The hidden landmine for Kavanaugh and the GOP.


What a ride, huh? Don’t worry, I’m not going to re-litigate the last 36 hours here, how can you make something this weird any weirder? But, there is one little thing I want to point out that is a so far unreported byproduct of today’s whirlwind of events.

So far, all of the attention has been on the fact of the FBI investigation, and the myriad of unplanned consequences that this could bring to both Kavanaugh, as well as Trump and the wider GOP. And all of that is true, Mark Judge isn’t going to be able tyo rtun and hide from the FBI, and “I don’t remember” doesn’t come off to well, since one of Dr Ford’s allegations were that they were so inebriated that they were banging off of walls. But, politics does not live by FBI alone, politicians also have to be vognizant of, and responsive to voters. And herein lies the problem/

We now have another week to wait. And, as we’ve seen from Robert Mueller and the Russia prber, the FBI is highly unlikely to be making any public statements during the investigation. But here’s the problem, that means there isn’t going to be any new, sensational details to come out over the next week.

Brett Kavanaugh is a horrible nominee, the worst in the history of polling judicial nominees. The last poll I saw had him at 34% favorable, and 38% unfavorable. But all of those polls were takenĀ before yesterdays pathetic spectacle took place. This additional week “pause” is going to allow for another full round of polling, most if not all of it taken after yesterdays hearing. Forget Trump, he’s a self contained basket of neuroses, if you’re a sitting Senator, how low does a Supreme Court candidate have to sink, before he becomes untenable to support any longer?

Question for ya. Not counting the controversy about the “stolen seat,” what specific things do you remember about the Gorsuch confirmation process? Yeah, I know, jack shit, right? Because there was nothing controversial about it, and who can remember lame shit like that when Trumpelforeskin keeps supplying us with fresh outrages every day? I love the fact that while idjits like Lindsey Graham keep calling this an anti Trump conspiracy, Gorsuch went to the same high school, in the same general tine frame, without a whiff of scandal or allegations surrounding him.

But this nomination is not going to quietly fade into the sunset, no matter how many future shit balls the Orange Howler Monkey flings around. There are going to be 20+ GOP Senators up for reelection in 2020, and depending on how bad the bloodbath of 2018 is, they are going to be on a very narrow ledge. How low can Kavanaugh’s support sink in all of this controversial mire, before they have to start taking constituent pressure into account. Any GOP Senator who votes to confirm Kavanaugh will have it brought up in the general election of 2020, and any who vote against it will have it brought up in a 2020 primary fro the right. A nice little catch-22 that couldn’t happen to a niccer bpack of mongrels, huh?

You know what this FBI investigation is? It’s an off ramp for squeamish incumbent GOP Senators. It doesn’t matter if the results of the FBI form 302’s are made public, the Senators will see them. And they can always say that there was “something” in there, without having to go into the gory details, that made it impossible for them to vote to confirm Kavanaugh in good conscience. Will any of them do it? I dunno, and right now neither do you. But the way this whole damn helter skelter has gone, you takeĀ anything off of the table at your own peril. Don’t touch that dial.


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