You know, I’m getting just a little sick and tired of seditious douche bags like Traitor Tot and Mike Pimp-eo extolling the virtues of war criminal Vlad the Imp. And even more sick and tired of Donnie Depends slobbering about how Putin never would have tried such a stunt when he was President. What pure, unadulterated bullshit.

The simple fact of the matter is that Putin didn’t need to make an aggressive move against Ukraine when the Cheeto Prophet was in charge, simply because the Trumpster Fire gave Putin a free hand in whatever he wanted to do. And even better yet, Trump spent 4 long years doing everything he possibly could to completely dismantle NATO, which has long been Putin’s wet dream.

Me personally? I think that the Mango Messiah is at least personally responsible for the position that Putin currently finds himself in. Because Trumpenstein did such a good job of fractionalizing and demoralizing NATO that Putin thought he could sit back, pick his spot, and move against Ukraine without NATO or the US putting up significant resistance.

But the commie bastard miscalculated, badly. What he miscalculated was the extent to which a flaming moron like Trump could be effective in anything he did, and he completely underestimated President Biden’s international negotiation skills and resolve.

Once Biden plunked his ass down behind the Resolute Desk, his first job, after dealing with Covid, was to start to undo the monumental damage Trump did to the NATO alliance. He went to NATO, he talked to the leaders of NATO countries on the phone, even had some of them to the Oval Office. He reiterated the United States firm resolution to honor Article 5. And he put his money where his mouth was.

When Russia started to mass troops along the border with Ukraine, Biden didn’t just send blankets and cots, he sent money to prop up the Ukraine economy, and most importantly, he sent lethal defensive weapons to Ukraine. And once he did, he cheek rubbed and elbow twist other NATO nations to send lethal aid too. And suddenly, Ukraine’s army wasn’t so under armed anymore.

But from where I’m sitting, Biden’s greatest achievement was once accomplished in secret. Almost a year before Putin’s invasion, Biden received rock solid intelligence of an upcoming Russian invasion of Ukraine, including preliminary plans. And he shared that information with his most trusted NATO allies. As a result, NATO has had the luxury of having almost a year to plan their response to the impending Russian aggression.

Which is why the NATO response to Russia has been so totally unified and unanimous. They had almost a year to discuss which sanctions would be most effective, and in which order to deploy them. The decision to sanction Putin personally was the diplomatic version of the Senate’s nuclear option, and it wasn’t something they just decided in a day or two.

This isn’t just Presidential leadership, this is global leadership. Biden, with more than a decade of dealing with Putin, recognized the threat, not just to the United States, but to world order. And he took the necessary steps to deal with it. I have no doubt that Biden’s decision to declassify national security information and release Putin’s plans at every step put him back on his heels. And the unified, lockstep response of NATO to the Russian invasion has turned Putin into a global pariah. If that isn’t leadership, then I don’t know what is.


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  1. So true. Putin put his own nuts in a vice. It was so easy under his puppet he helped place in power. Now he’s dealing with an experienced leader who knows his game. I once hada weird dog given to me as a puppy, saved off a ranch where they drowned the litter. She never barked or even seem anxious around other dogs. The only time I saw her act aggressive was when a boxer nipped her on her heel. She wheeled around and had the dog pinned with her jaws on its neck. She looked up at me & I told her to let it go. She did & it whimpered off. I didn’t know she could fight. She got cancer at 13 & I had to put her down. Later, at an Indian festival I saw a stuffed replica of my dog. The chief asked me if she acted like other dogs. I said no. He asked do u want to know why? Of course I did. He said you didn’t have a dog. You raised a wolf. Putin thinks he’s the badass. So did that boxer. We’ll see if, in the process, he ends up as a war criminal, & living with a bunch of unintended consequences. He’s already misjudged a number of things…including his own people.

  2. Biden?? Uh no. His oil policy funded this invasion. Giving putin a billion dollars a day for 14 months. Then His verbal invitation to invade…. then his refusal to do two things that would have shut putin down… state ukraine could join nato and releasinx

  3. In hindsight, Putin REALLY should have known better…on both counts. Mango Mussolini has always been a stone foul-up, which is how he wound up in Putin’s orbit in the first place. The very fact that he couldn’t get the Magnitsky Act repealed with GOP majorities (and had his arm twisted to sign NEW sanctions) should have been a red flag to Putin. If he could fail to achieve something relatively simple with THAT kind of advantage, what ELSE did he screw up?

