The root of Donald Trump’s draw to the masses is that he appeals to the misanthrope. Trump is a ne’er do well and a misfit and his anti social, burn it all down doctrine appeals to a great many people who feel themselves unrepresented and unloved. Trump doesn’t represent them or love them either, he just wants their money, but they hear his music and they follow the piper. One of these is Ali Alexander, one of the founders of Stop the Steal. He went into hiding January 6, when things got a little too hot for comfort, but now he’s back and he’s got big plans. Right Wing Watch:

Alexander said he had been plotting how to do away with the free press and other “systems that control us”: “So I want you guys to know that I’ve been licking my wounds, but I’ve been plotting, I’ve been planning, I’ve been scheming because we have to do away with this whole system. The free press is not free, and they’re not the press, they need to be abolished. The systems that control us have to be abolished.”

“I’m going to create a society, and a community, and a culture, and a language for [Trump supporters], and there are tens of millions of us. … Winning can just be 10 million people creating a new megacity,” he mused. “Let’s build our own city, let’s seriously build our own city, let’s build a back-up city in South America.”

Alexander also didn’t miss the opportunity to push the claim that the insurrection was a “premeditated psyop.”

“Like everyone is saying the impeachment trial is proving that there was a premeditated psyop against both Trump and Stop the Steal, so how could we incite an insurrection that was premeditated by people we don’t know?” he said. “And yet, are there big platforms welcoming me back saying we treated a Black man wrong because we wanted to pretend he was leading a white supremacy movement? No. These people are evil. And we will make lists of them, and they will not be welcome in this new society, they won’t be welcomed on new platforms, those people who have tried to force Marxism and thought control on us.”

Alexander said that if the “deep state” charges him with a fake crime, he’d be prepared to fight: “If they want to charge me with a fake crime, if they want to martyr me, then I will meet them on that battlefield. I’m not somebody, I’m not somebody that talks a talk or tweets a tweet.”

“I’ve licked my wounds, I’m pissed off. I’m more pissed off than I was the night of the election I created Stop the Steal. We win. They lose. To God be the glory,” he said in closing.

Maybe Mexico will pay for the construction of the mega city, ya spose? I really like the idea, a kind of a Wakanda for Wingnuts. Seriously, if we have them all concentrated in one place, then they can’t mess with us, right?

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  1. Dipshit knows who planned it, and I think he’s in line for being arrested and charge with felonies.
    Also, where in South America does he intend to put his dream megalopolis, and how id it going to stay solvent?

  2. Please. Find some spot in South America willing to take you and your cohorts and go. I’d be open to creating a fund to help you build the damned thing. I’d like to see you REALLY put up though. Make it clear that in order to live in your MAGA “paradise” individuals must renounce their U.S. Citizenship effective at the date and time they depart the United States or any of its territories holding a Visa to travel to your city. If they decide they want to come back? Well, they can apply for a Visa or to immigrate like any other person! And since they are soooooo hard core on immigration they can by god jump through every hoop of the legal process and get the hammer dropped on them if they don’t. Just like they want for those coming over the border seeking asylum from countries WE were a major factor in turning into tragic states. When they want to flee the shithole the “paradise” their new home is sure to be let’s see how THEY like being treated the way desperate people from south of our border have been treated under Trump’s policies!

  3. He has no effing clue how much work it takes to get cities to stay up and running. (The L.A. city budget is in billions, and that’s 4 million people. The *county* budget is more than $30 billion.)


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