A picture is worth a thousand words and this one speaks volumes. That this is happening on American soil is beyond shocking.

I’m a boomer. My parents and many dear friends were members of the WWII generation and most of those folks are gone now. That’s why you can even see an image like this out in public.  Twenty years ago you would not have.

We have forgotten what we fought for back in the ’40’s. And then there’s this buffoon, 45, TFG, ginning it all up, fully as bad as you would have expected. Trump’s been cooped up and sweating about the Mar-a-Lago search warrant for over three weeks now. He came out of the gate screaming.

It is somewhat amazing that Trump degenerated to this, and so quickly, but he did.

Hillary’s emails and Hunter’s laptop are all he’s got. This is what desperation sounds like.

And it went on from there, lame as you would expect.

This is where it goes into straight psychosis, even for Trump. This is where he trashes the FBI — which, we remind you once again, is headed by a Republican and one whom Trump personally appointed, Christopher Wray. But that is not the issue. Utter contempt for and disregard of the rule of law in this country is Trump’s issue.

And you knew this was coming. I have to believe that any sane Republican is shaking his or her head and thinking, “Stop it!” because the party cannot keep going with this drivel of a stolen election.

But Trump is like the Energizer bunny with this drivel, he keeps on going.

Even Joe Manchin is getting his licks tonight.

Not sure how much longer this travesty will continue. We may do a subsequent post. But for now, this is where we are.

This is what a social cancer looks and sounds like.


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    • There’s a troll here, Bareshark. Some troll voted your comment down.

      Welcome MAGA trolls! Drop by and read us! Your clicks spend the same as anybody elses!

      • Oh, wouldn’t I be disappointed if they didn’t show up, Ursula? But as Harlan Ellison once said of Gene Roddenberry, I never say anything here that I wouldn’t say to their face…especially before I decide theirs would look better at the end of my fist.

        • i’m sure you saw Ellison’s obituary in Variety, where he was billed as “Star Trek Writer…” That was the ultimate insult. Frankly, I’m surprised that his widow or somebody didn’t ask Variety to do a retraction because Harlan would have hated nothing more than to be identified as a Star Trek writer. And you can’t blame him. He did the one episode, right?

          • Disappointing but not surprising, no, Ursula. If you ever read his original screenplay on “City Of The Edge Of Forever”, like I did several times, you’d KNOW how deep an insult that was. Whatever his faults, the man was so…much…more. He’s the biggest reason I’m a writer now because he showed me how to do it right.

            A short list of things I’d want him to be remembered for:

            –the video game adaptation of his short story “I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream”, pioneer of video game psychological horror.

            –several Twilight Zone 1980s revival episodes: “Shatterday” (scripted by Alan Brennert from his short story), “One Life, Furnished In Early Poverty” and “Paladin Of The Lost Hour”

            –his 2nd season episodes of the original Outer Limits, “Soldier” and “Demon With A Glass Hand” (supposedly both the ripoff basis of James Cameron’s Terminator)

            –any of his short story collections (I’ve yet to run into any library that didn’t have at least ONE) but especially Deathbird Stories, easily the most disturbing of them.

        • Did Harlan REALLY say that? I knew they really had it out over City on the Edge of Forever, but I thought that was ultimately because of the editing the NETWORK was doing, not Gene. But as Patrick Stewart has said, “Gene could be quite persnicketty when he wanted to be or thought he was right and everyone else was wrong”, so that is hardly a total surprise about Harlan. He had an ego too!!!

          • Minus the fist to the face part…but I doubt that he’d have not said that too. And if you ever read the 1990s printing of his “City On The Edge Of Forever”, you’d know he put the lion’s share of the blame on Roddenberry, said that the latter took credit for the good and dumped the bad onto everybody else.

        • I always admired Dorothy Fontana’s work on the original Star Trek. She was a woman trying to make it as a writer at a time when all the odds were stacked against her. That’s why she called herself “D.C. Fontana” instead of Dorothy. She made a major contribution to that show, under-compensated and under-appreciated, I suspect.

    • Didn’t Herschel Walker basically say that? Wasn’t it him, who touted a symbol of COVID needles, arranged as a swastika, and said he liked the image? It was one of those fruit flies. I remember the image at Daily Beast.

  1. I certainly hope that silly twat in the picture does not work outside the home. If she does, I sure as shit hope her employer saw that little gem and promptly fired her ass. Shit what a moronic c*nt. And explain to me why anyone would wear a symbol from a failed dictator who lost a war badly. So badly in fact the U.S. had to rebuild the fucking country after the failed idiot lost the war.

    • Well, here’s MY answer, Spike: it’s the old “they had the right idea, they just needed to execute it better” excuse. Yet every subsequent try at this always lands them in the same failures as before. And that’s because it never WAS the right idea.

    • I’m not the only one of the opinion that if the WWII generation was still with us, this nonsense would not be taking place. Dan Rather said the same thing. He said that WWII is now history, and the people who actually lived through it are for the most part all gone now. Very few left, in any event.

      I don’t know who or what these young dummies think Hitler was or WWII was about. But it was nothing cute or stylish.

      • Oh, look again, Ursula. By and large, they’re not THAT young. Far too many are from my age bracket and they’re linking up with the neo-Confederates in yours. They rightly see no future for their way of life and it’s literally killing them.

