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Remember Ashley Todd? The McCain campaign volunteer who carved a “B” into her face and then claimed a scary black Obama supporter did it?

Well, apparently a Trump-loving family in Minnesota is getting on the same gravy train. Wednesday morning, their garage burned down. They claim it happened after someone sprayed pro-Biden graffiti, “BLM,” and an incorrectly done anarchy symbol, on their garage before later burning the garage down.

They say it was because of the Trump 2020 flags hanging from the three trucks and the camper inside the garage. The family’s newest truck, sitting outside the garage, was untouched.

Dennis and Deanna Molla claim that they saw three unidentified people running from their home as their garage went up in flames in the wee hours of the morning. For some unknown reason, the surveillance camera that the Mollas had trained on their garage stopped working, or was blocked, just before the fire broke out. “I heard just a big, loud boom, or a bang,” the husband told a reporter. “The first thing for me was my kids, my wife. What’s going on?”

I think we know what was going on.

The graffiti was sprayed on the garage earlier Tuesday, and a police officer took pictures of it before the garage was destroyed. The graffiti included “Biden 2020,” “BLM,” and a capital A inside a circle.

Molla says he started to chase the three miscreants until he realized he was in his boxer shorts. He then returned to his home and got his two young children out of the house, which suffered minor smoke damage but was not otherwise harmed. He says he also rescued four puppies from the burning garage.

Molla says he got into a dispute with coworkers over the upcoming election, and chose to display two Trump flags on one of the trucks and the camper. The Mollas claim that since they started displaying the flags, people have driven by their house very slowly, sometimes taking pictures.

Molla says of the purported arson: “It just shocked me. These kind of stuff should not happen, especially over beliefs of some sort.” Deana Molla wailed: “These people knew that we had children and they still thought it was okay to do this, knowing that there’s babies in this house! …They saw that we have a jungle gym and toys in the backyard. To put our babies in harm’s way because you don’t agree with our politics; just don’t put our kids in danger. My son smells like smoke.”

Of course, the family hustled to create a GoFundMe page to solicit donations for their “tragedy.”

Many people on Twitter don’t believe a word of it.

“Ken Tremendous” says what many others are saying: “No one has ever spray-painted the ‘Anarchy’ symbol and ‘Biden 2020’ at the same time. Trump supporters: stop destroying your own property in an attempt to get on FOX News.”

My personal favorite from that particular train of thought: “That’s the whitest graffiti I’ve ever seen. They even dotted the ‘i’.”

Sadly for Ashley Todd, there was no such thing as GoFundMe when she took a kitchen knife to her face. Maybe credulous conservatives would have paid for her reconstructive surgery.

Okay, the possibility does exist that this went down exactly as the Mollas are saying. If so, then whoever did this was infinitely stupid and should face legal consequences. But my money is on the Mollas. Take it for what it’s worth.

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  1. “My son smells like smoke.”


    *takes deep breath*


    *wipes away tear*……..*snort*

  2. What, were the perps more than 7 feet tall? They got the paint a foot *above* the top of the door. And didn’t tag that brand new truck sitting right outside? (And if the door was down, how did the fire start?)
    (There’s apparently no alley behind the place, so the fire is *really* suspicious..)

    • Not as suspicious as the half used can of purple spray paint in the trash can INSIDE the locked garage. (No info on that, just a logical conclusion) I’m sure these yahoos will turn in a claim to their insurance company and the suspicious claim will be thoroughly investigated by said insurance company. These MAGAts had better hope I’m wrong…..add fraud to arson and filing a false police report and you have quite a lengthy prison term.

      • How many cans of dark blue or purple spray paint got sold in that area in a month?
        (It was running out while they were using it – look at how the letters fade.)

        Real taggers don’t write like that, and they drop the cans when they finish – along with their empty water bottles.

  3. Hitler would line these yahoos up against the wall & shoot them. Who needs useful idiots after you organize the SS? Just ask the brownshirts he had executed after their mindless rampage. Hitler burnt down a government building so he could blame the communists. He pulled it off. History may not repeat, but as Twain said, it sure does rhyme. Of course he was not as dumb as these pinheaded Nazi sympathizers, but was just as blinded by his own malignant narcissism. Same old song.

  4. The dotted i….oh man, that’s hilarious. And I hope they get to the bottom of those Luzerne County, Pa. ballots. That one stinks pretty damned bad also.


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