Another demonstration from the Party of Family Values. I just love the GOP in 2023. While members of the House are attempting to bring the United States government to a grinding halt, their standard bearer, one Donald J. Trump, quadruply indicted, already twice impeached, is running to run the government he tried to overthrow when he ran it before, while running from the law. Here he is in a rally signing shirts — while they’re being worn — by a cute young blond, in any event.

You notice how he goes out of his way to get the young gal’s attention. Then he raises his hands as if to say, “Behold! I, MAGA gawd am here! I appear before you!”

Trump must have been thrilled. This probably reminded him of the good old days with Jeffrey Epstein.

And you recall Trump’s comments about and treatment of women in the past, including those in his own family.

“She had blood coming out of her eyes. Or blood coming out of her wherever,” Trump said of Kelly Friday night on CNN, a day after she noted at the Republican debate that Trump has called women “fat pigs, dogs, slobs, and disgusting animals.” (Trump has since said “wherever” was code for Kelly’s “nose.”)

Not only does Trump behave toward women in degrading ways, he is proud to do so.

Trump “boasts about having poured a whole bottle of wine down Marie Brenner’s back after she wrote a story on him that he hated,” New York magazine reported in 1992.

“Well, it wasn’t a bottle, actually—it was a glass,” Brenner told The Daily Beast on Saturday. “I didn’t even notice it was happening, because like everything with Donald, it was a stealth maneuver. It came from behind.”

In 1990, Brenner profiled Trump and then-wife Ivana for Vanity Fair, brutally detailing the dissolution of their marriage.

“How can you say you love us? You don’t love us! You don’t even love yourself. You just love your money,” 12-year-old Donald Jr. told his father, according to Brenner’s profile.

If this is actually what Junior said, then I begin to understand a lot about why he is where he is in his 40’s, getting loaded and selling conservative coffee on a podcast he broadcasts from his basement. His cousin Mary said he never became his own person, and I’m simply wondering if what he said about his father isn’t exactly how he feels about himself as well.

Trump’s history of misogyny is not limited to Kelly, Brenner, and Ivana. For decades, he has degraded and objectified women, from Rosie O’Donnell to his own daughter, Ivanka.

Trump even admitted this was his M.O.

“You have to treat ’em like shit,” Trump told friend Philip Johnson, according to New York.

“You’d make a good mafioso,” Johnson replied.

“One of the greatest,” The Donald assured him.

Maybe the GOP was talking about Mafia Family Values. That actually makes a lot of sense, given the way that we see them all behaving. Marge Greene even mentioned “the five families” the other day.


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  1. When I see a crowd fawning over this POS, I see the 40,000 nazis saluting the mass murderer at Nuremberg. They ARE NOT MY FELLOW CITIZENS!!! Phuck these nazis and their blind worship of EVIL. If you’re going to flash your titties to a pig, either you want his sh*t on you, or you’re a goddamn clueless bag of skin. Either way…who’s shocked? Not me.

    • We do live in two different countries. That’s a fact. That’s the result of right-wing media. When I was driving from Los Angeles to Las Vegas there was a point outside Palm Springs where I was picking up right-wing radio, only. That’s all I could get where I was. So I turned it off, because I didn’t want to listen to either religious bullshit or Mark Levin and his political fantasies. But those were the choices. I was even having trouble getting music. So I turned the radio off and just enjoyed the scenery. (I have a CD player but didn’t think ahead to put the CDs in the car, they were packed away.)

      Point being, I realized that if I lived in that area and turned on the radio, that’s what I would be exposed to all the time. It was a scary thought.

      • Which is why, when I was long-haul truck driving, I was meticulous about carrying my own music with me. I’ve been through a lot of places like that and it was pretty mind-blowing.

      • The other day,WaPo had an opinion piece praising the kindness if conservatives in flyover could try,and how we shouldn’t call it flyover country, and the like. I was furious. I lived in GA,for 12 ghadtlt ,horrible,miserable years. I will be happy to stop calling them stupid, misogynist,,racist and religious bigots when they start teaching accurate history, including the truth about the Civil.war (that state’s right it was fought over was,SLAVERY, god dammit), stop treating women like possessions rather than people, and cease telling everyone who differs even slightly from their version of Christianity they’re going to hell.

  2. The libido of a twelve-year-old boy in the body of a demented septuagenarian.
    About the same ick factor as when he told a porn star he was about to bang (while his wife was at home with their newborn child), “You remind me of my daughter”.

  3. Bobo the Boob Clown probably ran to a wig store and bought a blonde wig on her way to the airport to fly to Trump and thrust HER tits at him! Hey – that can be her next excuse. That some evil-doer slipped something into her vape mix that made her hallucinate and think it was Trump fondling her boobs in the theater. Her reasoning would of course be that being Trump he gets to do whatever he wants.

  4. Hell that girl would have dropped her drawers and bent over his desk in the middle of that crowd and said do me Mr. Trump. Product of a misspent youth hanging out with bands. To say it politely, girls can be nasty. You’ve all heard the song by Lynyrd Skynyrd. What’s your name little Queenie. A band like like them has a line outside their motel room and they ain’t there for auditions.


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