On Wednesday, John Kirby, the spokesperson for the Justice Department, said that Joe Biden self-reported the fact that his files were found. The setup, from a transcript provided by Mediaite, Peter Doocy asked kjp the idiotic question:

Why do White House officials insist the president self-reported the classified materials if his lawyers initially called the White House and not the Justice Department?”

Because they are lawyers who work for a client, you stupid ffffff. The client happened to be the President of the United States. Biden may have said, “Bring them to me” and submitted them to the DOJ after looking through them so he knew what they were talking about. Biden might have said, “I’ll call the National Archives and DOJ.” Biden might have said, “Bring them to the White House Counsel.” Or Biden might have said, “Call the FBI, I’ll call the attorney general and report it…”

The lawyers on the scene had NO authority to do “whatever they wanted.” They didn’t even have the clearance to possess the files!

Obviously, KJP couldn’t couldn’t comment! All those legal questions must go through the White House counsel’s office because it is their job to protect everyone in the White House, especially the president, but also KJP from admitting something untrue or too early to say. KJP showed the discipline required:

“I would refer to you the White House counsel.”

Doocy again asks the question without a difference.

“But we heard from this podium the other day that President Biden self-reported the materials. That’s not exactly what happened.”

God you stupid fffff.

KJP: “Who did you hear that from?”

Doocy: “John Kirby,”

KJP: “Well, I would refer to the White House counsel.”

And now we really get into it because “The Five” created an issue that didn’t exist. So long as Biden said “Hand it over to the FBI” before the National Archives and FBI knew, he was self-reporting! If the lawyers themselves called the FBI, that would NOT be considered as such a strong self-reporting. “The Five” would argue that “Biden didn’t even know! How is that ‘self reporting’!”

Kilmeade: “So, John Kirby answers the question and she couldn’t, He said Jean-Pierre not knowing what Kirby said in the briefing room shows she’s “so bad at her job.”

Kirby gave the true answer. When confronted with someone saying “that’s not true,” KJP referred it to the lawyers, and smartly didn’t take the bait. There is NO difference here and she wasn’t going to insert her opinion on a legal matter. They just wanted to beat up on KJP.

Kilmeade turns to Watters Jokingly: “I’m sorry, I’m gonna have to refer you to the White House counsel. You can only use the line in special moments. That can’t be your answer for every single question and that’s why Kirby’s quality, because Kirby has the wherewithal to be able to dance and move, dip appropriately, and talk like a human being. She can’t talk like a human being. She talks like a binder.”

John Kirby needed only to answer the question with the White House line that has been out there for weeks! Doocy changed things up with characterizing the lawyers’ call to Biden as “not self-reporting.” So NOW, they’re asking a question that has NOT been run by Biden or the lawyers. It is a fundamentally different question and KJP wasn’t going to define “self-report” as a legal term for them. She’s too damned smart and disciplined.

They simply don’t like that she wouldn’t let herself be backed into a corner and

Watters predicted Jean-Pierre will depart the White House “within the next couple months.”

Jeanine Pirro: “How does the woman go out there? Does she not know how embarrassing it is, how she looks ridiculous in not being able to answer these?”

The exact same thing could be asked of the Five and Peter Doocy. They inserted a “difference” that didn’t exist and thus KJP wasn’t going there. John Kirby wasn’t asked a “new question,” he said that Biden self-reported.

Lawyers call clients for instructions when it was not obvious anything was wrong. Period.

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  1. Do these morons at faux have anything remaining of their memories past, say, the last five minutes? Do they not remember little sean crawling into fucking bushes to avoid reporters. Oh, how about the huckster? Yeah, she was soooo knowledgeable. And how about that one that didn’t even hold pressers. How about those idiots answering about that shit why don’t they?

  2. Yeah, I get where they’re coming from. I, too, miss twinkletoes Spicer, who can’t judge crowd sizes from stark differences in two photographs; and, let’s not forget star-crossed cross-eyed huckster selling lies a penny apiece in the name of her Lord, whoever that lying hypocrite is. Guess now that the kissing cousins in Arkansas decided she’d make a great holy warrior of darkness, and made her governor, I can expect more time trying to figure out Where’s she’s looking and what lie is she spewing from her unholy cakehole. Good times.

  3. She has two strikes,against her:She is Black and femake. Couch looks down his blond WASP nose at her. He cannot bear having to defer to a Black woman who tells him the truth rather than gazing scoring my at him and tellingbhim, “Tge universe, that was,a good one. Hoe brilliant you are!”
    I like Kirby, but the reason Douchey is more respectful of him is simple :He’s is white,male and military. And The Five Connor deal well.with PoC and women unless they are Huckleberry. Sandwich.


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