have no doubt, Trump has a reason for exaggerating the crime occurring in big cities. Personally, I believe that if Trump finds himself in the Oval Office again, the first thing he’ll do is pardon himself of all crimes ever. (And he won’t appear in New York or Georgia). The second thing he will do is “temporarily” institute martial law until “we’ve eliminated crime and secured the border.” Remember, all fascism starts out as “temporary.”

He gave a speech today at the NRA that would operate as justification for his plans:

You see these gangs of hundreds of young, usually young people go and attack a department store, department stores in San Francisco and Los Angeles and Chicago, and they run in by the hundreds and they’re running out carrying refrigerators and carrying air conditioners and big stuff. Big little everything.

Fur coats, not fur coats, everything they’re carrying. They empty out the stores. And we, our police are incredible, but they’re not allowed to do their job. They want to do their job so badly.

They’re standing there, they’re shaking. They want to do their job. It’d be so easy to do, but they’re not allowed to do their job because of these radical lunatics, who think they’re doing the right thing.

I don’t even think they do think they’re doing the right thing. The politically incorrect truth that no one on the left wants to admit is that violent crime is rarely committed by illegal gun owners. It is committed by a brutal class of hardened repeat criminals. That’s who’s doing it. In San Francisco.

I guarantee he’s sending the federalized National Guard into the nation’s biggest cities when he declares martial law.


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  1. Sweet Ghu, this guy is making all this sht up wholesale. And these idjits believe it. “They wouldn’t let him say it on TV if it wasn’t true” is their response.

    (Yes, there are gangs that do smash and grab robberies. They’re highly organized crime, they’re sellign stuff in Asia, and they’re dropped off and picked back up in minutes.)

  2. Okay. Was dead tired and falling asleep at 10pm central… and .. of course… wake up at 2am. Was watching tyt on YouTube. Ana is what… oh never mind. Anyways back to main topic. Dolt 45 had American carnage speech and crazy stories about urban America!??! Supposedly this )$&$)(@ doesn’t drink or do major drugs (he is narcissistic cray cray ah:&e …) but had these visions. Ergo ipso facto… he was Charles Brunson movie (s) especially death wish 3 or 4. Where chuck takes a six shooter and fights a multi racial mob/gang . Actually the whole neighborhood fights back. Even the jaded police captain joins in. Also add another chuck, Norris, invasion USA (?), where the communist Cubans et al invade Florida. Sonogab$&)h… what is fool taking. Rick James ghost wants to know.

  3. A lot of people are saying that fat a$$ used to rob his tenants and the irs the same way. He would pay $50 for a sh!tty air conditioner and then tell the IRS that it cost $5000. Since fat as$$se’s sister was a “Federal judge”, they ate it up like a sh!t sandwich….

  4. He’s like a broken record. remember “They’re bringing drugs, they’re bringing violent criminals. etc” when he was trying to sell his wall. This is a very sick man without a moral compass or the ability to tell the truth. Dangerous as hell, he must be squashed at the ballot box if he gets that far.



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