And the walls come a-tumblin’ down

The hits are starting to come fast and furious, and none of it is good news for Trump. Today, the first verdict was returned in federal court for serious charges in the Capitol trial. And 3% IQ’er and all around scumbag Guy Reffitt was convicted on all charges. This walking diaper stain was such a stand up guy that his own son testified against him at trial. The case was so strong that it took the jury only 4 hours to convict him on all five counts, less than an hour a count. As a previous foreman, I’m guessing that the jury slow walked the paperwork to at least get a free lunch out of it.

But as Popeil used to say, But wait! There’s more! The DOJ announced today that it had indicted Loud Toys founder Enrique Tarrio on multiple conspiracy charges to obstruct the US congress from carrying out it’s authorized duties. And while Tarrio wasn’t actually present at the Capitol riot, having been arrested on January 4th for an outstanding of ripping a BLM flag off of a Washington church during a protest and burning it, the indictment alleges that Tarrio schemed with senior advisors before that on ways to enter the Capitol and prevent congress from counting and certifying the electoral votes.

This is a one-two gut punch. For two reasons. For one, there are a shitload of other heavy duty Capitol riot trials waiting out there with all purpose douche bags like the Oath Creepers. And this verdict is a cold slap in the face to them. Sweet Jesus! It took the jury I foremanned the second time around 5 1/2 hours to deliver a verdict on a single count dental malpractice case we were more or less in agreement on from the start. But we went through the steps. This jury took 4 hours to convict on all five counts! That’s like 45 minutes per charge. This is a clear signal. If the DOJ is bringing these charges, they have the goods to deliver. I wonder how many Oath Creepers tonight are talking to their lawyers about what kind of a deal they can cut?

And the Tarrio indictment is even worse. Because the DOJ is accusing the Loud Toys of conspiring to find ways to infiltrate the congress to stop the vote count. But what do a bunch of far right thugs know about the layout of the Capitol, the weaker secured upper floor windows and doors they could egress? They needed advance help for reconnaissance. And where did that come from?

There is a time honored criminal axiom. There is no honor among thieves. And there’s another one, a prosecutorial axiom that fits this moment, The first one in their door gets the best deal. Guy Reffitt was convicted of 5 charges, and if my feeble memory serves me correctly, each one of those charges is punishable by a sentence of 5-20 years. That means that Reffitt is facing anywhere from 20-100 years. And as badly as DC federal judges have been champing at the bit to make these fuckers pay, I have no reason to believe that Reffitt is in for an easy ride at sentencing.

Which all of these 3% IQ’er’s, Loud Toys, and Oath Creepers wil see play out as they wait for their own trial dates. And these gutless assholes would sell their own others into slavery to save their own worthless skins. Which means that there should be a whole shitload of GOP congress critters and former Trump administration workers who had better be running scared. Because as many of these higher level creepazoids there are, somebody knows something, and they’re ready to deal. Don’t touch that dial.


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  1. The “guilty on all five accounts”’decision will hopefully be the first domino to fall. I only hope tRimp is somewhere in the lineup and that he will go down along with his loyal followers!

  2. tRump won’t be affected by any of these trials. He’s never affected by anything. He’ll stay free as a bird, free to continue his sordid ways.
    I hate titles like this, that try to give hope where there isn’t any.

    • Something much worse than going to the pokey is on the horizon for former guy: all those loans coming due much sooner than they ought. When his accounting firm walked away from any and all responsibility for a decade’s worth of tax returns and also said the returns were not to be relied on, any bank with the sense given to at least a goose is going to (and may have already) call in those loans. There is always, in the fine print at least, a paragraph or two dealing with what the bank is legally allowed to do should any fraud on the part of the borrower come to light. Were I banking, commercial or private, with any bank that issued a loan to this con man I’d be watching very carefully for them to call in their loans. I would not stay a customer unless they called them in because it would mean the bank is incapable of performing bank functions.

      After everything former guy’s loan holders have found out over the past several years, I cannot fathom a single bank wanting a business relationship with the fool. Calling in those loans over fraudulent statements would be a very good way to rid themselves of any and all relationships with the poo-flinger and very quickly at that.

      Becoming broke in one fell swoop has got to be the worst punishment trump can imagine. F.F.S. his “brand” is all premised on his supposed wealth and if it is not there he is nothing.

      • It always is amazing to hear how these holier than thou people shoot off their mouths and sound so immature. Guess what, I voted for Trump. So what? I don’t like that people allegedly broke into the Capitol Building. I saw some of the violence going on and it sickened me. I also saw people walking through the Capital looking around in awe, probably because it is so beautiful inside and they had never seen it. The violent, destructive people there should most definitely be penalized, others did nothing at all and probably thought it was ok to walk around. Be sensible!! All Americans should be treated the same. If you think it’s ok to send these people to jail for years then you should also be going after BLM & Antifa violent offenders who trashed OUR CITIES and murdered people. I believe in equal justice and judge my friends and aquaintainces by their character, not the color of their skin. I wish writers & journalists would grow up and report truth not their version of it. I don’t know about the Oath Creepers as mentioned in this story but I do know they’re called Keepers so now I’ll go research that before passing judgement. Have a nice day??

