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Did you watch the second Trump impeachment trial today? If you weren’t watching Puppy Bowl reruns on Animal Planet, it’s hard to see how you missed it. And if you watched it, you couldn’t take your eyes away. The House Impeachment managers did an incredible job of liberally mixing riveting surveillance cam footage, audio of Capitol and DC police screaming about how their positions were being overrun, and shots of Senators running like lemmings straight towards rioters, until Capitol police turned them around. Riveting viewing.

But did you notice what you didn’t see? Personally, my poison of choice when it comes to news is MSNBC, although I will flip over to CNN occasionally, especially now that I don’t give a flying fuck what FUX News thinks. I was up right about 11 this morning, Pacific time, and watched all day. And it was only shortly before 9 tonight that I caught my first glimpse.

So, what didn’t we see? Any of us? Joe Biden! And why would we? Dude has a day job. I’m not privy to the Presidential daily schedule, but I seriously doubt that it has 3-4 hour blocks of executive time on it. Just because we didn’t get an entire hour of All Biden, All The Time doesn’t mean that he was sitting around in his underwear, playing with their rescue dogs.

I’m guessing that Biden got up this morning, got dressed, ate his breakfast while he got his President’s Daily Briefing, which he actually paid attention to without Crayola graphics, and then went down to the Oval Office. And I’m pretty sure that he did some other pretty important stuff too, signing things and stuff.

I do know that he hopped into the motorcade today, and pootled on over to the Pentagon, to have a powwow about our foreign relations, especially with China. And, Biden being Biden, he probably stopped on the way back to the White House for takeout Chinese, and spring for the Secret Service.

This is the important thing, and the thing that should give all of us confidence. Normalcy has returned to the Presidency again. There was no Breaking News update that showed us riveting live footage of Biden climbing into an armored SUV to head to the Pentagon. And why would they if it was already in the schedule, and there was no reason to think that anything unusual was going on.

After four long years, our beloved country is finally getting back to business as usual. Did you notice? After less than two weeks, MSNBC, which loves bulk filler, stopped running the entire daily White House press briefing live on air. Why? Because Bill Maher and I have our fondest wish come true, we finally have another President who bores our balls off. Not to say that Biden is a fuddy-duddy. There is nothing I love more than watching him walk in front of a microphone to address the nation, and inspire us all with his confidence, steady hand, and competence. But Biden steps in front of the cameras when he has something to say, and otherwise just sits there and gets the job done.

This is how governance is supposed to work. You elect someone you think is competent, you trust him to put competent people in charge of their departments, and then you go on about your business. And when the media networks stop covering every little minutiae of what’s going on, that’s when you know you hit 7-7-7. welcome back to a normal world again, America.

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  1. I was thinking a bit about this today, how it’s been wall to wall tRump/Impeachment all day, that we are still under the thrall of all things tRump, which is all negative stuff. Thank God he’s off social media so we aren’t bombarded with his BS spewing all day long, but when oh when will we get to a point where he’s not part of our daily lives. Media has been addicted to the easy hook of his 24-hour a day attention grabbing, rolling disaster lifestyle, and needs to adjust to something better, and soon. We need this Impeachment trial, I know, but I’m looking forward to the day when we can pay attention to what our current president is doing for our country while the ex-president is quietly repaying his debt to society in a moldy, dark, dank cell somewhere remote.

  2. My point is I voted for trump..
    I thought he would fix Americas problems, but instead he acted like
    A four year old child that screams his head off, if he couldN’t get mom to buy him that ice cream he wanted at the grocery store..I am surly not impressed at the actions of him implicationed that everyone in the usa was just out to get him out of office. Until I saw the true people that were following him up the capital building breaking glass ,Breaking down doors and hanging a neck rope…. OMG
    What were they thinking …?
    And then again…. Why wasn’t the capital building so easy to get into?
    No bullet proof glass.?No lock down
    Doors… Nothing … Wow and now
    They are showing all of this on tv for the world to see…What a mager embarrassinment and whats up with
    Security? Nothing no lock down ..
    Whats other country’s thinking.?
    Wow and how easy is it to walk right in and do whatever you choose in America..The capitail building was so easy to breach ..

  3. I can’t wait till the day we stop hearing about that deadbeat ex 45. He’s getting exactly what he deserves. I’m over it already.

  4. Well, coverage on air got taken over by the incoming ice “storm” over DFW. And then the temperature got under 32F. And some folks got on the road. So coverage is now traffic news this morning. One tenth of an inch of ice. Yeah, not good. Then area around (North and West of) Austin no bueno.

    So heard Faux Noise avoided showing worst of video yesterday. Yep, some things and some folks ain’t changing anytime soon.

  5. We’re in a weird place right now. Seeing competent leadership and knowing more of it is one the way with Cabinet officials and other high ranking appointees that not only know shit and have actual relevant experience but want to do their jobs and (even more importantly) do them WELL is refreshing. Most of the time we can be confident that any news being made is positive news, and that most of the not so good news will be our President and other leaders being honest with us. Basically, back to the “no drama Obama” type of administration we longed for for four disastrous years.

