For much of today, newspaper pundits have speculated on whether the Capitol Police, DC Police, and the officers under the aegis of the House and Senate Sergeants and Arms were complicit in yesterday’s domestic terrorism attack on the Capitol.

Now we have an answer. Yes. Yes, they were.

A Daily Kos blogger named Cara Zelaya spent some time on Twitter compiling videos and organizing them. I am shamelessly ripping off her work. Thank you, Ms. Zelaya.

(Want to come at me about using a DK site? Go ahead. You’ll be banned and the story will stand. Don’t waste my time with that internecine shit. Not today.)

(Also, due to the nature of Twitter, sometimes you get two videos from a single link. Enjoy the freebies; they’re on the house.)

Did the cops let them in? Why, yes, they did.

Check the guy who is ALREADY INSIDE THE BARRICADES motioning them to come on in.

(I’m aware that the photographer who shot the video says the cops were “overwhelmed” and “forced” to let the terrorists in. To quote the person who posted this, the cops “just walked them in like it was six flags [sic].” I know what I see. I don’t see overwhelmed cops.)

Look at this motherfucker.

“Come on! Come on inside! Hot dogs and balloons for the kids!”

Here’s a better look.

Once inside, the terrorists were greeted by the friendly security guards, who posed for selfies.

I agree with this Twitter person. Let’s ID this guy. Send him back to his previous career as a mall cop.

“Murder the Media.” “Engraved” with a knife. But, no, these people weren’t dangerous.

This fucker straight up assaulted the cops. No biggie. Certainly no arrest or restraints. Dear peaceful black protesters, don’t try this during the next BLM protest. You know why.

He took a better shot a minute before. Look at the smirk on his face. “Duh, Imma gettin away with it! Let’s go find us a Demmercrat and straing him up! Ain’t nobody stoppin’ us today!”

Here’s a cop holding the door open for the exiting protesters like they’re helping customers out of Walmart.

Here’s a longer version.

“Thank you, sir. Thank you, ma’am. Come back and vandalize our Capitol again. Next time string some of those Congresscritters up for us, willya?”

Well, if the cops won’t get ’em, maybe the Covid will.

Oh, look. A New Hampshire police chief was one of the terrorists.

What she said.

I am disgusted beyond belief. We now know the rot of racism and white privilege has thoroughly corrupted the DC and Capitol Police.

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  1. we need to be very careful when looking at videos out of context. this is the kind of thing the right wing does all the time. I am not an expert, but we need to know more about these videos before we can know what was happening at the moment.

    • I don’t think anyone is suggesting we throw these officers into a cell. But they should all be brought before a jury (or a grand jury) to explain themselves, and then if appropriate they should go to prison along with every single other person who engaged in this act of terrorism.

        • In cells… when indicted and tried. Great judge, superb jury, excellent lawyers… and if guilty … I would have no damn mercy.

        • I agree that if an officer is shown to have facilitated the terrorist attack, they should be prosecuted and punished with prison time.

          My comment was that this determination can’t be made by watching this one video. It’s like if I see a man climbing into a bedroom window…it’s legit to call that evidence of a crime and call the police. But I wouldn’t fire on them with a firearm if I didn’t know who it was or what the circumstances were, because I wouldn’t want to risk shooting a homeowner who’d locked themselves out.

          That’s all I was saying…due process beats pitchforks.

      • Hypothetically?

        These videos look like crimes to me. There is a very narrow range of circumstances that might make them otherwise, but as a reasoned person I have to consider the possibilities:

        1. There was a legitimate decision to open up the area for protest. That wouldn’t make a lot of sense, but if an order came down to move the protests closer that might explain this.

        2. There is some safety rationale for moving the group forward. I cannot come up with any…I can’t imagine why that would ever be acceptable policing in these circumstances. But that’s why we afford people due process…let the officer give their explanation and then decide if it’s credible.

