“Jack be nimble, Jack be quick. Time to have Donald’s head on a spit.”

Jack Smith is nimble and quick. He also is driven, as evidenced by the fact that he worked on Thanksgiving.

Here’s what he wrote and I guarantee, nobody in Trump world was glad to see it. And I’m sure this letter went straight to the high priced, high powered guys that Trump paid in advance. No wonder Alina Hobbs was mewling on TV yesterday about how Thanksgiving means not prosecuting/persecuting Trump.

One paragraph, but it undercuts Trump’s lawyers arguments succinctly. Jack Smith is actually arguing the facts and the law and Trump’s lawyers are trying to baffle with bullshit. The latter approach works with incompetent lawyers, but that is not the case here. Smith is exposing them for what they are.

The court did not enjoin the government, it was the government that suggested the special counsel.

And Trump’s lawyers know that. They know that all that they can do is throw something at the wall and hope that it will stick and stick just long enough to get the desired outcome, which is delay. That is Trump’s strategy in every legal case he’s ever been in, delay, confuse, wear the other party out, make them decide that it’s cheaper to settle so they can just get away from Trump and all he represents.

That’s not going to happen here. Trump has bitten off way more than he can chew and he will be held accountable now. Yes, I know you’ve been hearing that since 2016. And you have seen him slither away, consequence free.

So far you have. That’s true. But the situation at hand now is that Trump is gambling that he can stall everybody and avoid criminal charges and then get the GOP nomination and that will throw the requisite monkey wrench into the works. And then if he wins, oh yes, of course the first thing he does is make all this go away, whatever that takes. Think of the Roadrunner dynamiting a box marked Rule Of Law and you’ve got it.

And if he doesn’t win….Trump will think about that tomorrow.

It’s all a gamble and Trump is not much of a gambler. After all, he ran a cash business like a casino straight into the ground. That is not easy to do. The house never loses except when the house is owned by Trump.

The plain truth now is that Trump has too many enemies in his own camp to pull off the feat he did in 2016, and even then he pulled it off by a narrow margin. He doesn’t have the same odds this time. He doesn’t have the people who voted for him the first time because they believed that the TV guy could actually deliver, maybe, on all this big promises. That’s why a lot of people voted for him, put up or shut up. You saw what he put up his four years in office.

And now as a three time loser of elections — and we haven’t seen what happens December 6. That’s one more railroad spike in the coffin — he’s not standing on the same ground. A lot of the GOP wants him gone. They are tired of losing. Paul Ryan said as much the other day.

Never forget that Trump survived as long as he did because he had the GOP insulating him. That’s over now. The failure of the red wave to materialize and the fact that Trump couldn’t take a victory lap, put all this on very different footing. If he’d had the red wave he fantasized and could take the victory lap and start fundraising, he’d be fine. Instead, the GOP lost bigly and they’re blaming him. And the polls show Ron DeSantis coming up from behind.

They all thought that the Titanic was unsinkable, too, until the night she went down.

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  1. Also hearing that it’s not only 45 that may be gone after. All those that tried to steal the vote, that are still in congress, may also be brought forward. Would that be so.

    • There’s been a sea change. All that crazy talk for months about the red wave, red tsunami, and then fizzle. We live in times where seismic changes are taking place. I think Trump is scared shitless right now. If he’s not, then he is stupider than I can imagine.

      • First, let me state I’m not a “MAGA, Trump supporter or Republican. I’m a conservative. You guys, especially the author of this nonsense have talked with nonexistent authority on what’s going to happen to Trump, action by action, day by day, and you’ve been wrong each & every time. This is a highly organized partisan attempt of destroying & robbing his every asset because he is an outsider who has been the target of every progressive/Dem in the country due to the endless fantasies being pushed out by the media as “truth” every single day. Most journalists and MSM talking heads have become completely obsessed by Trump. Is your life so much better now under Biden than when Trump was President? I already know liberals will lie and say it’s better now, but that is because of the complete blindness and visceral hatred of Trump.

        • Right. You’re a “conservative” and “not a MAGA, Trump supporter or Republican” and yet your whole comment reads EXACTLY like the drivel that comes from EVERY single individual and media pundit who DO describe themselves as “MAGA, Trump supporter or Republican.”

        • The guy has lied and gaslit America for too long and because of people like you who keep defending him, he will not go away. The whole way he handled the virus, there should be charges on him and every republican who uttered ANYTHING about Democrats FAKING the virus, or that it was just the flu, or pushed unproven medicines while MAKING $$ OFF SAID MEDICINES. I still cannot understand how HE LET STELLA IMANUEL (whom he got from Ron and Rand Paul’s “Dr ” group eho also made more than 20m to 50m from selling IVERMECTIN) spout nonsence on TV while not mentioning the damn “dr” also believes in LIZARD PEOPLE. Put Dejoy in at PO HEAD when he(they) realized people might get to vote by mail and that would screw up the purposefully created lines in minority areas and lose him a couple close states. AND saying fk masks…..how the hell did a mask, to the right, become the symbol of the start to GAS CHAMBERS¿? I believe Trump is at fault for getting more than 100k people if not MANY MORE killed due to him wanting to win an election…..

