I don’t know who couldn’t see this coming, but it came. Despite desperate pleas from his own party to at least hold off on his 2024 announcement until after the December 6th Senate runoff in Georgia, and being so tone deaf that he scheduled his announcement on the 1 week anniversary of his midterm ass kicking, he made his move. And Donald Trump, The Roslyn Village Idiot of American politics did the last thing imaginable. He totally bombed.

A campaign rollout announcement is the campaign’s only chance to Make that good first impression. That’s why they’re so carefully crafted and scripted. And God knows Trump’s speech was exquisitely scripted. Desperate for Traitor Tot to not torpedo the campaign in the rollout speech, they had him on a 5″ choker chain to his script. Which made Trump look like a campaign worker had accidentally fed him an extra Valium. Let’s just say the early reviews were not kind;

  • The Rupert Murdoch owned New York Post honored their former favored son with a 2″ banner at the bottom of the front-page reading, Florida Man makes announcement. See Page 26
  • Most network media outlets didn’t even carry the announcement live. FUX News tried to, but it was so bad that after His Lowness made his announcement, host Sean Hannity actually cut away for 10 minutes to get instant reactions from his panel
  • The only adult Trump child present was Eric Trump. During the speech, Ivanka made her own announcement that while she loves her father, she and Jared are sitting this one out to take of their children and raise them. And Don Jr. released a statement saying he was on a hunting trip, and couldn’t get back in time when he was grounded by bad weather
  • Punchbowl News co-founder Jake Sherman was at the Mar-A-Lago rollout. And he reported that the only sitting member of congress he could find was bratty Maddy Cawthorn, whose dumb ass won’t even be in congress next year. Sherman also reported that the actual attendance in the ballroom was sparse, and that less than halfway through the speech, people started trying to leave. A lucky few got away, then ushers and security moved in, blocked the doors, and held the audience hostage so that Trumpenstein wouldn’t finish his speech in front of an empty room

Sounds to me like a textbook example of Politics 101 on how not to hold a rollout speech. But like a bad weekend binge, the morning after hangover was even worse;

  • Most major print and online media covered the speech, and their headlines spent almost as much time reminding everybody that Trump lost the 2020 election, and then tried to overthrow the government as they did covering the actual speech
  • Almost every commentator, network as well as print media honed in on Trump’s almost robotic delivery. The words low energy flew around like the swallows returning to Capistrano, and several gleefully made snide comparisons to Low Energy Jeb.
  • The basic response to sitting GOP Senators seemed to fall a couple of degrees below lukewarm. Most contented themselves with statements that were a variant of I will support the party’s nominee in 2024, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it will be Trump
  • And the hits just keep coming. The second largest donor to the RNC released a statement basically saying Include me out as long as Trump is even a potential nominee for President

Sweet Jesus! Not even 24 hours into the Trump candidacy, and already not only have all the wheels fallen off of the bus, but the transmission is smoking like hell. And here’s a Bonus Freebie for you. I have written previously about how Trump’s filing for President basically robbed him of $100 million in his Leadership PAC. Trump tried a typical dick move. A couple of weeks ago, he transferred the majority of the money to an independent Super PAC. This doesn’t help Trump to touch the money, since campaigns and PAC’s can’t coordinate. But what it does do is that it allows the Saper PAC to use the money to carpet bomb any potential 2024 GOP primary challengers, burying them beneath an avalanche of negative advertising. Fortunately a Washington ethics group tipped to the plot and filed a federal lawsuit. It’s likely the transaction will be reversed.

But as entertaining as all of Trump’s slaying is to behold, there are several real-world lessons we need to look at here. For starters, Trump is an announced candidate, which allows him to fire up his campaign donation network. And Trump is the GOP King of grassroots donations. Also, early indications are that big money GOP donors are sitting on their wallets for as long as Trump is a factor. While this may not really harm The Trumpster Fire, it will choke off the RNC, RSCC, and RCC of money they desperately need to fund downline candidates. And while he’s running, Trump will do everything in his power to endorse a Trump friendly down ballot slate. Which will kill the GOP in critical swing districts.

But from my point of view, this is the most important takeaway from Trump’s Lucy-and-the-football rollout debacle. In the post 2016 autopsy, it was estimated that from his 2015 rollout announcement, the mainstream media, both network as well as print media, had given Trump an estimated $2 billion in free media advertising. His moronic drivel was free bulk filler. Which led to daily early morning call ins to FUX and Friends, where he spouted nonsense, and immediately drove the entire media news cycle for the day, sucking all of the oxygen from the room.

But if the early returns are any indication, the bloom is off of that rotting rose. None of the major outlets covered Trump’s speech live, and even FUX News cut away. In print and online media they spent almost as much time slamming Trump’s insurrection as quoting his speech. Apparently the mainstream media swallowed that bitter pill and learned the lesson. Trump will not receive the same fawning coverage in 2024 that he received in 2016, which will make his inevitable primary race much more expensive and difficult. Because other people will get the chance to speak.

And here’s one more thing to consider. We are more than 700 days away from election day in 2024. Trump may have jumped the gun and announced, but we are still a whole year away from the official start of the 2024 primary season. Which means that the mainstream media is under no obligation to give this overstuffed blowhard the time of day. And from what I’m seeing thus far, they have no intention to. Which should be music to all of our ears.

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  1. He was sooooo carefully trying not to (proverbially) fall on his face. The turtle comparison is a good one but we have a real life one with Trump. It was an hour’s worth of a repeat of his infamous walk down the “Ramp of Death” at West Point. As Trump would tell anyone who made fun of him afterwards it was a death trap the like of which no one in history had ever navigated! Coated in ice – with the slickest oil ever invented on top of the ice! The deadliest snakes on earth crawling around on it! Angry bears and rabid wolves trying to tear him from limb to limb! MS-13 and “Antifa” lining the sides with machetes! NO ONE but him could have made it down that thing alive and uninjured! (Forgetting there was a General right there next to him – to keep him from falling on his ugly face) See for yourself just how dangerous it was, and how swiftly he made his way to safety:

    While I’m at it, I wonder what the odds are of, if someone had aimed their cellphone at Trump’s feet when he entered the room we’d have seen a repeat of an infamous walk up the steps of Air Force one with TP on his shoe? Pity the poor aid who had to pick it up. But I’d imagine the cheap bastard doesn’t pay for the best of cleaning services at Mar-A-Lago…

  2. I TOLD you all that he was never worth being afraid of after he got kicked out. But no, for two years, so many of you kept going on and on and on on how dangerous he was and occasionally throwing in a clueless Hitler comparison on top of it. That it took this speech for the message to sink in is terribly disappointing.

    My guess remains the same: Liz Cheney will be head of the next wave of fascism, a quieter, more careful kind that will work behind the scenes. Do not be shocked if they ditch enough of the white supremacy to gain recruits from growing minority groups. Thanks to Trump’s antics, it’ll take decades for such plans to culminate. But take comfort in this much, Boomers: by that point, most of you will be very dead and thus past caring about such matters. I however will likely be here for however long I can manage. May it be a better world that I see when I get there.

  3. His bus never had any wheels on it–the magats screamed for him anyway. Seriously, he was put into the w.h. by idiots carry the damned thing. Wheels weren’t necessary.

    Bare, you’re right, we’re likely to be dead and it’ll be your ball. I hope you all do better than we did…can’t do any worse really.


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