        To me this looks like collaboration by officers who were sympathetic to the mob to the extent that they criminally endangered public safety and government. But I will continue to say I think this until it’s proven in court, at which time I’d accept it as fact.

    • Why are you assuming anyone has taken videos out of context or not been careful? Take at look at the numerous other videos out there along with these in sequence. Look at the context and the timeline. Watch closely the actions and words of all involved. Watch the hours of live streamed video from WaPO and other news reporters as the events unfolded depicted the words and actions of the US Capitol officers. Watch the news reporters get assaulted by the terrorists and then watch the US Capitol Police arrest some of the news reporters instead of the ones who physically assaulted them. You don’t need to be an expert. I have and the only logical conclusion that may be drawn is some (but not all) of the US Capitol Police on duty were accomplices to the terrorists. Some sympathized with the terrorists, others appear afraid because they were badly outnumbered in manpower and weapons. Some appear to relish their roles in facilitating the access for the terrorists to stop the electoral vote count, terrorize Congress in session, with the ultimate goal of delaying or stopping the change to a Biden/Harris administration. Others were heroic in their efforts to guard the Congressmen and Congresswomen under direct attack and certainly saved many lives.

    • True, but if some of that footage/photos was of LEO’s taking selfies with the folks attacking/rioting, I am not sure what else we can think. “Oh no, I wasn’t POSING for a selfie, they grabbed me, forced me to smile happily mind you, happily, and snapped that selfie”. Sure, it’s within the realm of possibilities in the wide universe…

  2. I’m hoping at some point this morning someone at NBC will make a clip of Brian William’s interview with retired Lt. General Russell Honore last night. In one part he explained his intimate working knowledge (from considerable experience) of how various entities coordinate for security for big events in DC, but the striking part was when he noted that he could get in trouble for getting too specific about individuals as he was still subject to recall and being charged under the UCMJ – then said (more or less) screw it and made specific allegations that specific people were complicit in the attack on the Capitol getting as out of hand as it did.

    • There was also an interesting and revealing interview on NPR – All Things Considered with the former (retired) Chief of US Capitol Police who for years was the lead in charge of securing the Capitol Dome Blg. While he did not name names, he was familiar with the persons currently in charge of security. He was astonished at the lack of manpower and the woefully inadequate fencing/barriers – both had never happened on his watch leading up to a known organized demonstration demanding that security be ramped up instead of relaxed. Obviously, this was deliberately planned at the highest levels for weeks in advance involving Trump, the Pentagon, US Capitol Police, and including leaders of the right wing terrorist organizations themselves. Everyone needs to be prepared and on guard for more of the same leading up to and including the date of the inauguration with the Jan. 20 Inauguration. Even with the Million Militia March planned at the Capitol for January 16 supposedly cancelled by the same terrorist groups involved in the Jan. 6 sacking of our Capitol. Now that Trump has been banned from both Twitter and Facebook he has switched to giving his orders to these White Supremacist Groups through his new Parler account while he continues to take order from Putin on what to do next.

      • I saw a similar interview with another former Capitol Police chief on MSNBC. Presumably it was the same guy. He said much the same things as you’re reporting.

  3. And all of this stuff is being looked at, and sorted out guaranteed. The blowback is going to be huge. This will be investigated to within an inch of it’s life. Cruz and Hawley, etc, are such stupid fools. I cant wait for them to get what is coming to them.

  4. If the information is verified, Max, I don’t give a damn where it comes from. Those folks plainly disgraced the badge and are just as responsible for one of their fellow officers getting killed. How low do you have to be to let people you should busted on the spot do something like this?

