One takeaway we can immediately make from both the video you’ll view below, and from the recent CNN-University of New Hampshire poll, is that Mike Pence is one of the most despised characters in politics. John Eastman doesn’t like the man, either, because Pence called Eastman a “crack pot,” and the aforementioned poll has him polling dead last in the GOP primary at 2%. I’d say Pence should retire and write his memoirs, but he’s already done that, twice. Say, maybe Eastman is finally right about something and Pence should just install himself in a nice piece of pottery, near the window and Mother can water him twice a week. That might suit her as an agreeable arrangement as well.

Here is John Eastman’s six-point plan to steal the election, if you never saw this jewel.

Maybe the argument is with the word “arbiter.” Pence could hear objections, yes, but he was in no position to make objections himself and certainly not to restructure the proceedings in ad hoc fashion like Eastman outlines here.  And Eastman is a crack pot, not to mention a liar, if he tries to state otherwise. And frankly? Pence is such a coward that if he reasonably thought that any of this would actually fly, he’d have probably jumped on board the treason train.

It’s interesting that Eastman is still pushing that this is a valid theory because TIME Magazine reported that Eastman told Trump that the scheme was illegal.

Greg Jacob, Vice President Mike Pence’s counsel, recounted a White House meeting on Jan. 4, 2021, in which Eastman said told Trump that his plan to thwart the counting of the Electoral College violated federal statute.

“I believe he did on the 4th,” Jacob said in response to a question from the panel.

Such an admission was consistent with the testimony of other witnesses present at Thursday’s hearing, the committee’s third this month. Multiple former White House aides testified, either in person or in taped deposition, that the plan proposed by Eastman, the chief architect of the effort to block Joe Biden’s election victory, was either illicit or certain to be struck down in the courts.

“Just like they knew the factual assertion was a Big Lie, the legal assertion was a big joke,” Rep. Jamie Raskin, Democrat of Maryland, told TIME after the hearing.

And then you may recall that Eastman asked for a pardon. Hardly an action that a legal scholar, who is in the right, would ask for. But definitely something that a con artist with a consciousness of guilt would struggle to get.
“I’ve decided that I should be on the pardon list, if that is still in the works,” Eastman wrote to Trump’s personal attorney and confidant Rudy Guiliani, according to an email obtained by the Jan. 6 committee. Aguilar said Eastman did not get one. Trump publicly announced 143 pardons on the last night of his presidency. Eastman was not among them.
That’s vintage Trump. Eastman couldn’t get him the result he wanted, so screw him. Now they’re co-defendants in the Georgia election racketeering case. And once again may I state that all this is an outworking of the simple, basic fact that Donald Trump just did not have it in him, characterologically speaking, to admit that he lost and to step away graciously.
And all of his lawyers and all of his kin won’t be able to put Trumpty Dumpty back together again.


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  1. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it until it comes to pass.
    The Electoral College needs to go away. Constitutional amendment time.
    I support the efforts of some states to render it moot by automatically awarding their electors to the candidate who wins the popular vote, but that doesn’t go far enough.
    This post-reconstruction artifact is putting our democracy at risk.
    What’s going to happen when a smart version of Trump tries this in the future.

    • Yes Michael – 100% agree. After the 2016 election/farce I tried to shout this from the rooftops. Enough of this Electoral College outdated nonsense. If we don’t clear this up and straighten our course as a nation, we’re doomed. Trump didn’t win the popular vote, W did not win it and several cycles over the past couple of decades the actual appointed president did not win the popular vote. Sort of negates the whole concept of 1 citizen, 1 vote doesn’t it? Reality would dictate that in this divided atmosphere, an amendment is probably not possible. But I never give up hope. The next best thing would be the national popular vote compact state by state that you mentioned. It’s a wobbly fix but not a long term solution. Currently 16 states and D.C. have signed on representing 76% of the 270 electoral college votes need to bring this about. AT 76 years of age, I probably won’t be around if/when this actually gains enough support to make the difference but I support in any way I can.

  2. He’s worse, much worse than a plant that uses CO2 and puts oxygen into the air. Pence mass murdered God knows how many gay men by not using the money earmarked for them. He stood by this evil POS as he violated every goddamn law known. He, in his evil brand of Christianity, stood by nodding in approval as thousands of children at the border were ripped from their families WITH NO SYSTEM OR INTENTION TO REUNITE THEM in violation of the asylum laws. He stood by nodding as Trump lied daily about covid resulting in a million citizens dead. He stood by nodding as women lost control of their own bodies. He stood by nodding as Trump sh*t on the veterans dead and living. The list goes on and on and on. He’s and evil POS as are all these nazis. He’s not only not a goddamn hero…he’s vile.


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