    Likewise, Putin has known Uncle Joe a long time (just as an aside, I think that’s true for every major world leader out there right now). While he may not be Hillary Clinton, whom we know Putin hated, he should have known Biden well enough to get an idea of what he’d do. Instead, he made the same mistake his GQP stateside cronies keep doing with our Pres, mistake his age for weakness (recall that Biden has nearly a decade on Putin). That mistake has planted a bear trap on his ass which he will find hard to impossible to remove.

    • I agree with you completely on this. It’s like Putin has either has some sort of brain injury/illness (like a stroke or aneurysm) and is no longer functioning at normal levels or the oligarchs (or somebody) have some ‘retirement’ plan for Putin that Putin found out about but can’t stop and is now determined to burn Russia to the ground in a petty tantrum. Nothing that has happened so far should have been a surprise to Putin. It boggles the mind that he would have overestimated Trump/GOP support for him or underestimated Biden/NATOs support. None of it makes sense.

  4. Real Leadership? Dude is about to keel over every time he’s at the podium… Biden gave money to Russia and a lot of it. Russia pounced on Ukraine as soon as he saw weakness. Maybe the president who cant put together a sentence at normal speed. lol If thats how you want your leadership to represent your country then you should move to a different country. America stands for strength, Money, and Freedom. Biden runs wherever his dummy underlings tell him too. “I’ll do whatever you want me to do Nancy” (Pelosi), (hot mic) You guys just read these stupid ass left leaning articles to fuel your bullshit. Didnt hear a peep from our enemies when trump was here. We need a real president back

    • Are you for real? Biden jogs and rides a bike. For miles. Prior to becoming VP he was known as one of the top half dozen or so political type golfers in the DC scene, and unlike Trump he can WALK 18 holes instead of having to ride around in a cart. There is also video of him jogging up the EXACT SAME ramp Trump described as a virtual death trap. The “ramp of death” to hear him talk about how treacherous it was. Biden speaks in complete sentences while Trump talks like the h.s. dropout sleazy plaid sportscoat way off the main drag used car salesman he’d be if he hadn’t been born to a well-off father who’d built a large family business. Biden has decades of experience in government both in the Senate and as VP and prior to Trump’s rise was well-known for being able to work across the aisle to form compromises. Even before he was VP he was known and respected in world Capitols, if not always like by for example people like Trump’s puppetmaster Vlad the impaler (of Trump’s butthole. Yeah. I said it and if either Trump or Putin or their fanboys such as you don’t like it I have zeros fucks to give about it. Hey, to quote your hero Trump “People” have said it!) Are you just stupid or willfully ignorant? If as I suspect the latter is it a lot of work to be that way? Or is is just a really weird type of reality suspending drug?

  5. The info about Biden having had a handle on this situation for almost a year AND sharing that intel with the G-7 as early as ROME, exhibits his determination to reunify a damaged NATO after the DUMPF and he put his money where his mouth is. No way the EU could have worked so quickly had not Biden been preparing those leaders for a good bit of time, and even Biros Johnson feel right in line.
    But Biden is the “villain” as the oligarchy, profiteers on human suffering, want his characterized. How easily the sheep fall for the propaganda, sadly, including too many who actually voted for Biden and sure as hell know better than to buy into that shtick.

  6. Excellent piece, Murph. YOu are bang on and unfortunately no Repub (I mean those today who call themselves that) will ever understand this. But you are right 100%. Last week I begged my very close friends in Moscow to get the hell out because when you start WW3 you NEVER know how it will end and they have family all over Europe so they have options. She said, I do not want to believe that my “dear” president’s ego will ever exceed what I am hoping is still his intellect and bark”. Today, that message has changed and she and her husband are seriously considering it. Unsurprising takeaway? This is Putin’s thing. She did not think there were ANY Russians who had any interest or support for this insanity at all, including the conscripted soldiers in the army. But alas, as she moaned, they have ZERO power to deal with their “beloved president” to end this insanity that NO ONE wants.


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