I had to blink twice when I saw this. I woke up from a nap and you know that Twilight Zone feeling when you’re first awake and coming out of the world of dreams into the so-called real world and you’re not sure which images in your mind come from where? The second time I watched this I still felt the same way. All I can say, is it’s my best bet that this is the cold open on this week’s SNL.

“The Democrats are nuts.” Yep, that’s the problem alright, because the very definition of sanity is for a political party to nominate a once-defeated, twice-impeached, former president and criminal defendant in four jurisdictions to run for office again. That makes perfect sense, right? Why didn’t we think of it first?

Interesting comment on the political calculus. Vance can’t affect Ohio, most likely Ohio will go for Trump — although I still marvel that any state in this union could vote for the man, but this is the state of play in 2024, a certain percentage of Americans will actually turn out and vote for this degenerate. Stefanik is not going to deliver New York to Trump. That is sheer fantasy.

Noem is out of play. Another story broke earlier today about yet a sixth Native Tribe banning her from the reservation, so she can’t enter 20% of her own state — and that’s on top of the issue with the puppy. Noem is radioactive at this point. She gets anymore toxic, she’ll be glowing in the dark. Doug Burgum’s name keeps coming up a lot, but what’s his draw? Money is about all he can offer. Otherwise, he’s just another old white guy on the ballot. That said, he was in Wildwood and Trump sang his praises.

And wheeeeeere’s Melania? Now that’s the $454 million dollar question. She’s not there. She’s in Florida. She wasn’t even at Mother’s Day. Did you miss that juicy tidbit?

So let’s parse through this, shall we?

  1. Trump has a Mother’s Day event at the club, naturally;
  2. Trump attends said event;
  3. His lawfully wedded wife and mother of his last grown son was nowhere in sight.
  4. How does this spell Happy Home Life?

Another day, another batshit Trump chronicle. Tomorrow is Wednesday. Let’s see where he ends up going on the campaign trail. Or, if he ends up on the golf course and that’s where I’m laying my bets.


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