I’m beginning to see a glimmer of what the final scene in this misadventure of an administration will look like. Donald Trump’s blasting out at John Bolton, because a judge refused to block release of Bolton’s tell-all is the road map for where we’re going.

First of all, Steve Schmidt made the comment about Bolton in connection with his refusal to testify at Trump’s impeachment inquiry. But it was a good way to slam Bolton, using somebody else’s words.

Then look where Trump goes. Bolton was “all washed up” and then Trump, the all powerful, the omniscient, the Great Orange One “brought him back and gave him a chance.” Oh, but for the beneficence of Almighty GOO, Bolton would have languished in obscurity and never gotten any ratings at all. And here’s where this becomes a signpost, to my way of thinking: When we finally kick Trump to the curb in November, he will say something along these lines to the American people. I predict that he’ll do an enraged, off the cuff speech — not a concession speech, as that term is understood — but I predict he’ll insult America.

I think we will hear things like, “I made this country great again, just me. You were a nation of losers before I got here. I created the best economy the world had ever seen, not just this world, any world, I get fan mail from all of them saying, “Sir, I wish the leaders up here on Tralfamadore could be just like you.”

“I got billions from the Chinese, they were so scared of me, Vladimir Putin wishes that he was me and I still get love letters from Kim Jong Un. Nobody had ever heard of these guys before I made ’em famous.”

I think Trump will continue to rant and rave about having the biggest crowds and the highest ratings and achieving more than any president anywhere achieved, ever, or ever will achieve, and then when he’s thoroughly spent, he’ll collapse ala Howard Beal in “Network” and they’ll carry him off.

Seriously. I would not be surprised if this is how this movie ends.



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  1. The Incredible Shrinking President will likely give such a speech, yes. Bluster is all he has left at this point and no one is taking his threats seriously anymore. The more a leader talks, the weaker he sounds.

    • Pretty darned soon all his slavering followers will have left is Kool Aid. Cults have a way of imploding and this one won’t be any different. Just don’t want to see a Jim Jones scenario of any sort. Egging on his followers could cause a very big problem tonight.

      • We’re already at the Jim Jones scenario, Carol. Only difference is that COVID 19 takes your life slower than the Kool-Aid.

  2. I want him to have a breakdown on tv, I want everyone to see it. He sure is f ing up at a faster rate than ever before. Maybe he will spontaneously combust.

  3. Saw this news about the judge early this morning and thought, welp, there goes Trump’s head: it will explode at some point today. Or maybe in the throes of rapture and adulation, he will flip out and be carted from the stage in Tulsa tonight?
    This judge wasn’t kind to Bolton either. But. He said he needs to see why the clearance process was begun anew. With dates for the specific kind of top secret classification that it appears may have been assigned to the book topics after the initial clearance. Thinking Trump world isn’t so happy right about now with judges. Emmet Sullivan is also standing up to Trump. And the Supreme Court. It can only go downhill from here in my view.

  4. If ANYONE is going to release “classified information,” it’s NOT going to be Bolton. The man is, by profession, an attorney and that particular species of profession–above all else–knows how to keep secrets (it is, in fact, an absolute necessity; violating a client’s confidence and secrets is pretty close to the one thing that leads to disbarment–there are very limited exceptions but, generally, the attorney takes those secrets to his grave or his client’s grave).

    Trump’s probably claiming that anything he says to anyone is “classified” information but that’s NOT the way things work.

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  6. Wouldn’t surprise me in the least. BUt I think he’ll try to call in the army first. He will absolutely say it was a rigged election and that he REALLY won and the army needs to come in and restore order. I am truly a Bill Maher believer on this one and I seriously question what will happen when he calls in the army to keep him in power. What will the successor to Milley do then? And will there be a clash at the White House between the Army and the DC Police? ANYTHING is possible. If only him whining were the only thing that would happen. I am scared if the people don’t vote for Trump’s country, the United States of Trump.


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