The more I watch the Merrick Garland Justice Department in action, the more I appreciate President Biden’s savvy in nominating him in the first place. I know, after 4 years of KKKeebler the Elf and Tubby the Ewok turning the DOJ into a legal version of Goodfellas, they’re kind of stodgy and dull. But they’re also discreet, thorough, painstaking, and have legal strategy nailed to the wall.

Here’s the perfect example of how they game things out, and I lauded the DOJ for their decision at the time. After he tired of fundraising off of the FBI raid on Mar-A-Lago, Traitor Tot decided he wanted his shit back. So he went judge shopping, and landed the judicial teletubbie, judge Aileen Cannon to hear his motion requesting the appointing of a Special Master to review documents, and barring the DOJ/FBI from accessing any documents while they were under review. And of course, Judge Pootie rolled over, waited for her tummy to get skritched, and gave Trump everything he wanted.

The standard play would have been for the DOJ to appeal the entire ruling up to the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals. But Garland’s DOJ had their eyes firmly fixed on the main prize. Debating the entire ruling would waste months, requiring multiple hearings. Screw the Special Master and the 100,000 non classified documents, those could wait. The DOJ instead surgically tailored their appeal to only the 100+ classified documents, under national security reasons. And it worked like a charm. In less than 2 weeks the 11th Circuit slapped Cannon around like a tether ball, and granted the DOJ’s motion.

A brief aside. Special Master Dearie isn’t turning out to be Trump’s kind of Special Master. He responded to Trump’s baseless claims of the FBI planting documents by giving him until Monday to prove up and show which documents from the 11,000 catalog of documents were planted. Trump’s legal chimps ran squealing back to judge Cannon, who stayed judge Dearies ruling, and actually extended the timeline for completing the review. That should have been good enough for double tummy skritches.

In a typical Friday night news dump, late today the DOJ filed an emergency appeal to the 11th Circuit, telling them that they now desperately needed access to the 11,000 unclassified documents, as they likely contained clues the DOJ needed in their investigation, as well as asking the court to shorten judge Cannon’s extension for the Special Master review.

This is beautiful legal tactics. Don’t try to steal the whole chicken, take one bite. They did that with the classified documents appeal, and the severity of the appellate court’s spanking of judge Cannon emboldened them. Now you come back a couple of weeks later for a second bite. After all, in their original ruling, the court chastised Cannon for her judicial overreach in barring the DOJ from viewing their own classified documents. Why would they now niggle about 11,000 unclassified documents that the DOJ also already owns. Sometime late next week, or early the week after, look for the appellate court to rule for the DOJ. And since the 11th Circuit wants this whole klown kar circus shut down as soon as possible, look for them to shorten the duration of the Special Master as well.

You’ll notice that there’s one thing missing from these DOJ emergency appeal filings. And mention of the Special Master himself. And for a good reason, if you know how this shit goes. Juvenile judge Cannon appointed judge Dearie, and as such, he answers to her. Judge Dearie has already shown that he has no truck for Trump’s bullshit, and judge Tummy Skritch has just shown she’ll continue to bow and scrape to His Lowness. Why get into a fight with an honest, straight shooting judge like Dearie. Let him do his job, make his recommendation, wait for Juvenile judge Cannon to overturn it, and then appeal her ruling to the 11th Circuit. Give them one more chance to cuff her around. Who cares low long it takes, you already have everything you need?

If you like seeing cheap charlatans getting slapped down by the real professionals in the field, then the next 10-14 days are for you. After their previous ruling, there is no reason to believe that the 11th Circuit won’t once again give the DOJ what they want, and once again take a leather covered paddle to judge Cannon. The best part is that this craven Trombie has so totally disgraced herself in the judicial world, that she’s never going to get out of that 1 courtroom backwater district. Good riddance to bad garbage.


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  1. Before this is over, there are two things that Republicans will curse: that they ever let Trump through the front door and that they ever kept Merrick Garland from that Supreme Court seat.

    • “Before this is over.” Are you kidding me. It’s suppose to be over by now. The FBI screwed up. Trump is clean and the FBI just proved it. If there was anything on Trump he would be in jail awaiting a trial. I guess you can call it a nothing burger raid. P.S. They were after the Cross Fire Hurricane papers. Doesn’t look like they found them and now they have mud on their faces.

        • 7 years of the best investigators in the world and Trump isn’t even close to being in jail. They’ve been making stuff up for 7 years and you people believe it till it’s proven a lie. So what do you do? You believe more propaganda lies from Joseph “Murfster35” Murphy, Ursula, Dino and the rest of the propagandist writers. So you’re the party of compassion and good will?

          • you edify the definition of stupid – sitting around reading and negatively commenting on anything you believe is bullshit. If it’s such bullshit, why waste your time on the site? Gab won’t have you? Those Q wackos (wherever they hang out) don’t want you? Understandable.

          • It’s more of an excessive compulsiveness thing. I see something false I respond usually with sources. I visit numerous sites. I find it strange how you know everybody and you know the ones that don’t want me. Can you explain who and where QAnton is? A website would be great. Thanks.

      • Clean? Only a fool would come to that conclusion. He has been caught with the evidence. He was selling classified info to his buddy Putin and needed the docs.

      • There was nothing illegal about the F.B.I. earch. They had a,warrant from a judge far smarter and more experienced judge than Judge Bimbette(since you seem.obsessed with blow jobs how many times did this unintelligent bimbo suck Fat Donor’s tiny dick?). To get that warrant, they had to provide enough info to indicate probable cause.
        It is illegal.for a former president to hold onto official papers,and documents including letters from other heads of state, documents pertaining to.national security,transcripts like the one he refused to be transcribed from his meeting with Putin, etc. We know he shredded so.many they had to hire Staff to tape them back together. Why won’t he do what every other president since Nixon has done.

        What is Donnie Donuts? What crimes is he covering up? Because can honest man doesn’t shred documents and ban transcripts unless he is covering up.something.

  2. Red…another lonely nazi ignoring the truth & trying to click his heels so he can go back to six years ago. Wonder if he shows when frump is indicted? Nah.

    • you asked for a website well here’s just one (Moderator’s Note: Commentor included a link to a website called Bitchute which is carries content that has been banned by YouTube, Twitter and other major platforms due to dangerous disinformation and hate speech. Those who want to know about it can find a Wikipedia entry about the site for more information. However, PZ will not link to such a site, and the actual link has been removed) of many.
      so troll 🧌 on back. I’ve got my point with ignorance or too damn stubborn to admit “hey we were third of the old guard, tried to shake things up, but didn’t realize what a self-serving narcissist he is and would commit Treason. Our bad!” Nope you double down bigly, that is okay to shot up with Clorox or he didn’t mean it like that BS. Or they’re good people on both sides.. 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️
      then there’s the BIG LIE, grab them by the 🙀🐈‍⬛ being just boy talk (my son wouldn’t be able to sit down ) but I see where you wouldn’t mind those words being said to your mother, grandmother, wife or sister. covid is nothing made-up. doesn’t bother you that he’s changed parties 6 to 7 times..
      saluted a North Korean General, when he bashed a literal child.., or when he got in feuds with , the musical Hamilton, Meryl Streep, the movie parasite, Jay-Z, Robert DeNiro, or Labron James , Megan Markle.. Really? all of this is normal and behavior you want from the President of the United States. Come on man. if you’re a bigot, be a bigot but you can’t ignore the facts.. He’s an idiot, sexual defiant 🪙🚿, Trump is just a barker and just for strictly as entertainment.


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