The rough and tumble of a presidential campaign is rigorous. Ask anybody who’s done it. It is not for the faint of heart. Add to the fact that Donald Trump is up in years and unhealthy and that makes for quite a show. And that’s what he has been giving people, exactly that. Quite a show. He was at the Pray Vote Stand Summit on Friday and he was hunched over and babbling about World War II and confusing Hillary with Obama.

He can’t stand up straight, he looks sweaty and flushed, even under the layers of makeup, his eyes are bleary. “Just think of it, we would be in WWII.” And he’s complaining about some other man’s cognitive impairment?

He’s gripping the sides of the podium and hunched over. The comments are all tired, rote, and done on auto pilot.

Here’s the video taken today, presumably at Bedminster. No makeup and he looks flushed and his eyes look swollen.

The irony here is that the Pray Vote Stand crowd believe this man is a devout, born again Christian. Does this look like church to you, or a post-church gathering?

Here’s a clip to end on. If you never saw this, you’ll love it. If you haven’t seen it in a while, it will remind you of what we’re up against.

It’s only the start of fall, this Thursday. It’s going to be a pretty wild year from now until November 5, 2024. If Trump is in this condition now, where will he even be by New Year’s? Obesity and stress are taking their toll.

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  1. I’ve already said that his right pupil is smaller on the right side than his left pupil. Together with a droopy lid on the same side as the smaller pupil (ptosis and miosis), that would constitute a Horner’s syndrome.

    The pupil and lid are both at least partially innervated by the sympathetic nerve pathway, which is three nerves, synapsed in a sequence, that runs from the brain, down the neck, to the chest at about T4, and then back up the neck, sending off branches to the eye (pupil and lid) Disruption anywhere along that nerve pathway (say by tumor or stroke or injury) would result in a small pupil (miosis) together with a droopy lid (ptosis) on the same side as the disruption. That’s a Horner’s Syndrome.

  2. His son, Don Junior, shows some of the same symptoms: drooping eyelids, slack jaw, sweating. This is often seen in heavy cocaine users. Where does that take us?

  3. I think with the fact his mouth is ALWAYS repeating his mold-growing old rhetoric, THOSE words COULD be auto generated in spite of normal health strains, BUT, because he LOVES to go off track and, “TALK”, to the locals, his mental weakness and confusion, SHOWS his stress point has been reached and is becoming a new level of a pointer system we can all see progressing to the end of ANY useful attempts to harass, threaten or otherwise blame others for his own fails …

    He WILL be held accountable, even totally insane people can be institutionalized to protect themselves and the rest of the public … He can be charged and his punishment COULD include years in custody, with release to prison to finish his incarceration …

    First, on the Judges’ docket should be confiscation of Donald J. Trump’s Cell phone in ANY case, going directly to prison OR the Institution … The most terrible eruption of ALL from the lips of Trump, WILL be a great ending of the flow of hate from him to us.

  4. If the evang crowd believe dingle-berry is a born-again xtian, they’re going to believe he is just fine. They are not the brightest stars in the sky.


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