As if Senator Kyrsten Sinema had not done enough to highlight that she was never a committed Democrat, she used considerable effort to clear up any confusion in a Republican donor-dominated fundraiser earlier this year. She slammed Democrats as “old dudes eating Jello,” (As opposed to the hip, spry, Republican donors) and said that Democrats sat around and talked about how great they are. (As opposed to the Republicans saying that they are trying to save a country that is falling apart.)

What these Republicans don’t know about Sinema is that she expects two things, money, and attention. She will take all that big pharma and oil money, but she’s not going to just fall in line behind Mitch McConnell and be a good soldier. No. She sees a 50-50 type of Senate and will remain independent only to remain important. Principles will never factor into a decision.

From Politico, the last words written about Kyrsten Sinema and any goodwill in the Democratic party:

As she races to stockpile campaign money and post an impressive, statement-making first-quarter fundraising number, Sinema has used a series of Republican-dominated receptions and retreats this year to belittle her Democratic colleagues, shower her GOP allies with praise and, in one case, quite literally give the middle finger to President Biden’s White House.

“Those lunches were ridiculous,” she told a small group of Republican lobbyists at a reception in Washington this year in explaining why she had stopped attending her caucus’ weekly luncheons in the Capitol, according to an attendee. Then she let loose.

“Old dudes are eating Jell-O, everyone is talking about how great they are,” Sinema recounted to gales of laughter. “I don’t really need to be there for that. That’s an hour and a half twice a week that I can get back.”


Please to be fcking off now. Way to treat the people who got you into office, you ungrateful McCain “maverick” wannabe. What a pretender. And in a town stuffed with people very pleased with their performance and power, no one is as self-satisfied as Sinema. Good luck running Independent in Arizona, hun.

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  1. dumb c*nt won’t be in the spotlight much longer-she will not be re-elected. Sad part about all this is she can be a spoiler.

    • At the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, Daily Show Host Trevor Noah said; “Sinema, the most amazing Senator. The first “Out Bisexual” Woman is also a closeted Republican!”

      He nailed it and we knew it at the time.

      And as I said, I think she’s entirely devoid of any principles. Mark Kelly won Arizona by 6 points bc people like him, he’s a legendary fighter pilot, astronaut, and world’s greatest husband to Gabbie Giffords. If she had his integrity, her principles would align with his and she’d be reelected easily.

      Instead, she wants fame, she wants to be courted as the “50,” she wants to be McCain without the war hero and 3 decades of work, and she definitely wants their fcking money, that’s the road to her “principles.”

  2. The thing is, I’m pretty fucking sure the dems are not paying attention to this or much of anything the twat has to say. I might be wrong, but I think not, democratic leadership (those old guys eating jello) is likely looking at who they might back in the senate primaries and in the general election.

    When I think that Mark Kelley’s wife took a bullet and this c*nt is walking around doing nothing of any value whatsoever, I get pretty pissed.

  3. Exactly, Jason. She’s a politically dead turncoat walking and will be squeezed out easily by Gallego next year. I don’t think the Republicans will pick her up because of her weak poll numbers and liberal past. She may also have some financial questions regarding her exclusive security contract with Tulsi Gabbard’s sister, which I think was reported here. Come January 2025 she’ll be yesterday’s news.

    • Yes. She has some real baggage, overpaying (WAYYY overpaying) for “Security” from Tulsi’s sister, who is a U.S. Marshall, but has a company that provides security… with one client, Sinema.

      That’s an easy scheme. “I over pay you, and you give me half back.”

  4. In the opening scene of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, a gambler is goading Sundance,(Robert Redford), into a gunfight. Butch comes in the middle and tries to peacefully talk the parties out of it. Sundance maintains he wasn’t cheating and the guy has to ask them “to stick around”. In his talk with Sundance, clearly a famous gunfighter, Butch says, “you don’t know how fast he is. I’m over the hill but it could happen to you. Everyday you get one day older. NOW THAT’S A LAW!” Note to barbie, you also, will be one of those “old guys”. No amount of botox, plastic surgery, or hair dye will stop either the rotation of the earth,(day), or our trip around the sun,(year). I always find the arrogance of youth to be one of the greatest hallucinations on earth. There’s really only two REAL ages: here and gone! I hope you grow up someday. Doubt it, but I’m an optimist.

    • You’re funny Scott. I love how you specify the rotation of the earth is a day and the trips around the sun equate to years. I assume you think, as do I, that tis chick is dumb as a rock and doesn’t know these things. It reminds me of Bill O’Reilly years ago doing that “let’s all pretend to be morons thing so we don’t embarass our audience who actually ARE morons!” shtick. He said ” the sun rises and the sun sets. Don’t ask me why, I don’t know, but what I DO know is ……..” and all I could think was “of Course you know you lying sack of crap. You went to school in NY State where science is REALLY taught. The sun neither rises not sets, the earth just turns and that does the trick!” They’re all such phony twits!


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