          • Trump’s pea brain in its worst possible way, was still screwing things up when the announcements were released that the USA deaths from Covid-19 had reached and passed 1 million dead … he started his stupid trashing of World systems by using the FBI to hijack 250.000 face masks from a bought and paid-for shipment to Germany, planning to hold them and have the States bid for them …
            Up front, by holding back on procuring PPE’s for the frontline Doctors and Nurses — 1600 of those brave and selfless people died from the Covid … while he tried to cover up his loses …

            Freaks like him should be tarred and feathered before his special parade to PRISON …!!

            Hundreds of bushels of rotting tomatoes for people along the parade route to show how they REALLY feel about his ,”Brilliant Mind”, …

        • Rewind and watch the Jan 6th hearings again. Trump is the ONLY President in the history of USA to be impeached TWICE and caused a VIOLENT insurrection against the Congress. And reasonable American wiuld demand accountability, regardless of political philosophy.

        • so , I’m not a Trump supporter, I’m not a mega supporter. You think this is a partisan witch hunt to take Donald J. Trump’s stuff and reputation. He don’t think there’s any evidence that DOJ have that would support an indictment against Donald J. Trump for his criminal activity. I guess you don’t believe that he stole top secret, confidential, sensitive US government documents and stored them at his residence at Mira Lago. Read new post you give me the impression that you are one of those uneducated, misinformed, ignorant or conscientiously stupid conservative who follows the hate driven drum beat of your political party.

        • My life is more stable because we have a president who isn’t selling us out to Russia or China or NK or whichever dictator praised him most effusively. We have a medical system that is having less trouble dealing with the pandemic because masks and vaccines are *available* to everyone, not just the rich and favored. We have one political party – the one you support wholeheartedly – that still thinks those four years were wonderful and can’t seem to understand that cruelty is NOT the point of society and government.
          Remove Fox and Breitbart from your life, and you might actually start living again, instead of cowering in your basement.

        • “Obsessed”? That’s as dumb as saying the world was obsessed with Hitler. The orange monkey is a threat: a threat to Democracy, a threat to your country and arguably a threat to the world. Allowing a corrupt, ignorant, sociopathic conman be in charge of the world’s most powerful country only encourages other mini Trump fascists to gain power through demagoguery. The fact that you’re unconcerned says a lot about you Magats.

        • Cindy your delusion just like the other MAGA maggots who feed
          On misinformation. I’m surprised you haven’t used the light and bleach remedy yet. Tater tot is foremost a COWARDICE, a grifter and
          a self named genius. Have you heard of cognitive dissonance !
          Please read up on the subject, it may help you see the light!!!!!

        • Listen,the only reason why he has got away from all that he has done is literaly because he used every branch of government to his disposal.Why do you think he fought so hard to cheat or steal his way to reelection?He knew what was coming.If you are older then 40 then you know exactly how long he’s been getting away with stuff.He no longer has the DOJ,The GQP,or the Senate.Hes screwed.An outsider?Maybe of regular politicians but he is an elite New Yorker and exactly the type of person your party said you all despised.Elon Musk?HES EXACTLY WHAT U ALL SAID WHAT WAS WRONG WITH THE WORLD,BUT NOW HES YOUR SAVIOR😂.To say you arent MAGA or any of that but then spew the exact same nonsense that this party has tried to repeat over and over is hilarious.HE GOT ZERO DONE WHILE IN OFFICE.Couldnt even get infrastructure done and that was with all three branches of government.It’s time you all realize his time is up.Criminally or not he’s done as far as someone who can take that weird party to a victory and the midterms proved that much.All his candidates except one got their ass wooped and the one is a billionaire so yea ANOTHER ELITE.#Justine is up

        • What you are, “Cindy”, is a never-was who thought they could ride the MAGA tiger back to what you wanted. That reality had other plans must be quite the shock.

        • What’s better is the health of this democracy, and frankly, at this point in our history, that just might be a little more important than your wallet right now.

          I, too, lean conservative, and I’ve been saying for years that Joe Biden is the price we now have to pay for the ignorance of electing Donald Trump. If you voted for him in the primary or the general election in 2016, you brought this upon yourself. I sleep with a clear conscience, because I did neither.

          Country over party, my friend.