    • Spike, I respect your opinions and give you plenty of up votes but am tempted to give you a down vote. I don’t use the words dick, prick or any other reference to your anatomy to describe people out of respect for men and male private parts (which I’m quite fond of). PLEASE stop using the words twat and cunt in your posts. Am I the only woman out here who finds it offensive? I don’t think so. There are plenty of adjectives you can use to disparage someone that do not demean women and our private parts.

    • Tell that to the GOP. Because somehow, the GOP needs to bring these people back into the tent, or the rest of the GOP has to go totally MAGA and get behind Trump. Which means getting behind the Big Lie and fascism.

      We are in some uncharted waters here.

      • NO…that ship sailed long ago, Ursula, and has long since been wrecked. The current leadership, such as it is, are frightened quislings trying hold onto sand while a pit of vipers sting at their heels. American conservatives will find a way back to sanity. But nowhere is that way required to be the Republicans. A new party may well be necessary.

      • The GOP was never been anything but the KKK + ‘The Robber Barons”. I am an old white guy in the South and they always assume I am one of them, so I hear their true feelings. They are racist that feel only the rich should rule. Democracy, the general welfare of the country, that is the Constitution is bunk. They are the worst kind of traitors because they have no real grievance.

        • Old you may be, Walter, but Methuselah you are not. If you were the latter, you would remember that the KKK angle on Republicans ONLY arose after LBJ signed the Civil Rights in 1964. Before that, they were indeed the Robber Baron party (never you mind the “party of Lincoln” BS; that died with the man himself) of Northern industrialists who came up with an effective system to replace the slavery and feudalism that Southern aristocrats had always claimed as traditional. Small wonder why this party would eventually incorporate the neo-Confederates and eventually their spiritual successors the Nazis.

  2. Trump’s minions are either racist, ignorant, or want to worship at the Orangeface for power positions and money. The easily led radical haters and Trump are traitors, delusional and non logical idiots. Our country has reverted to the 1920’s as it attacks science, womens rights, the rights to marry who you love, deny that education is aright. All the while Trump is courting Putin, and the killer Saudi billionaires. He has no honor and if it where up to him and his kind, we would be Nazi’s now as we would have not have defeated the Axis!

    • What he doesn’t understand, because he’s just an ignorant bigot like the rest of these depolorables (and shit are they EVER deplorable!) is that there is ALWAYS a bigger and better Nazi than you. And he’s a moron so there are a ton of them power-hungry bastards who are way smarter than him. He is surely completely ignorant of the fact that after the Nazi’s rescued Moussolini from his own people, the first thing he said when meeting Hitler was “I am here to serve you mein Fuhrer. What are my orders?” Trump could never prostrate himself before anyone else. they’d just shoot him on the spot. Ah, Fascists.

    • I found it on Twitter in the #TrumpRally thread and the flags do match flags being sold at the rally in Pennsylvania. The Nazi “theme” at things Trumpian has been going on for a while.

      • Could be Russian trolls dropping breadcrumbs in the hope you follow them to the wrong conclusion. Clearly Putin has a preference for Trump in ’24, but he’s not beyond muddying the waters and throwing a bone to we ‘lefties’ by dropping in fake ‘proof’ to discredit our dissent and drop us to the same level as Fox, InfoWars etc. When we’re ‘all as bad as each others’ in the eyes of an uninformed and frightened electorate the more shameless liars invariably come out on top. And that will always be the key to Republican ‘success’. Vigilance is key and right wing media will gobble up any innocent missteps on our part, so stay alert!

  3. The photo of someone selling a Nazi flag is from 2016 and was actually flagged by Twitter as being false. Perhaps this author should have mentioned that her leading photo of the folks in Nazi garb are actually protestors, not Trump supporters. If you want to slam and disagree with Trump, by all means feel free. It is after all a free country. But, you should at least be honest.

    • And your point is that there is no relationship between Trump and neo-Nazis whatsoever? He didn’t say that the Charlottesville crowd had “good people on both sides?” And Trump never said, “Hitler did a lot of good things?”

      So it is misleading to state or even imply that there is a relationship between MAGAs and neo-Nazis? Is that your point?

      The Nazi flag hanging in a photo next to a Trump flag is the least damaging image I’ve seen.

  4. Trump know how to get every moment of free press. Same strategy that made him the president continues. Is the media so dumb to see that? He says the stupidest shit and every media outlet picks it up to publish. Late night hosts have been making fun of him for months, so much free press for a guy who majority of the country believes that should not have any importance, so why are we always talking about him. Make him irrelevant already.

  5. What he doesn’t understand, because he’s just an ignorant bigot like the rest of these depolorables (and shit are they EVER deplorable!) is that there is ALWAYS a bigger and better Nazi than you. And he’s a moron so there are a ton of them power-hungry bastards who are way smarter than him. He is surely completely ignorant of the fact that after the Nazi’s rescued Moussolini from his own people, the first thing he said when meeting Hitler was “I am here to serve you mein Fuhrer. What are my orders?” Trump could never prostrate himself before anyone else. they’d just shoot him on the spot. Ah, Fascists.

  6. Our American nazis are simply the product of poor upbringing. That’s a common problem with republiCLOWN degenerates and assholes.
    A good beating seems to cure it everytime.
    Sort of like what the New York Jews did to the American nazis in 1938 throughout this country.


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