Very powerful people have been squirming since Epstein was charged a second time for sex trafficking under-age girls–at least until he conveniently died. Enough has leaked to cause  havoc in Buckingham Palace, complete with abject denials and outrage. Two American Presidents are under suspicion. Multiple elements of the rich and powerful are yet unnamed but hideously vulnerable.

The Epstein scandal is the most widely exposed and most likely pervasive sex trafficking case in memory, yet just how far-reaching it is may never come to light. Many questions may never be answered.

The Sting

First, were Epstein’s decades-long sex parties and orgies with under-age girls just his own perversion or was it a well-orchestrated blackmail scheme designed to create leverage on political leaders and the fabulously wealthy power elite?

No matter how much of a sex-craving pervert Epstein may have been, how many young girls would one man need to satisfy his erotic, kinky desires? A pedophile keeps his disgusting deeds to himself. He doesn’t brag about them with anyone else unless he is  enticing others with his openness to enjoy their perverted fantasies with him, feeling safe in an environment where they were all secret participants together.

It is not possible that these well-planned sexual adventures, at the expense of manipulated young girls, did not have devious purposes. The cameras and microphones in his residences are, alone, ample evidence of that. Epstein hired multiple recruiters to find dozens of under-age girls, often desperate and homeless victims. Epstein would have many girls for his guests to choose from, plenty of “young pussy” as they would likely comment, as disgusting as that is to say.

A number of victims have said that these events were well choreographed and others were certainly involved in the planning and preparation of these parties.

No, Epstein had devious motives for these extravagant gatherings. It has been reported that some of Epstein’s wealthy “friends” contributed to his “foundation” offshore.

Blackmail to gain money is the kind of blackmail that most of us understand, but money is not the only possible motivation. Influence among powerful people is a major motivation for such an operation.

Based on what we know today, this was a well-financed and elaborate blackmail scheme. The remaining question is–for whose benefit? Alex Acosta, disgraced as he already is, was a stone liar, at least to the American public. Exposed for lying to the public, he had previously told a Trump vetting team that Epstein was with “intelligence.” During Acosta’s appearance before Congressional committees before his appointment as Secretary of Labor, he did not state that he was told that intelligence was involved with Epstein. Hard to trust anything from a characterless liar, but his intelligence explanation has a ring of truth to it.

Along with Les Wexner, Epstein has been reported to have long-term connections to the CIA, going back to the 1980’s with Southern Air Transport, a CIA business involved in transporting arms to the Contras during the Iran-Contra controversy. The airline moved from Little Rock, Arkansas to Columbus, Ohio, the location of Les Wexner’s residence and corporate headquarters. Reports have alleged that Wexner and Epstein also had connections to Mossad.

It is entirely possible that the CIA and Mossad were involved in the scam.

Epstein “Suicide”

I addressed the death of Epstein in the Politizoom article, Legacy in Ashes, Alan Dershowitz, Part I. Given the facts that are known, it is hard for anyone to believe Epstein killed himself and the suicide conclusion is not a cover-up. Most telling are some of the known facts: Epstein’s lawyers have stated that Epstein was prepared to cooperate with Federal authorities, two guards both fell asleep at the time of his death (one of whom was not a current corrections officer) and the cameras in the area of Epstein’s cell were “unusable” despite the fact that the cameras were clear in areas near Epstein’s cell.

Who Would Have Had Epstein Murdered?

There are many suspects. Anyone who participated in Epstein’s orgies would not want him spilling his guts to Federal agents. If the American and Israeli intelligence agencies were involved, they certainly would not want to be exposed.

It is well-known that J. Edgar Hoover acquired dirt on many presidents and other influential politicians. There is precedent for this. Further, “honey pot” or “honey traps” are very familiar to intelligence personnel. Several former CIA intelligence agents have described the use of “honey traps” as wide-spread in intelligence agencies, world-wide. Using children in sexual entrapment operations is an extremely effective way to control a target.

Former Mossad agents have discussed the use of “assets” to achieve intelligence objectives in interviews. Yossi Alpher was a case officer in Asset Recruitment for Mossad from 1969-1981. In recruiting assets, you look for “cracks” in a potential asset’s personality, Alpher explained, since a flawed character enables the Mossad handler to take a control position with the asset. Epstein would certainly qualify, as a pedophile. He would be perfect for a pedophile entrapment operation.

Shmuel Goren was  Deputy Director of Mossad from 1982-1984. He has recruited assets for Mossad, describing some of those he had managed.  In an interview, he stated: “There is no room for emotion in espionage.” You have to be ruthless with ruthless adversaries. He described a situation in which his asset’s cover was blown. The asset requested that he be extracted before he was apprehended and killed. Goren related that he didn’t extract his asset, since the Arab country that was exposed would have found and killed him even if he had been extracted to Israel. The asset was murdered. As Goren described it, “I sacrificed a pawn.”

If Mossad was involved in the Epstein operation, would Mossad any longer have use for him? Once the scandal became public, Epstein would have lost his value to them. Assuming Mossad’s involvement, would they have viewed him as a pawn and had him killed or sat back when another interested party did the dirty deed? If our CIA was involved, would they have done the same?

Who Will Tell Us the Truth?

If we have to rely on the Department of Justice, a cover-up is more likely than a thorough investigation. After all, the Director is Trump’s Barr Boy. He seems to be focused on the jail’s procedures and actions to keep Epstein from committing suicide. Can we trust him to be a fair and faithful servant of justice? His conduct, to date, would strongly indicate–not a chance, unless he tries to isolate and prosecute Democrats, try to bury Bill Clinton and, once again, exonerate Trump from any involvement. Shameful prospect.

Will major media utilize their resources and excellent investigative journalists to expose everyone involved? Why hasn’t anyone found Ghislaine Maxwell who knows more than anyone else about the Epstein honey trap? Why do we seem to be getting less coverage and investigation from mainstream media? There is reason to be skeptical.

ABC buckled under pressure from the Dershowitz attack dog from airing an interview they had with Virginia Giuffre. That is more cowardice than journalistic integrity.

In another situation, investigative journalist, Vicky Ward, wrote an article on Epstein for Vanity Fair, in which she interviewed two abuse victims recruited by Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell, Maria and Annie Farmer. Before publication, Ms. Ward’s article was heavily redacted, deleting any reference to the Farmer sisters. Epstein showed up at Vanity Fair’s Manhattan office before its editor, Graydon Carter arrived. Epstein pleaded with Carter not to publish the article. When his plea didn’t work, Epstein became angry and threatening. When he got no satisfaction, Epstein left. Later, Graydon Carter found a bullet outside the door of his Manhattan townhouse. Later, he found a severed cat’s head in the front lawn of his Connecticut residence. Familiar with these incidents, Contributing Editor John Connelly stated, “It was done to intimidate. No question about it.”

Powerful people can make threats to our media personnel. People in the power elite could also be good friends of journalists and sources of information for future stories. These factors may dissuade some of the guardians of our First Amendment freedoms from publishing the truth — but most assuredly not all. It will be interesting to see what else is revealed in this case, and by whom.


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  1. Some conspiracies are real. Most are not. I don’t see any reason not to speculate as loong as we stay clear that speculation is all it is.


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