Don’t ask me where this came from, I got a wild hair up my ass, what can I say. But for quite a while now, I have had the nagging feeling that there has been something akin to frigging in the rigging when it comes to the cable news media’s viewership, and its effect on the population. So I fired up Google, enlarged the screen, put my nose against the screen, and did a little research. I’m glad I did.

FUX News loves to tout itself on breaks as America’s most watched cable news network. Credit where it’s due, they’re right. FUX closed out 2021 with an average daily viewership of 1.3 million. MSNBC was second with 977,000 and CNN brought up the rear with about 740,000. Bit FUX News is a pure propaganda organ for Trump and the GOP, MSNBC has a liberal bent, but still reports actual facts and news, and CNN tries to be strictly neutral anytime that Andrew Cuomo isn’t involved.

Here’s why I wanted to check, and to have some actual facts when I opened my pie hole. The RNC’s censure was a pure dick move, meant to please Traitor Tot, and engineered to play well on FUX. But their decision to describe an attempted coup as acceptable political discourse was insane, and geared solely for Trump and FUX.

And here’s why the numbers are so important, when you step back and look at it from 30,000 feet. Sure, FUX News enjoyed an average of 1.3 million viewers a day. But on November 2nd, 2020, 74,224,319 votes were cast for Donald Trump in the Presidential election. The RNC is trying to rewrite history, and erase an insurrection by speaking directly to 1.3 million viewers? But what about the other 173 million people who voted Republican?

Well, they sure as shit don’t get their news from FUX. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t get news. My guess is while some of them may get it from CNN, the vast majority of them get it from their nightly news shows on their local network affiliates. And that is not good news for Trump or the RNC.

Because most national news is covered in a 30 minute broadcast from network headquarters, likely in New York. And they don’t peddle in bullshit, they peddle in news. From the start, they saw the January 6th insurrection for exactly what it was, and they reported it as pure, unvarnished fact. And they have continued to report developments from the J6 committee as well as other relevant news as pure unvarnished fact, which those viewers are also seeing.

And now the RNC wants to come along and call a bloody, Trump inspired riot acceptable political discourse? The networks will report that too, it’s their job, and then replay footage, and hold it up to the scorn it so richly deserves. And non FUX voters sitting at home and watching will look at each other and say, These cats better repeal the national pot laws pronto, cuz they’re all smoking some wicked good shit! 

That’s my point right there. Everybody looks at FUX News as this colossal behemoth, and in fact it is the most watched cable news network. But at the same time, they barely reach 1% of the voters who voted GOP in 2020. And by Trump tailoring their message exclusive to FUX, have screwed the pooch. Because all of those other national news networks will also report on it, and refute it. And all of their viewers, who are more or less reality based, are going to wonder what the fuck is going on?

In the old days, the RNC had legions of pollsters and analysts who would track data and trends, and advise the RNC how to fine tune its messages for maximum effect. But today’s GOP is All Trump All The Time, his word is law. And somehow or other, I find it hard to believe that there’s anybody wandering the halls of the RNC who will stop, point, and yell out The Emperor has no clothes! This should be fun to watch.


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  1. I drove through central Texas today, Dan Huffines has many billboards, someone named Kandy Kaye Horn also had a half dozen billboards for governor. People may not all be watching fox, but there is a lot of talk radio to listen to in your truck as you drive around in rural areas. rush may be dead, but there are plenty of joe rogans out there. Hard to fit acceptable political discourse on a billboard when dan huffines has ‘deport illegals’ and ‘stop sex trafficking’ on his.

  2. Hey OG Dude, I’ve long wondered about talk radio: what’s the appeal? Why listen to some fool ranting bullshit when the radio can fill the truck with music instead? Does talk radio’s audience pretend the voice is a friend, someone who’s actually speaking to them because the voice cares about them? I think that’s why it’s “Fox & Friends”, so lonely people can allow themselves to believe those morons are their pals, maybe their only pals. As Trumpler himself might say: “Sad.”

    • My ex was a rage-a-holic. His endorphins kicked in and he got high off being angry. He started off liberal and over the years, he became more and more bigoted and unyielding. He started listening to scumbag Limbaugh and became unbearable. That’s the thing – listeners love how they feel when they’re worked up and angry. I know a few people who react the same way to gossip.

    • Sometimes the only radio signal available is talk radio. On the highline in MT, along most of Hwy 2 and points north, all you can pick up is AM radio. Now up there what you CAN pick up on AM radio is the CBC out of Canada. That is kind of like public radio in the U.S. so it isn’t half bad. If you go maybe 75 or 100 miles south of that tho’, it’s U.S. AM radio and that is it. Depending on the age of OG Dude’s pickup, he might not have FM radio let alone a CD player or MP3/Phone plug-in. Up in MT, that is highly likely so I can only think it is possible in TX.

      You have to figure-how did the limbaughs of the country get their following in the first place–I think a captive audience that was open to racist, misogynist, bigoted bullshit and only had AM radio in their vehicles fits the parameters necessary to gain that target audience.

  3. I don’t think those other 73 million are getting their news from the normal broadcast outlets. I think they are getting it from FB and talk radio. There is no way TFG gets that kind of support from people getting their news from reputable sources. A former co-worker of mine was a ditto head, made sure he listened to the full show every day. He also watched Faux News, but back then Rush was setting the agenda and Faux was following his lead. He’s probably listening to Mark Levin now. We parted ways during W’s admin; he couldn’t admit that a rethug could be incompetent.

  4. ” Like Voltaire, Jefferson longed for the day when the last king would be strangled with the entrails of the last priest.” Joseph J. Ellis, author of Founding Brothers. The Revolutionary Generation. Winner of the Pulitzee Prize


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