Good lord. Come on.

How is it that, when the administration found the first batch of documents back in November, Biden’s lawyers and staff didn’t insist on going through every file cabinet he had ever touched and collected everything, all of it, all at once, and presented it all at once?

Instead, we get this drip, drip, drip that is killing Biden and making it much harder to prosecute Trump. From NBC News:

More classified documents from the Obama administration were found in President Joe Biden’s Delaware residence this week — in addition to the two batches that were previously disclosed — the White House said Saturday.

This brings the total batches of records found to three: a “small” number in a Washington office Biden used, another set in the garage of his residence, and finally six pages in a room adjacent to the garage.

Trump had hundreds. Now it sounds like Biden has more. He doesn’t. And numbers do matter when it comes to comparing the cases. Should there be any comparison? Of course, not. Trump refused to turn over hundreds over a year, culminating in an FBI search warrant. (Don’t use “raid.” That is their framing.) Meanwhile, MAGAs think that because Trump was president, he could declassify whatever he wanted, and thus Biden is way worse.

There is no comparison at all because these cases are never prosecuted without intent to steal/keep them. Trump is self-proving. Biden is not.

But given that they found the first ones in November, it would have been infinitely better to search the dog house, literally anywhere Joe has been or has property, and then announce it all at once.

Instead, it just gets worse, even when it’s six pages. Now, Democrats are worried.

The discoveries have trickled out over the past week — beginning on Monday, followed by an acknowledgment on Thursday and then the announcement on Saturday — stoking Biden’s critics and causing alarm among his allies that his office doesn’t have a handle on the problem.

No shit?

The conspiracy theory on the Right is that someone on the left is planting these in order to clear the way for a younger candidate. The conspiracy theory on the Left is that the Right is planting these to take the heat off Trump. The facts in front of our faces look to be total incompetence in staff and starting to drip off into Biden.

I keep going back and forth with people here about the fact that this will make indicting Trump on the easiest case, the Florida files case, harder. Now, if Jack Smith indicts Trump, there will be heavy pressure to indict Biden even though they will almost surely not because there was no intent (that we’ve seen) to keep them, and they called upon themselves to deliver them to the National Archives. But try explaining that to a MAGA. And remember, these people have already shown a proclivity for violence. Indeed some 10-20% believe violence can be used as a legitimate political tool.

There is no comparison, but the Biden allies (like me) are starting to worry about who is running this ship and why they seem to want to bang it off icebergs.
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  1. Follow the law. One has no proof of criminal intent. The other proved there was criminal intent to lie & obstruct the discovery. Like you, I’m amazed at how they have bungled this. The Maga crowd can scream because they were going to make shit up either way. If they step out of line, follow the law and arrest them. Let’s see if Garland is a man of his word. 2024 is a long way off and if the DOJ does their job, Biden will get past this and Trump should be in zip ties. Issues like fucking with the debt ceiling, social security and Medicare will rise to the forefront. If the DOJ does their job.

    • I agree, SSJ, the laws always seem under attack from rabid right-wingers as a way to suppress the pressures of guilty calls against their own past, BUT the basic, structure of the laws used in court proceedings have a long history of a structure that protects those that are innocent, right up to the display of verified hard evidence against a suspect …

      Biden MAY have been set up, so to speak, but the actions of his team have pushed Trump’s un- lawful actions into a large, lead ball tied to his ankle with a short chain, it will be interesting to see how fast he implodes when the Judge points out all his crimes and how he will spend the next 20 years in prison …

    • Without regard to classified files, the FBI could charge Trump with obstruction of justice and espionage (depending on what Trump did with the files). They cannot charge Biden with either one.

    • There are a lot of ifs in there lol. The important thing is to just do a thorough search NOW, find them all, be transparent, and move on. DOJ is on the case. Whether we like it or not, this happened and President Biden must be thoroughly transparent.

  2. Thing is, this sudden document find is awfully suspicious. It comes just in time for the ‘pubes little majority shit show in the house. I find it quite odd this is showing up just now.

    Still, fact remains President Biden turned over the documents immediately upon finding out they were in his possession so I can’t see any comparison the the shit gibbon’s behavior-it’s not even close F.F.S.

    • It’s too coincidental to appear innocent in my opinion. But as long as they find everything now, and stop the slow, steady drip of documents that makes this seem 1000 times worse, we can get beyond it and start pointing the bright lights at the gqp mess in the House.

  3. It would be interesting to learn if any of the documents found by Biden’s attorneys happen to be documents that NARA has been asking Trump to return.
    Just wondering…


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