Well, crazy grandpa is at it again.

You may have thought that you dodged the bullet, avoiding his rants by carefully red lining him from your list of Thanksgiving dinner invites, but no, here is is again, raving incoherently about a stolen election, deceptive big tech companies, massive fraud and the need to “terminate” all rules and regulations, even those enshrined in the Constitution, that prevent his diapered ass from being hauled out of the extended care home in Mar-A-Lardo and reinstalled in the White House…

And to what do we owe this latest binge of mad barking from the gilt ladened South Florida looney bin?

We can thank Elon Musk and his fellow Russian asshat Matt Taibbi for this outburst.

Yesterday Musk chose Taibbi to lay out Twitter’s investigation into precisely what happened in the lead up to the 2020 election – when Hunter Biden’s purported laptop, which, in my opinion was most likely not Hunter’s at all, but a Russian election interference prop – filled with Hunter’s files, yes, but files most likely hacked from him by the GRU while Biden was networked into his Ukrainian employer’s computers – that conveniently found it’s way to Rudy Giuliani’s favorite kilt-wearing computer repairman in New Jersey, and became the central framework upon which all manner of GOP innuendo-casting fantastical farcical fairy tales were spun.

Taibbi, who, before his turn in the barrel with the “Me too” movement, based on his actions while working in Russia in the 1990’s on a muckraking magazine, The eXile, was a somewhat respected journalist… (New York Magazine’s Intelligencer perhaps details his fall best)

“Taibbi’s work at The eXile would come back to haunt him decades later, with the Me Too movement in full swing. Just as Taibbi was preparing to promote his new book on the police killing of Eric Garner, I Can’t Breathe, passages from a 2000 book co-written by Taibbi and Ames on The eXile years resurfaced. Both men, especially Ames, trafficked in twisted satire. Passages written by Ames described purported sexual harassment at The eXile and portrayed Ames as having sex with a 15-year-old girl, coercing a woman into having an abortion, and raping other Russian women. Both men insisted none of it was true, but accusations of misogyny spread across the internet.

In 2017, as the firestorm built, Kathy Lally of the Washington Post wrote that she and other female journalists who served as correspondents in Moscow were subject to boorish writings and pranks from Taibbi. “The eXile’s distinguishing feature, more than anything else, was its blinding sexism — which often targeted me.” (Lally declined to comment for this story.)

Taibbi offered a lengthy Facebook apology in wake of the controversy while denying he sexually harassed anyone. “As a young man, I wrote and said some very dumb and hurtful things,” he wrote. “But it was never more than that. I know the list of revealed harassers is growing, but I am not on that list, nor should I be. I belong to a much bigger group. I was young once, and a jerk. And I am sorry for that.”

The damage, to some extent, was done. Taibbi’s publisher, Penguin Random House, dropped him. His relationship with Rolling Stone would continue, but not for much longer. Elizabeth Spiers, a longtime media observer and founding editor of Gawker, argues Taibbi’s experience with Me Too precipitated his fierce attacks on the left. “It tapped into some white male grievance things he has,” Spiers said. “If you look at his critiques more recently, they’re knee-jerk, on the other side whatever the left is interested in right now.”

… and thus a likely choice for his fellow misogynist POS Musk to “reveal” what Twitter had uncovered about Candidate Biden’s reaction to the publication of some of the more salacious images found on the Four Seasons version of his PC.

For what Taibbi “uncovered” yesterday, I refer you to the summation published by our conservative allies at The Bulwark.

“While normal humans who denied Republicans their red wave were enjoying an epic sports weekend, an insular community of MAGA activists and online contrarians led by the world’s richest man (for now) were getting riled up about a cache of leaked emails revealing that the former actor James Woods and Chinese troll accounts were not allowed to post ill-gotten photos of Hunter Biden’s hog on a private company’s microblogging platform 25 months ago.

Now if you are one of the normals—someone who would never think about posting another person’s penis on your social media account; has no desire to see politicians’ kids’ penises when scrolling social media; doesn’t understand why there are other people out there who care one way or another about the moderation policies surrounding stolen penis photos; or can’t even figure out what it is that I’m talking about—then this might seem like a gratuitous matter for an article. Sadly, it is not.

Because among Republican members of Congress, leading conservative media commentators, contrarian substackers, conservative tech bros, and friends of Donald Trump, the ability to post Hunter Biden’s cock shots on Twitter is the number-one issue in America this weekend. They believe that if they are not allowed to post porno, our constitutional republic may be in jeopardy.

I truly, truly wish I were joking.”

And so it was Elon Musk, who is so eaten up with right wing ideology that he allowed actual God damned Nazis back on the social networking platform that he bought with Russian and Saudi backing…

And Taibbi, a disappointed journalist whose once promising career was upended by revelations of his past vile treatment of women that he undoubtedly hoped would never see the light of day…

… two Putin lickspittles that no sane person should give the least credence to, that drumpf based his call for a new election and abrogation of all election law and the U.S. Constitution.

It would be almost funny if it weren’t so sad.

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  1. Guess I have an advantage over this latest bowl of shitstew…as a man I can look at a penis any time I want. I harken back to a Seinfeld episode where Elaine slept with a gay man trying to get him to ‘switch teams’. It didn’t work. Her explanation was she only had short periods of time with ‘the equipment’, whereas the other team had access 24/7. Everyone has their burden to bear. Ha.

  2. *exasperated sigh* This is so fucking stupid and tfpresidunce is so fucking stupid……all this shit is exhausting, I have kid’s that don’t make me this exhausted. Sorry for cursing!

  3. The Mad Hatter is at it again! Reinstate me! I’ve been defrauded! Where is Mike Lindell now that I need him! The King of the MAGGOTS shall rise again!!!

  4. Now let me see if I have this straight:

    A guy claiming to be Hunter Biden leaves a laptop in for repair – and never goes back for it

    The supposed ‘technician’ (who apparently is legally blind) called Rudi Giuliani and gave it to him (if the laptop actually belonged to someone else, that’s illegal – you can’t just give away something that wasn’t yours to begin with)

    The laptop then seems to disappear (or the ‘hard drive’ does. Now why anyone would want to remove a drive from a laptop when it breaks any chain of evidence strikes me as a bit strange)

    So this mysterious laptop which no-one seems to be able to produce is a reason to overturn an election – especially when the original alleged owner wasn’t even standing for dog-catche


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