    • Upwards of fifty Capitol Police were hospitalized from injuries sustained actually doing their jobs. And one is dead. I’d like to see additional reporting but what I’ve seen is that the injuries that killed him were inflicted by being BEATEN with a fire extinguisher. I’m sure there are photos of his injuries. Photos of his loved ones are easily available too. So here’s what should happen. Arrest ANY officer that was shown to have aided or fraternized with the domestic terrorists who stormed the Capitol. With their hands cuffed behind their backs stand them in front of a wall with those pictures and if necessary hold their heads facing them and tape their freaking eyelids open if that what it takes and make them LOOK at what they are responsible for! And when they are carted off to their jail make them walk between rows of loyal Capitol Police, including and especially any recovered from their injuries. None of those officers need to say a word – just turn their backs as the traitor in their ranks is perp walked out like in the old days when someone was drummed out of the Army.

      • And ALL leadership should be drummed out in shame and possibly brought to trial for allowing the foot soldiers to be in this position, whether some of them were enablers or not. Especially now that word has come out that they TURNED DOWN offers of help from the FBI and National Guard days prior to this riot, saying they had things under control.

      • Hmm, now I know where the Klingons on Star Trek got their ritual of turning backs to cowards and traitors, those with no honor.

        • I don’t know the last time it was used in our own Army but it’s been a long time. We copied the ritual from other countries, and I do know it was used even in the 20th century. When an officer was cashiered, preparations would begin the night before. Their uniform would have the insignia of rank and other items, as well as the buttons removed for ease of ripping off at the ceremony. Their sword would be treated with heat, and often just to make sure would be partially sawed so it could easily be snapped in two. When the ceremony itself was held the officer being drummed out would march in the center of an escort to the front of the formation of the troops, and the Commanding Officer would take off their hat and throw it on the ground. They might even grind it under their boot. Then they’d rip off rank and other insignia, buttons and then take the officer’s sword from its scabbard and snap it over their knee. (it was important to treat that sword the night before as I described because it had been learned the hard way it’s not easy to break a sword despite what you see in movies!). Stripped of any disinction of rank or even as a member of the military the drums would start up again and the man being cashiered would be walked out by the escorts, with soldiers in formation flanking them to form a corridor. In other countries the ranks often were encouraged to jeer and cast insults. Here the practice was to watch silently. I don’t think the turning of backs was a common practice but sometimes it took place – doing a neat about face as a disgraced officer passed seems like a nice touch to me but it wasn’t a common practice.

          Although the character played by Chuck Conners (who distinguished himself in real life as a Marine in WWII) was actually innocent of the charges against him, the opening of the episodes of the TV series Branded showed started with his being drummed out. You can look it up on Youtube. Watch it twice – once with the sound turned down which allows for a proper perception of the disgrace. Such disgrace is what the Capitol Police who aided and abetted the terrorists should experience. Since they don’t have swords, perhaps cutting their belt gear enough to rip away their sidearm would be a nice touch, as would heat treated their badge and sawing it so it could be snapped in two by hand and thrown at their feet!

      • Whoever had a hand in not providing more manpower around the Capital on Wed is complicit in this officer’s murder! All officers who aided and abetted the mob also have blood on their hands.

      • If someone is killed by someone else while you are abetting them in a felony, isn’t that felony murder? And they were all committing numerous felonies.

        Make sure they are all charged with felony murder, it won’t be hard to reveal who were actually illegally on the premises, there appears to be quite voluminous social media and cell phone data, and more importantly, cell phone meta-data revealing the location and movements of every cell phone carried by apparently every one of these idiots.

        • I’m not a lawyer, much less one licensed by the DC Bar so I don’t know whether DC, or perhaps the federal government (since DC’s “home rule” is limited and federal statues probably apply here, especially as the deaths took place on the Capitol grounds) has a felony murder law. Perhaps someone who is part of or visits this site and has actual expertise on this will weigh in.

    • I got banned from DK, but I respect the contributions of some of its members. Anything cogent to say about the actual article? No? Then move on, loudmouth.

  5. It just makes me sick thinking about what happened yesterday. I watched it on television while at my dentist’s office.

    • My nerves only stopped being shredded as of this morning. All I could think of was my late paternal grandfather, who drove a tank for Patton in North Africa and Sicily. This would have broken his heart and did a number on him the way 9/11 did.

