Well, the circus came to town yesterday, and even  though I’m 4.5 miles from Sunset Park, I could smell the elephant sh*t from here. The early to mid afternoon temperatures were about 103-105, the same as in Arizona for his rallhy the day before, when multiple brain dead supporters were transported and hospitalized for heat stroke.

But at least yesterday, Trump learned from  his mistake the day before. Well no, not really. He didn’t move the rally to an indoor venue, or put up huge canopies for people to stand under out of the sun, or even move it to the evening, when temperatures would be 10-15 degrees cooler, without direct sunlight. Instead he pulled another classic Trump d*ck move, trying like hell to bar local reporters from the park, so they could report how many local imbeciles were keeling over in the heat. Since it’s a public park, that didn’t work out so good for him.

Before we go further, there is a critical distinction I’ve learned over nine long years that I have to impart to you. There is a huge difference between Trump supporters, and the die hard Trump base. Trump supporters, many of whom voted for him twice in the past, and plan to vote for him again, have never been to a Trump rally. Either he doesn’t appear personally within reasonable driving distance for them, or more sensibly, they prefer their Trumpism in small doses on the news.

Die hard, goose stepping Trombie’s are a different kettle of fish. It’s like the old Grateful Dead going on tour. Many of them are veterans of a dozen or more rallies, and these mental defectives are know to spend 7-10 hours in a car, crossing multiple states, and camping out just to see a rally. And they all come for the same reason. To watch Traitor Tot rhetorically slip double barrel birds not just to the Democrats and other disbelievers, but to the whole American system. They live to see Trump unhinged in a rally setting.

Which is why it struck me almost insane when, less than a quarter of the way through the rally, Trump started bitching that the teleprompter frazzled from the heat. This was stupid for two reasons. First, when you have a large number of early middle age people and older standing in 110 degree heat to hear you, telling them that the electronics just crapped out from the heat probably isn’t the greatest idea.

The second stupid thing is that there was a teleprompter there at all! This is a rally, it’s his base. These are the kind of people you feed by sliding raw meat on a paper plate through a slot on the cellar door. They want red meat. They want His Lowness standing therre bellowing like the late comedian Sam Kinison on a foul mouth rant, but with some political sh*t tossed in there about his enemies. If Trump’s handlers are trying to moderate his message, they’re playing to the wrong mob.

But when it came to brain dead stupidity, Trump didn’t fail to deliver. There were several nonsensical nuggets that played like old home week for the crowd, while they broiled like lobsters. To list a fewl

  1. He immediately segued into his constant political persecution, telling the crowd, When they come, they’re not coming for me, they’re coming for you! I just happen to be standing in their way, and I’ll keep right on standing in their way. I can’t help but wonder how many of these slobs look around at their lower income, lower education mates and ask themselves, How many porn stars have we ever banged, and then put together a conspiracy to pay them off to keep the old lady from kicking our asses to the curb?
  2. Then Il Douche dipped back into his favorites list. In a 2017 rally on his Thank you, America tour, Baron von Schitzenpantz let his Freudian slip show. He told the slavering throng, Thank you so much! But I don’t need you anymore. Maybe when I run for reelection I’ll need you again, but I don’t need you right now. This time around, El Pendejo Presidente was stupid enough to say the quiet part out loud before the sheeple voted. Right now, I on ly care about your votes. I don’t really care about you, I only care about your votes
  3. And then Trump put on his Darth Vader mask, and went full dark side. In providing his signature contrast between him and Biden in November, Trump went full on Mein Kampf. He said something skin to, When it comes to November, there is no option. It’s a truly binary election. If you don’t vote for me in November, then you might as well just sommit suicide. Those are your only options. If you don’t vote for me, then you won’t want to live in the America that Biden and the Democrats have in store for you!

My dear sweet Jesus! This is pure Berlin Bunker, May 1945. In his insane radio rants from the bunker, as the US and Tussian troops approached ,Hitler ranted that Every able bodied man and child, regardless of age that was capable of shouldering a weapon, grab one and man tha ramparts to degend the homeland. And for those too yhoung, too old, female, or infirm to take up arms? The get some poison and be ready to take it! Better an honorable death that the torture and rape that the Russian hordes will submit you to!

Trump is literally comparing the 2024 Democrats to the ancient Mongol Horde. taken at his word, This miserable pissant is telling his followers that no matter what they do, if Biden and the Democrats win in November, then better off to pull a dull out Jonestown than to suffer the indignities that will befall them in a 2nd Biden administration. Yuo’ll notice that Traitor Tot never said that he’d join them in ending it all if Biden wins.

My good friends, this is some seriously dark sh*t. The positive of it is that it’s for internal use only, a rallying point to get the workbench of misfit toys out to vote in November. But it alsos shows Trump’s pure Hitlerian mentality. Which means that the f*cking media must highlight this endlessly, every time it occurs, to hammer through to the wavering independents and mushy middle as to just how grave this situation really is. We won’t get a second chance at this.

I thank you for the privilege of your time.


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  1. The parallels between Jim Jones and the felon rapist and their cults are quite numerous.

    But you just know if it all came to a similar ending, Mr Trump would certainly be charging for the Kool-Aid.



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