Fully half of  the adults in the country are fully vaccinated and the kids are getting their shots now. The country is opening up after a longgggg winter’s nap and Mike Lindell is having a party. That’s right, friends. Just grab your guns and pillows and be ready to spend a glorious day near the Apple River, which is said to be 97% sewage and 3% beer cans. Exactly the place a former crack head would pick for a grifting retreat.

What’s that you say? Can I bring beer and a picnic? Hell no, son! Cain’t you read? It says “no coolers.” And It says “concessions” — but not one that Joe Biden won, you won’t get that at any price. No, concessions means if you eat a bite or sip a drink all day, Lindell intends to make money on you. Here, it’s definitely time to read the fine print.

If the tickets are free, they’ve got to make money off the concessions. Look for $50 hotdogs, $25 apple pies, it’s all in a good cause, you see, to pay Lindell’s legal bills.

Come one, come all, it’s open mic night at the comedy club from Hell. And there’s eight speakers on the dais and a four hour gig, so that should be scintillating just on its face. Diamond & Silk can tap dance, maybe, and Dinesh D’Souza can read one of his movie scripts aloud. This should be some cultural event, mosquitoes, MAGAs and madness.


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  1. Dontcha just love how it’s being promoted by “FrankSpeech.com” which touts itself as “the voice of free speech” and yet not a single personality involved represents the “other” side of the argument?

    Don’t get me wrong: I wouldn’t expect anyone who’s not a brain-dead MAGAt (assuming the MAGAt in question actually had a functional brain in the first place) to participate at this propaganda fest for “Dear Leader.” It’s just the typical right-wing absurdity of claiming their voices are being “censored” but they don’t want to hear anything that might challenge their own ideas and worldviews.

  2. They have a long way to go to generate the fervor, the cult that assembled in Nuremberg in 1933. Not that they aren’t trying.


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