    At the same time, all the cray of the Trump years has faded from people’s memories even with the impeachment trial taking place. Even Democrats seem to want to get it over with and out of the way, or at least a lot of them. The GOP of course wants everyone to forget all about everything and I mean EVERY THING Trump put us all through. While Obama was President and especially at convention times the running semi-joke was that Republicans had a “Bush? Who was he?” attitude. It was the original “I think maybe he was the coffee boy” excuse. That’s what the GOP has been up to where Trump is concerned. Trying to make us forget ALL of it and using the impeachment process to get people (or at least all those Independents whose ranks are swelling with GOP but still conservative dropouts) to forget not just January 6 but everything else about Trump from kids (even babies!) in cages to handing over the keys to Putin.

    We all want to look ahead and tackle the enormous problems the country faces. Trump’s being silenced on major social media is a blessed thing to be sure. But it also makes it easier for the GOP to do with Trump what they tried so hard to do with Bush Jr. What we HAVE to remember is why and how the challenges we face are so enormous. Things like climate change and income inequality were going to be huge even if Hillary Clinton was starting her second term. But those and other things are far more challenging specifically because Trump made them so much worse.

    We simply can’t allow the GOP to get away with Trump what they did with Bush 43 who if you haven’t noticed looks good enough by comparison that he’s starting to get trotted out to help fix the messes Trump created or so greatly exacerbated! W is a religious man and I suspect that in his daily prayers he’s torn about feeling thankful that Trump is providing him a chance at rehabilitating his own image. Like I said, we are living in weird times.

    For all that I take a good deal of comfort in the thought that when it comes to our new administration the old saying about no news (or at least minimal, and even BORING) news is good news.

    • Something else to remember on the weird times angle: the American conservative movement is shattered. The Trump cult is only one faction of many fighting over the scraps. Further complicating the math is the mass defection of the Lincoln Project from their one-time party and their own ongoing mission to utterly defund and defang the useful idiots they used to exploit (yes, they are atoning for this–Steve Schmidt comes to mind–but back in the day, this was part of their job).

      Frankly, the country can want to move on all it wants. It’s stuck in the same position I was in the early 2010s when I was just scraping by…caught in a set of circumstances where the old solutions are unworkable or unavailable. Something new is going to have to take its place. And that’s what Joe and his team is building in the quiet places. Remember that the next time you’re tempted to think that nothing has or can change.

      • President Biden’s theme that he introduced during his campaign was “Build Back Better.” I not only hope that’s what will happen but that he really does see ways to actually do that in multiple areas where there’s a lot of work to be done. Sometimes if a foundation and some of a structure is still solid after a disaster it can be rebuilt good as new. Sometimes, as was the case with the Pentagon rebuilding project the idea is to keep the facade and pretty much gut the insides and rebuild the thing almost completely new and stronger. IOW it only LOOKS the same. The project was to happen one side at a time, and as fate would have it the first side to undergo the process was the one hit by the plan on 911. They were in that last “punch out” stage of construction and only a handful of people had started to move back into their office spaces which is part of why the death toll numbered in the hundreds instead of the thousands. The other part is that unlike the original structure which was built at breakneck speed THIS time it was done with massive reinforcement so it would last. (The original building was never intended to be a permanent home for our military – it was assumed it would be torn down during the post war years. Because the new wing was so well (and strongly built) not only did the plane not crash through and create a fireball in the courtyard which would have done massive damage to the inner/A-ring of the other four sides) but most of the newly rebuild side held up. Basically, while it might have looked the same (albeit newer with the exterior cleaned up) it had been built back WAY better than it was back when I served in that building. And once stood duty at the spot where the plane hit!

        That’s what this administration will need to do with most of the Executive Branch. But sometimes a building is so damaged the best thing to do is demolish the whole thing and start over. Build something new, and better from scratch. ICE comes to mind as an agency where that should happen. Another possible area is Dept. of Energy, where the part that would be focused on climate change needs to be carved out and built anew from the ground up. I’m sure you can think of other examples. There are so many to choose from. But we have a President who isn’t just an old guy, but one with wide ranging experience who knows people who know how to get shit done. We liberals may not be enthralled with, or even much like some of those people but Biden is picking people who know their stuff and know the system and how to work it.

        If their marching orders are the build back better and have the priorities President Biden has stated then some real progress in the proper direction can and I think will be made. And, if it’s not or at least doesn’t seem to be headed that way I’m sure we have folks on our side that will poke the administration with a stick to remind them of the promises that were made, which happen to be what most Americans actually want.

  6. Trump is out of the White House and off social media and that is a great relief, but there’s no way I’m going to forget about what he did to this country (and is still doing) until justice is done and the fascists are forced back to their hidey holes. And even then we will need to remember and teach our children so it never happens again.

  7. I love getting up in the morning and not having to wonder what fresh hell arose from Trump’s bowels in the past 24 hours. I like the way Biden actually does his job— rather than being like Trump by golfing, tweeting lies and conspiracy theories, and generally being a noxious idiot loudmouth.


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