Maybe this was a Freudian slip earlier this evening, or maybe Trump just can’t be bothered to keep up the pretense that some magical result is going to occur from the Arizona audit and spark other magical recounts and results in Pennsylvania and other states, and somehow, someway, Trump will slide back into power.

Whichever one happened, Lawrence O’Donnell made a good case for Trump letting a concession speech slip through the cracks during Trump’s appearance on Sean Hannity’s show.

The part you want to hear starts at :57.

Trump did go on and on about the windmills, that’s true enough. He’s the one man in history, let alone U.S. president, to be persistently bedeviled by icy ramps and windmills. They just won’t give him any peace. These are plagues which manage to pass the rest of us by, mercifully.

Let’s see if there’s any blowback from this slip of the tongue tonight. This could be enough to wrap up the Big Lie. Let’s see if it has that effect.



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  1. My 2005 self can’t accept Rachel Maddox saying about a U.S. President “if you want to fight windmills and some alleged bird killing cancer threat, go for it dude, the windmills are gonna win.”

  2. Bahahaha, Rose. There’s a lot of stuff Trump said that I can’t believe a President has opined…. ‘Russia, if you are listening, Find Hillary’s Emails!’ (Said the night before they were released, with his adviser Stone in the loop re timing of release)… ‘Bleach kills it in a minute. One minute. It does an incredible number on the lungs…’
    ‘I always wanted to downplay it’.
    ‘Good people on both sides.’
    ‘Revolutionary war airports.’
    Omg so many more, including a hurricane map edited by Sharpie. My brain is still stunned.

    • If people inhaled bleach they would have done an incredible number on their lungs-I suppose he accidentally told the truth. Not sure he meant to…probably didn’t.

    • Don’t forget-
      Grab ’em by the pussy
      Mexico sends rapists and murderers
      If she weren’t my daughter, I’d date her
      His mocking of disabled people
      Not one thing he’s ever said or done was okay. I’ll be glad when he, his influence, his evil spawn disappear from the scene.

  3. The raving Orange Cheeto is slowly slipping away and I look forward to hearing him blah blah blah at his upcoming rally’s. The SDNY will have him repeating witch hunt while they cart the whole family off to the slammer.

  4. I loved it when the then potus planned to build his wall on the border of Colorado & new mexico. Guess he thought the new part was recent illegals settling on the border of colorado. ” I could make a better man out of a banana.” Kurt Vonnegut
    Of course the banana has a higher IQ.


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