Der Gropinfuhrer is very upset that the Fulton County DA is seeking to put his orange, wrinkled ass in jail for his “perfect call” to Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger in 2020 asking him to circumvent the will of Georgia’s voters by “finding” him the votes to overtake Joe Biden.

He is so pissed, in fact, that he is equating efforts to overturn valid election results with his demand with legitimate political protest.

Google News

“Former President Donald Trump took to social media after midnight on Thursday morning, where he criticized Georgia State To continue the investigation of those who challenged the outcome of their 2020 presidential election results.

In a post on Truth Social, Trump claimed that the state prosecutes those who insist on voter fraud in the election more than those who commit murder in the state.

“So, let me get this straight! In the great state of Georgia, if you wish to challenge or oppose the election results in any way, shape or form (despite the fact that in Atlanta, murder and crime The highest in the country, with many dying every month – a number never seen before), they will accuse you and put you in jail,” he wrote.“

Glad to see that he acknowledges the very real possibility that he may be taking a midnight train to a Georgia correctional facility, and is flopsweating about that potential outcome.

Someone in his camp must have broken through the fog of delusion and air of invincibility that he propagates and put a scare into him.

Worried much, herr Gropinfuhrer?

“But if you kill people, you’ll quickly be free to murder again. Isn’t there something ‘slightly’ wrong with this scenario?” Trump asked.

He added: “A perfect phone call.” in reference to the comment Trump’s phone call With Georgia Secretary of State Brad Riffensperger in 2020, in which Trump reportedly asked her to find votes.”

If the phone call was so perfect, asshole, why are you up nights sending screeds like this into the empty ether of your pathetic substitute for Twitter?

Google News refutes decisively even his statement as fact that Atlanta leads the nation in homicides:

“On the list of homicides per capita, New Orleans was followed by Baltimore, Maryland; Birmingham, Alabama; St. Louis, Missouri; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Cleveland, Ohio; Rochester, New York; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and then Atlanta, Georgia.”

Must have had one of your “best people” fact check for you, huh, fatass?

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  1. Probably has Limbaugh’s “fact checker” doing his research.

    Why is it the magats aren’t getting this very crucial point: the ‘pubes want to take away YOUR vote. It’s not just P.O.C., women, etc. they want to disenfranchise. They want to take away the right completely and across the board. I want to smack these fools upside the head and try to get them to understand this. I know, it would be a wasted effort but why can’t they see this?

  2. Membership in a cult starts with an “Us against everybody else” mentality. Once people believe they are under siege, they are willing to suspend reason and the ability to look at facts objectively.
    Trump constantly plays upon his supporters’ fears of being under attack, their way of life is being destroyed, etc. Anyone who disagrees with him is not just an opponent, but an “enemy.” Trying to reason with people who have bought into all of this is futile.

    • Which is why tens of thousands of soliders hit the beach at Normandy WITH GUNS & BATTLESHIPS. Nazis & cult members are more happy destroying children than trying to align their beliefs with facts. Time for the ‘nice’ people, who’ve never served in the military, TO WAKE THE FUCK UP. WE ARE IN A WAR ON OUR HOME SOIL. FACT.

  3. Some words don’t quite mean what you think they mean

    Trump can be summed up as legendary, fantastic and fabulous

    Just keep in mind what Trump’s attributes actually ARE

    Legendary – based on a legend (not a fact)
    Fantastic – based on a fantasy (imagined – not a fact)
    Fabulous – based on a fable (moral story – again not a fact)
    A pretty fair description of his mouthings really

    There’s also ‘rugged’ (which really means ‘rough and uneven’)

    I’m still trying to work out what makes a telephone call ‘perfect’

  4. Dear Donnie Donuts,
    You had 3recounts. You lost every single time. That is an investigation into voter fraud. None was found.
    On the other hand,we have your tinny,annoying voice on tape demanding that the Secretary of State find you 11,800votes. Since every vote was counted thrice,that means you wanted him to.create fraudulent ballots, which is attempted vote tampering and possibly even RICO.
    You lost BIGLY. Your loss was YUUUUUUUGE, just your fat butt. In fact you are the Biggest, Most Obnoxious,Whiniest Loser–so.big you deserve to.have Jillian Michaels sicced on you. She is almost as obnoxious, mean and unpleasant as you!


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