That didn’t take long. I warned you yesterday that Traitor tot was going to deal with his frustration at him inactivity and impotence by acting out. And he has, in long, meandering rants on Bullsh*t Social. These include;

  • Trump piteously whined on BSS that He didn’t even know what he was being charged with! This despite the fact that the judge read out each count in court this morning
  • Trump is already laying the martyrdom and counterrevolutionary bullsh*t conviction response  by again recounting how he dare not speak with his gag order, despite his daily whining in front of court, and also accused Judge Juan Merchan of rigging the instructions to convict him
  • He also doesn’t mind lying his dumb ass off. He hysterically bleated out that in his jury instructions The judge outlined three ways in which the jury didn’t have to come to a unanimous decision in order to convict him. Pathetic. The judge was specifically referring to the point of law that if all 12 jurors agreed that Trump broke one of the three crimes the prosecution cited, campaign fin ance violations, election interference, or state tax law, they didn’t all have to agree on one. As long as all 23 jurors admit a law had been broken, it could be a potpourri as to which law they each liked the most
  • All of this is simply the standard fare for a whiny little beyotch like Trump. But then, in an insane post, His Lowness just dropped all pretense and said the quiet part out loud;
  • Mother Theresa herself couldn’t be acquitted with these jury instructions in a sham trial like this!

The Twittersphere immediately exploded with whimsical scenarios in which Mother Theresa could ever possibly even be charged with paying a porn star $130,000 to hush up their affair, and trying to cover it up. But because the whole construct was so blatantly imbecilic, everybody seems to have missed the golden nugget.

Trump is no Mother Theresa. But by swearing that even a Saint couldn’t beat the rap on these charges, Trump came right out and said that he fully expects to be convicted on at least some of these charges.

In my adticle yesterday I opined that my only remaining question of interest was whether or not Trump’s lawyer, Todd Blanche had the cojones to man up and level with Trump about his chances. Apparently he did. And judging by the fact that the questions the jury asked the judge, asking for specific Cohen and Pecker testimony to be reread, concerning their meetings, it appears that the jury at least believes them enough to accurately want to fit those pieces together. And when the Pecker testimony is reread, and the jury finds that Blanche lied to them again in his closing argument, that should speed things along nicely.

I thank you for the privilege of your time.

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  1. According to an item posted today on feednews, an anonymous celebrity athlete has recounted to the Daily Beast’s Jose Pagliery that Trump openly boasted about his brief intimate encounter with Stormy Daniels. The athlete, in the interview published Wednesday, May 29, has detailed how Trump, while at the 2006 American Century Championship, bragged about the affair the day after it happened. “Everyone knew who he was talking about,” the athlete said, noting that Trump did not shy away from naming Daniels. According to the source, Trump’s comments included encouraging other celebrities to pursue Daniels, describing such actions as “crass,” “gross,” and “stupid.” “He claimed it improved his golf game, saying it ‘added 20 yards to my drive today,’” the athlete recalled.

    Kinda refutes the argument by Trump and Todd Blanche that no such encounter happpened…..

    • And yet that anonymous athlete couldn’t be bothered to come forward when it happened to tell the world what a sleezebag dfg was? These people just should shut up if they cannot do the right thing at the right time.

  2. I saw a photo on the news today, of tRump and attorneys sitting at the table. The look on the lawyer’s faces seemed like they were enduring something and looked forward the ending.
    It seems they are not happy with the conduct of this trial from their side.



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