        • Journalists ARE telling the truth+- you just don’t care for it. To quote Jack Nicholson in A Few Good Man”, ” “You can’t handle the truth.”
          The truth that I saw unfold waos a mob battling Capitol.Police. The Capitol.Police are not exactly a,SWAT team. They are, frankly, closer to.mall security gusrds. I know this because my first after grad school were in zD.C. where I gathered information, interviewed staffers, and covered hearings. I was at the Capitol and Congressionaloffives several.times a week. Back then, in the 70s, there were no barriers, no metal.detectors,no searches. My biggest problem was convincing them that I was not a high school.kid who had gotten separated from.her party ( In all fairness, short hair, plaid skirt and blue blazer, I probably looked like a 16 year-old Catholic school.kid).

          I watched 1/6 unfold in horror in real.time.People were screaming for Pence’s blood. They we’re searching for Pelosi, Schumer,,AOC, any Democrat they could get their hands on,,and any R they deemed insufficiently Fuerher. They broke windows. They used weapons, some actual, some improvised to battle security. I saw NO ONE looking around in awe. They we’re too.busy looking for an official.they could beat up. They shoved their way into.the House and Senate chambers seeking to harm those they didn’t like. The ones,inside were a mob, violent, hateful Not one of them.was there to.admire the architecture. They were too.busy beating up the cops with flag poles wielded like spears and fire extinguishers used as clubs. They shat on the floor. They stole laptops. That isn’t awe, more like shock.

          I will.give you the benefit of the doubt and take you at your word that you aren’t A bad person. But anyone who illegally entered the Capitol.or attempted to, after they were told to stand down is a criminal and deserves whatever they get.
          I was in college in.D.C. from 1967-71. I.used about once a month books. The staging area for marches –it was the height of the Viet Nam War,,so.there were a lot of them–was right nearby. The anti-war marches were organized, non-violent and otferly. Marshals kept protesters in line and well-behaved. The only time I ever felt afraid was when the protest marchers showed up, the VFW and the like. They would scream.insults at me, names, threaten me. I am 5’2″. At the time I weighed 115 pounds. I dressed neatly. I was,as far from.a hippy as you can get. But they threatened me and insulted !e.

          I felt the same way on January 6. I literally had flashbacks. I sobbed with anger and fear for the people trapped inside. Anyone who entered the Capitol.after being told to.disperse became a criminal. I shudder to.think what they would have done had they found AOC or Pelosi or Ilhan Omarnor any Dem.woman. At the least they would have been beaten and likely raped if not murdered.

          I suspect some of the participants had never before done anything like that in their lives but got caught up and didn’t know how to.get out. They were swept away. Those people have already been tired and most got off with a slap.on the wrist, a few weeks or months in jail orca fine. Trespassing is a misdemeanor. Now they are going after the higher-ups, the organizers. Be cause this WAS PLANNED. This wasn’t spontaneous. A hardcore group.wanted this to.happen. Trump’s campaign gave and was in touch with thevringleaders. Clarence Thomas’s wife hired a bus to transport them. Trump.and his pals got them.riled up. And all hell.broke loose.

          P.S. I am.a paralegal, a college teacher and a librarian. I.know how to.research in depth. college term papers were researched at Library of Congress. And it is jon: verifying facts,knowing a good source from.a bad one, interviewing people.
          Excuse the typos. This was hard enough to writer that I don’t have the strength of will to.proofread.

        • These are the conclusions you reach when u listen to right wing radio, faux news, & Facebook. Lies. I don’t have the time or interest to list the things or the ways you have bought the lies & propaganda. But u have. Period. Trump has been part of a criminal racist enterprise all his life.

  3. trumpshit is going down and will be flat on the floor when the DOJ lawyers scrape his fat ass up and have it hauled off to Leavenworth. In handcuffs. As soon as this lying, stealing piece of shit goes down the toilet the better off this country and world will be.

  4. For any of those creeps to know about the capital building as you say, there had to be someone or ones who know the building extremely well, such as those who spend many hours in it. This means that there is a high possibility that some of the members of the US Congress are complicit in this. I wonder which ones.

  5. Other people did nothing you say?when they walked into the building behind these gate crashers looking in awe as you say they knew they were fucking up. Try them to the fullest extent of the law!! To try and over throw Democracy whether ignorant to it or not is a capital offence treason! Death sentence.


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