I already covered the fact that “Silk” said that her sister died due to poisoning. Her QAnon theory was that vaccinated people shed off the poison that then kills non-vaxxed people.

But there were a lot of other moving parts to this memorial that was as strange as one would expect it to be. If you invite Trump to speak, at anything, even at halftime of the Super Bowl, he’s going to review his grievances as he did at Diamond’s memorial. From Mediaite:

Former President Donald Trump went into several strange tangents about himself and his own self-interests on Saturday during the funeral for Lynette “Diamond” Hardaway in North Carolina.

Was anyone of the impression it might go otherwise?

As Richardson spoke, she described how Trump treated her and Hardaway “just like the other children: Eric, Don Jr., Tiffany.” When Trump spoke later, however, he weirdly told the mourners that Richardson never made an impression on him until that day.

Is Trump both the long-term and short-term memory man that Tom Hands (“Short term memory man”) once made famous on SNL.

Of course, then it was time for Trump to get down to business, whenever Trump has a crowd to speak to, it’s coming:

“How do we stop the cheating? How do we stop it where you get more votes, but you still don’t win?” Trump whined. “The answer is the Republicans have to get tougher, the top people have to get tougher, and you have to really swamp ’em.

“And Give ME the MONEY to DO IT!” Trump did not say because he didn’t have to. Clearly, Trump thought this was just going to be an in and out thing:

They told me, just give me a little time. I’ve got a lot of people waiting for me back in a place called Palm Beach, Florida. They said give me a little time. What do you think it’ll take? About 15 – 20 minutes, in and out. I said ‘Well it could take longer.’ This is a little longer than 15 minutes, right?

He maybe has the right to be frustrated if that is what he was told. But I bet that he was told “his part” would be 15-20 minutes, and it seems as though he believed he would be the only one speaking.

So now you see why the first article – focused on the poison angle, needed an update – to round out the zaniness that happens whenever all the “Qs” get together with Trump.
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  1. Here a rule of the universe: never invite a petulant toddler to an event unless you’re ok with him pissing in the punch bowl.

  2. Makes me think of the funeral of my late grandmother a decade ago. In contrast to Papaw’s funeral (that’s “grandfather” for you non-Tennesseans), it was ghastly. All the relatives and church members that had spent their precious time avoiding her suddenly show up for the corpse. My sister, who had arguably done for Mamaw Cleo, couldn’t make it because her selfish son (AKA my bio-father) wouldn’t bend on the date. And one of my distant cousins gave a eulogy that was embarrassing in its overcompensation.

    Point is, like Diamond’s funeral, that one wasn’t really about her. Just people trying to score cheap points off the fact that she’s dead. Harlan Ellison once said of his mother’s funeral “No one should be put in the ground with too few words.” I’d add that they should also be the right words.


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