        • I lived in NY during Fat Donor’s hey day in the 80s. We all knew the truth about him: an incompetent. entitled brat who couldn’t make money on casinos, groped and raped women, and wasn’t terribly smart. Haven’t you even wondered why he Carry only got 20%of the vote in his hometown? The ones who voted for him were the richest 20%– and that is saying a lot when you have to be at least upper middle class or wealthy to.live there.because of the obscenely high rents.
          No one voted for him because we knew the truth about him.
          If Daddy hadn’t become rich, he would likely have been expelled by his private school for fighting and bullying. Instead he got shipped off to.A military school.where he perfected his bullying. Daddy then bought him.an Ivy League degree; one professor called him the stupidest student he ever taught. Most of ventures failed. Without Dad’s money, he would have ended up as middle manager in a third tier PR firm representing has been and talentless celebrities like Kevin Sorbo and Ted Nugent. He would mouth off to his boss, get fired,,and show up at the unemployment office where they would say,”You? Again?”

        • We have not been wrong every day. I predicted, along with a lot of other people, that Trump would lose the 2020 election. I also predicted that there would be no red tsunami. I was right again. And yes, life is MUCH BETTER with Joe in the White House because he’s not a fucking lunatic that I have to worry about nuking us all one night.

  2. Appreciate this article & the letter filed by Jack Smith. Really good to know Jack Smith is taking the lead for now for the DOJ. Expecting big things to happen this coming Spring with criminal charges filed vs. Trumpelthinskin. If not, it’s a clear signal to every fascist & every criminal mob boss to run for higher office, and for every foreign dictatorship to know that the US is for sale to the highest bidder (briber).

    All-in all a great article, with just a couple asides I have to disagree with: First: “Never forget that Trump survived as long as he did because he had the GOP insulating him. That’s over now.” It was never really the GOP insulating him so much, it was more the GOP Trumpers being owned (bought off) by Putin & his Russian mobsters; with the rest of the GOPers, including those aligned with the Mercers, Kochs, Federalist Society – in fear of Trumpelthinskin who was and still is for the moment backed by Putin’s (and by extension Trump’s) enforcers: The Russian Mob, Putin’s FSB agents, and paramilitary terrorists composed of anti-gov’t right wing extremists who continue to receive funding for weapons, training and ammo from the Russian Mob. As soon as Don the Con loses his support from Putin & the Russian Mob, THEN it’s truly over for him & the TFG knows it. But for now Coward Bone Spurs continues to have Russian Mob (hit-men) backing, while DeathSantis, for now, only has his thugs as his enforcers. Case in point – Pence is currently terrified of testifying against TFG for this very reason. Hoping the death threats and worse coming from TFG’s mob enforcers will not scare away or sway, key witnesses, or the Judge(s) assigned. No doubt the DOJ knows all this and that’s partly why timing’s so important and every contingency is being planned for.

    Second: “After all, he ran a cash business like a casino straight into the ground. That is not easy to do. The house never loses except when the house is owned by Trump.” In actuality, Trump’s Atlantic City Casinos did well. It was only the fake casino corp. books that showed they were going bankrupt. As you already know & as more is about to be revealed, Weisselberg, Cohen & Trump made sure to cook Trump businesses books & it wasn’t just to cheat on taxes. The Orange Cheeto was forced to declare bankruptcy on his casino corporations because DOJ & FINCEN investigators were closing in on some of the key the players behind Trump casinos primary purpose for existence – to launder money for every mob organization from Philly to NYC. Plus some of that casino $ was being skimmed by Traitor Trump to pay back Putin & his business associates – who made certain all his investments in Russia, including Trump Tower Moscow, tanked.

    Again, keep up the great work Ursula!

  3. Some in the GOP say Frump is over but follow that up with they’d still support another presidency if he’s the party ticket. For them, it isn’t about preserving Democracy, it’s about power. Take a look at the dregs like Greene, Boebert, Gaetz, they’ve put in office and how they’re pushing Walker! There is no decency left in the GOP. It’s all about winning so they can shackle the rest of us with their regressive idea of what our lives should be: no voting for women and people of color; women barefoot, pregnant and in front of a stove; non-christians and LGBQT villified and marginalized; giving themselves and wealthy cronies tax breaks at the expense of the rest of us (who in congress isn’t or hasn’t become wealthy?); denying the climate crisis as they aid abet the industries that cause it. It’s always about power and money, Democracy and the American people be damned.

    • On your last sentence, well…YEAH. That’s been true well before Trump hit the scene. As to the first sentence, that’s just good ol’ CYA. They say things like that because none of them want to be MAGA’s next target. Never forget the Trump cult is a bigger danger to sane conservatives than the rest of us due to proximity alone.



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