This is something that has to be attacked head on, and I’m glad that the Democrats at least seem to realize it, and are already combating it. But this is something that the Democrats have to fight balls to the wall.

Since day one, the GOP, especially the House GOP has been united in trying to stop anything from the Biden agenda from going through. Whether it was the American Rescue Plan, the Recovery Act, The Restaurant Rescue Plan, even the Senate bipartisan Infrastructure Bill, the House GOP was in near unanimous rejection of it.

But now, as primary season is upon us, and the 2022 general election looms, all of those House GOP fucktards, especially now that money from the infrastructure act is starting to flow, are running out to claim credit for the economic miracle for their districts. Even GOP Senators who voted against the bipartisan infrastructure bill are going home and claiming credit for the moolah. Even GOP Governors who slammed Biden’s overreach are proudly announcing how they’re spreading around the kaboodle.

As Jeff Bridges said in The Big Lebowski, No man! The dude will not abide! The GOP, especially in the House, presented a unified obstruction to every Democratic effort, counting all the while that none of their sheeple were actually paying any attention to what was going on. And it could work if we’re not careful.

Fortunately the Democrats finally seem to be paying attention. Local Democratic PAC’s in swing districts already have ads up and running calling out the House incumbents for their treachery. And DNC Chair Jaime Harrison already has online and digital ads up and running in the affected districts.

Sunlight is the best disinfectant. The Democrats need to hammer this home at every opportunity, and make it hurt. Look, let’s be honest, most ordinary people don’t pay much attention to politics 16 months before election day. It is up to the Democrats to educate them that their very own representatives actively opposed and voted against the very benefits to their constituents that they are now claiming credit for It’s not hard, given all of their fiery floor speeches. Nobody likes a liar.


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    • Yeah. I can’t imagine all the things the insiders know that we don’t. I also can’t imagine they haven’t grasped the gravity of the situation.

  1. The pity of this is that the dems are the ones we’re hoping will ride in and save the day. Saving the day has never been a dem look. We’re talking about a party that refers to getting their members on the same page as “like herding cats”. Hard to get anything done when it involves herding cats.


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