As the joint session of Congress stutters towards certifying Biden as president, hundreds of Trump brownshirts are assaulting the Capitol Building.

Is this what Giuliani meant by “trial by combat?”

This is a developing story.

Washington Post reporter Rebecca Tan says on Twitter that the terrorists stormed barricades at the rear of the Capitol and are attempting to charge up the Capitol steps, presumably to break into the Capitol Building itself. The DC police are trying to keep them out of the building.

Blaze reporter Elijah Schaffer seems appalled by the assault on Congress his own followers are attempting. He says he saw the rioters tearing down layers of security fencing and are attempting to “occupy” the building, “fighting federal police who are overrun.”

This is the craziest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Thousands, police can’t stop them.

From what I’m seeing, Elijah’s a little overwrought. There are hundreds, not thousands, and so far the police are containing the thugs. Gee, you’d think widdle Ewijah would be out there with them.

Huffington Post reporter Philip Lewis posts:

This is WILD.

The Capitol Police have ordered staff members to evacuate the Cannon and Madison Office Buildings.

Sarah Cooper sums it up:

[H]e’s telling his supporters to violently take over the government, and we can’t impeach him, we never even censured him. [W]e have him on tape committing a crime and he’s going to just walk around inciting violence for as long as he wants? [H]e needs to be removed and arrested.

From what I understand of the earlier reporting, Trump wanted to lead this “army” of corpulent Nazi wannabes in their assault on Congress.

We’ll see if the DC and Capitol Police treat these goons with the same savagery as the Portland Police treated the peaceful BLM protesters after the George Floyd murder.

More to follow.

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      • They are terrorists, aren’t they?

        But they’re RWNJ terrorists so they’re unlikely to be called that by corporate media.

        Isn’t it weird that the left is so often described as ‘radical’ but they’re not the ones carrying around assault rifles, denying science, denying a democratic election and storming Congress?

        When will these people be called what they are by the general media?

        If not now, when?

  1. Like Trump’s chickensh*t self would actually participate in something like this. Bring the tear gas, rubber bullets and how about some police dogs?

  2. MSNBC is speaking to Rep. Brendan Boyle. He says that the representatives are holed up in their offices and some of the senior officials — Grassley, Pelosi, etc — are in “secure facilities.” Currently, scores of terrorists are in the building without being screened. Presumably some of them are armed.

    The Senate is being evacuated. Claire McCaskill says the Capitol Police have lost control. Jim Hines says tear gas is being used inside the building.

    Trump has tweeted that his terrorists need to respect the police.

  3. So. Trump incited a terrorist attack on the US Capitol building. He can invoke the Insurrection Act to “protect” Congress. Where does this go?

      • No, he doesn’t. What he loves is control and even HIS lizard brain has grasped how OUT of control this has gotten. If he wasn’t on the hook for federal charges before, he sure as hell is now. He basically blew up his own escape route.

  4. You know what really pisses me off? These assholes are the ones that get all the press coverage. The vast majority of Americans, who don’t support this crap, never get any coverage. If we are the “silent majority”, it’s because the media don’t cover us, not because we don’t want to say anything or don’t have anything interesting to say.

    • May I respectfully suggest we remedy that problem over the next several days? If ever there was a time for us to raise our voices loud and proud, now would be the time. To use the title of a very terrible movie, scream and scream again.


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