Trump Escalates FBI Feud With Tweets From October 2020 About Declassifying Russia ‘Hoax’


A little after 9:00 a.m. PDT Donald Trump took to Truth Social and posted about his declassification of documents relating to the “Russian Hoax” and of course the perennial favorite among conspiracy theorists, Hillary Clinton’s magnificent server and the emails that danced across it.

Presumably there is some connection between this and the boxes of documents which were recovered in last week’s raid on Mar-a-Lago.

If you hit this link you’ll see Trump’s manic tweet storm from the same day that these were posted.

You can see the direction this is going. This is Trump’s way of “proving” that he declassified something at some point, ergo, he declassified everything, right? And if he declassified everything then why would the FBI have to show up at his doorstep and take the documentation that they took — not to mention taking “everything in sight” and “going through Melania’s closet.” He hasn’t specified exactly what those allegations mean, but it sounds good for the base.

Meanwhile, Trump is raising money hand over fist. Washington Post:

Contributions to Trump’s political action committee topped $1 million on at least two days after the Aug. 8 search of his Palm Beach, Fla., estate, according to two people familiar with the figures. The daily hauls jumped from a level of $200,000 to $300,000 that had been typical in recent months, according to the people, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss nonpublic information.

The donations stayed unusually high for several more days and are still above average, both of these people said, though they have leveled off in recent days. There are more contributors than usual, these people said, and the average donation has climbed. […]

“Trump as a candidate and fundraiser has always had an impressively dedicated set of constituents who are particularly mobilized by anger,” said Jessica Baldwin-Philippi, a professor at Fordham University who researches how political campaigns use digital communications. “A threat, a negative, a time when you lose, can actually be lucrative.”

The fire hose of Trump fundraising emails referencing the Mar-a-Lago search exceeded the PAC’s average pace of about nine per day. The messages used alarming phrases in bold and all-caps such as “THEY BROKE INTO MY HOME,” “They’re coming after YOU,” and “THIS IS INSANE.” One message included a poll asking, “Do you agree that President Trump is being politically persecuted?” Another promised “an exclusive 1300% MATCH today only!,” a common tactic used to encourage people to respond immediately.

And it goes without saying that along with shelling out the money, some of the MAGA troops are ready to mobilize. You recall the armed Trump supporter in Ohio who was killed last week after trying to attack the FBI’s field office in Cincinnati.

Liz Cheney, in her Tuesday concession speech in Wyoming, said Trump is inciting violence now like he did in the run-up to last year’s attack on the Capitol. “It is entirely foreseeable the violence will escalate further,” she said.

And don’t forget Mike Pence, speaking in New Hampshire on Wednesday, who urged his party to reject calls to “defund the FBI” and said, “These attacks on the FBI must stop.”

Trump exists by ginning up the rage of the lunatic fringe. That is his modus operandi. It’s not likely to stop. Not while he needs money desperately for legal fees. Everybody is hoping for the best but a lot of people are preparing for the worst, i.e. more violence from MAGAs as Trump’s legal predicaments worsen and he continues to paint himself as the victim of persecution from a mythical Deep State.

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  1. This whole crap about a “Deep State” should prove, even to Trump’s most die-hard supporters, that it’s all bunk, designed with only one goal in mind: Fleece the devoted. Trump was in office for four solid years and he NEVER managed to uncover or reveal a single bit of information about a “Deep State” that withstood even the barest of scrutiny. (Much like that “swamp” that Trump was going to “drain” but, instead, he just filled it with a whole new batch of swamp monsters.)
    If Trump was so POWERLESS as to not be able to “destroy the Deep State” while he was President, what makes anyone think he can ever do it? I know the hoax relied on people believing that the “Deep State” was so deeply rooted and embedded in DC but, still, Trump was supposed to be the very embodiment of “Manly Power and Strength” that should have been able to undo all the “Deep State’s” alleged power. We know, especially in the latter days of Führer Trump’s reign, that numerous civil employees were willing to quit their jobs over some of Trump’s planned appointments to “upper level management” and, for some odd reason, Trump CAVED to these mostly faceless employees. But he was going to end the power of the “Deep State?”
    The reality, of course, is there was a “Deep State”: Trump ran it–well, his name was on all the letterheads and in the signature lines. Now that Trump’s out of power, the “Deep State” no longer exists–except, of course, in Trump’s diseased mind and the diseased minds of his countless followers.

  2. Does the orange shit-gibbon even know what “classified” documents are? He certainly hasn’t grasped yet that different classified docs must be declassified separately. F.F.S. you have different levels of classification in these docs but this fool thinks his little magic wand takes care of all of them?

    No bottom to his stupidity well.

  3. There is no reason in the world to waste time trying to REASON with a personality death cult. They aren’t just ignorant, they resent anyone presenting facts to show how ridiculous their beliefs are. True cult members reveling that they finally belong to a group, no matter its a group of hypocrites, grifters, racists, & worshipers of the goddamn nazis. The very same ideology that required 400,000 American servicemen to sacrifice their lives to save our country. SO to any Maga that posts here…FUCK YOU ASSHOLE! Oh. And I don’t suggest you bring your shit in front of me. You’ll need those goddamn weapons. My oath taken in boot camp REQUIRES me to kick your ass. Unlike you, I’m a patriot. You are a traitor. Fact asswipes.

  4. He still hasn’t grasped a very simple fact: ALL documents, irrespective of classification belong to the National Archives so he’s guilty of theft on that count as it stands.

    Removing classified documents and keeping them in an insecure location is a different matter entirely and that’s where the Espionage Act kicks in.

    By the way, any gifts made in his capacity as president from forign governments are also the property of the US and can’t just be taken away and ownership claimed. However, some items can be purchased at a fair market value after appraisal (I wonder what happened to the sword he was swinging round in Saudi Arabia – I can’t see him actually paying for that or anything else that may have taken his fancy)


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