  6. Going to add to this. While the Capitol was being looted, computers stolen, four killed and now the fifth – this is what 45 and his folks were doing. Hope charges are brought on Guilfoyle and the rest.

  7. No problem with using DK pieces, posted here. At least here we are pretty sure that it is not RUSSIA Lovers backed by Russian money who are posting them… They can all learn still. Not sure why KOS thought he could get away with ‘Refunding’ and not get caught but he did.

    • This isn’t a DK post. I based it on a post written for DK by Cara Zelaya; the words are mine, and a few of the videos did not appear in her post. I don’t know anything about the “refunding” you cited.

  8. When I watch those yahoos, i’m amazed they didn’t destroy the paintings & sculptures. Given that one of their own was killed, & others hurt, it’s hard to imagine looking yourself in the mirror if you abandoned your duty. I personally think someone helped the traitors find the offices they wanted to find.

    • 3 of “their own” Nazi white supremacist terrorists in the mob were killed in their attempted overthrow of the capital. A man who tasered himself while attacking DC police with the taser and died of heart failure. A woman who was crushed to death as the terrorists broke through the main door and trampled her. And the DC police officer who shot the woman who was breaking windows attempting to enter a secured area just outside the area where Congressmen and Congresswomen and their aides were being guarded with AK-47s while other terrorists were pounding attempting to break down the doors to where the Congresspeople were hunkered down.

      And they did destroy an exhibit including artwork dedicated to John Lewis inside one of the rooms.

      And yes they had help at all levels from the US Capitol police on up. Everything was planned and coordinated well in advance. I have no doubt that Trump conspired with the Proud Boys, Oath Keepers, and other right wing extremist groups in advance, including right wing paramilitary militia cells he and Russians had been cross-training since 2019 in locations in NC, TN, and NY. One of the terrorrists arrested spoke no English, only Russian, and required a Russian interpreter in Court to explain the charges. The messages on Parler I read from and between Proud Boys leader and others several days before contained plain language including code words describing their plans. Additionally, there is film at the rally with Trump before they showing high level Republicans flashing white supremacist signs signaling to the Oath Keepers and Proud Boys to proceed as planned. The videos show many of the terrorists dressed in their militia training fatigue and combat gear. Bombs, Molotov cocktails, automatic weapons and ammo were found/confiscated. Some of the terrorists can be heard imploring Trump supporters with children or elderly to leave the premises.
      The former Chief of US Capitol Police (now retired) who was previously in charge of security at the Capitol was interviewed on NPR & was shocked at (1) The woefully inadequate fencing placed to keep people away from the Capitol while the electoral votes were being counted (2) the severe understaffing of US Capitol Police assigned to guard the Congresspersons in the US Capitol. As we know now, that was also part of the deliberate plan by Trump’s inserted Pentagon officials to understaff, undersecure, and resist all before and after assistance offered by DC Police, and the States of Maryland and Virginia, who all offered before/after assistance which was declined by Trump’s officials in charge.

    • Well, we now know that at least one of them smeared and tracked shit all over the Capitol. At least one of them pissed on a wall and on the floor. These people are fucking savages.

    • Correction on one of the facts from my below reply to Scott Jackson. The terrorist that died from tasering himself and had a heart attack was not fighting with US Capitol Police at the time. He had the taser hidden in his pants and it slipped down to his balls and it zapped him there continuously without him being able to stop it triggering a fatal heart attack.

  9. My question – who gave them the schematics and who works where. Or was there so many of them, they could spread out and go into any and every office.

  10. I think by the end of this weekend when we realize the extent of this,, it will be more clear. It didnt just happen.
    Nothing just happens.

  11. But hey, let’s do the whole kumbaya we need to bring both sides together and unify the country thing. That’s more important than stopping this sort of thing from happening again. Yeah. Glad the folks in charge see the real important stuff. Ummm, hope they start getting their priorities rearranged otherwise in a couple of elections we won’t have any more elections.


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