Once again, we are reminded of the words of the prophet Lindsey, on this great and glorious Easter Day. For lo, Lindsey did sayeth, “If we nominate Donald Trump he will destroy us and we will deserve it.” Once again St. Graham Of Cracker has been proven to be correct. While Joe Biden was posting a message of love and joy on social media, here’s what Trump had to say.

Gallagher will love waking up to this, we are certain. What’s comical is that Gallagher served in the military and now Cadet Bone Spurs is telling him what a coward and a weakling he is.

Beyond that, what a wonderful way to celebrate any holiday, with a blast of negativity. I guess Trump must be bored with Alina’s ongoing birthday celebration, which is happening at Mar-a-Lago. Only the best people.

To be one of the beautiful people, right? And they might as well party and yuck it up. Tomorrow is April 1 and 14 days after that Trump’s hush money trial starts and this is a criminal trial. I don’t think that has quite sunk in yet, because of the cavalier way that Trump keeps attacking not only the judge, calling him “corrupt” and suggesting that he recuse, but also the judge’s daughter.

Trump will find out soon enough. And still no word on the appeal of the Trump Organization fraud trial. You well recall how the bond was reduced to $175M because the faux billionaire couldn’t pay half a billy. Now it’s all crickets. No word of an appellate lawyer being hired and no word of the transcript being requested, nada.

So party it up Donald. Have a good one. Because the times, they are a changin.’


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  1. These statements are not only true words but the humor makes it a little less scary to contemplate exactly how true this is. What is wrong with these people. Actually I do know what’s wrong with them. Trump has only been held accountable when paying out of the wallet (and usually not his own) while the rest of us would be wearing orange jumpsuits and looking at jail time. “No one is above the law, really”? He needs to serve time like normal people would have to do if breaking laws, vows, promises, etc. The horns are appropriate for that pic. Does he even comprehend the concept of what Easter is about? Christ rose today for us all, including his butt. Sad, he doesn’t have a clue!

  2. “cowards and weaklings”. Fine words coming from cadet bone spurs the draft dodger.

    F*cking hypocrite. The sooner his ass is rotting in prison, the better off the world will be and he cannot get sent to prison soon enough to satisfy any even halfway intelligent being.

  3. Those three harpies look like Dracula’s concubines. He fears sunlight…with all the plastic incorporated into these ladies of the night, they fear the flame. The undead on the outside…barren as the surface of the moon on the inside.



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