I’m going to be blunt here, mainly because I’m so pissed off that I can hardly see straight. I have purposely not written a word about the Club Q massacre on Saturday night. First because I was heartbroken, I have had so many LGBTQ friends I can’t count them all. Second, I was trying to process yet another senseless mass shooting in America, and the GOP’s complicity in it. But now I’m just regally pissed off.

Look, let’s be honest, we’re all adults, and hopefully friends here. We all have prejudices. It’s just that simple. Because you know what a prejudice is? It’s something that you personally just don’t like. One of my personal prejudices is seafood. I can’t tolerate the shit. That’s a prejudice, hell, I haven’t even sampled more than half of it, but I wouldn’t touch it with fire tongs.

My wife Teri on the other hand loves the shit, she can’t get enough of it. But my personal prejudice against seafood doesn’t mean that I block her from ordering garlic shrimp from China Wan-Wan, I just ignore that and order my own entree. Because that’s what normal human beings do, we hold our prejudices, but we put them in the closet and deal with people as people!

Sadly there’s another, smaller subclass of people out there. who for whatever twisted reasons, childhood upbringing, personal grievances, miswired brains, whatever, they give into their dark hatred, and turn those others that they blame for all of their shortcomings into personal scapegoats. It’s a sad commentary on humanity, but sadly there’s little we can do about it, especially in a country awash in semi automatic weapons, and almost no restrictive laws.

But there’s a 3rd group at play here, and they are neither normal nor fucked up in the head. they are soulless ghouls, who have absolutely no moral compass, and most likely not even any personal prejudices, they are craven whores willing to sell their non existent souls in order to turn a buck!

Yes, I’m looking at you Fucker Carlson, and Cruella de Ingraham, and Alex Jones, and Sean Hannity. I’m talking about selfish, sadistic, cretins who most likely don’t even have any personal prejudices against the minorities and communities, just so they can make a buck. because the blind hatred that they spew increases their ratings, and make it possible for them to demand ever higher phat contracts to continue to keep doing the same. And when they write yet another vapid, useless book of hateful rantings, and go on tour, they’re sold out.

Women? Hispanics? The LGBTQ community? Trans gender kids? Fuck ’em! With the possible exceptions of wives and daughters, none of these people touch their rarified worlds, and there’s the almighty simoleon to chase. These dessicated ghouls have managed to turn everybody outside of their immediate social circles into others, objects to be harvested for personal profit.

And with their corresponding influence on far right social media, it allows them to spread their filth and vitriol into a nation network of poor, stupid, twisted fucks with no moral boundaries to grab an AR-15, go out, and act on their darkest impulses. But hey! It’s no skin off of their noses. They were just exercising their First Amendment Rights in their pursuit of fair and balanced journalism. What a crock of shit.

Sadly, there is nothing the rest of us can do about it. We can only look on in horror, grieve with our neighbors as I did after the Route 66 massacre in Las Vegas, and wonder just how things got so far off the rails, while they pop another cork and check their latest ratings. I try to find solace by counting the number of new ghosts sitting on each of their headboards when they close their eyes at night. But you know what? It doesn’t really help. Because they simply don’t give a shit!

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  1. That Opinion sums up how I feel. So another mass shooting this morning in NC, and I as pissed off , saddened that another half dozen regular folks will not be having a Happy Thanksgiving with their family.

    • Daniel, WHERE in NC? I live there and haven’t seen or heard anything, and can’t find anything online. The last one I know of here was the one in Raleigh about Oct. 15?

  2. You nailed it. They have sold their souls to the devil in the name of ratings and have Teflon when they deep down know they Inspired yet another delicate genius to act out. Not their fault. I wouldn’t share a meal or handshake with any of them.

  3. In too many ways, those dead kids are human sacrifices, dedicated to the altar of making a buck. The trick for those ghouls, as you call them, Murf, is to make sure it’s people no one will miss or care about. Was a time all the folks who are the high profile targets would have been in that category. It heartens me that the increasing outrage over this means that time is passing.

    • If I was a wizard of knowledge in the matter of controlling this creeping, insidious monster of AR-15 style weapons, stacked against the doors of schools, stores, hospitals anywhere the least defended, most vulnerably, easy to kill citizens, gathered to learn, buy goods and food, go to be treated with respect and return to normal lives, I would surely present my case to the world as a life-saving solution …

      Back-in-the-days, as people chime in, there was no idea in the public schools, malls, stores or churches that at any moment, someone armed with military style weapon/s would charge in, bullets flying, blowing young children’s heads off, no matter, they are told it is the right thing to do by the lizard-mouths on the web or FOX NEWS these ass-holes need to be neutered by laws made to take hate speech off the web and limitless broadcast systems …

      The Republicans, like Ted Cruz, would have a hernia if the Democrats suggest any way to limit the spread and public ownership of weapons specifically designed to destroy human flesh, maybe price the ammunition at 100 dollars per bullet, making large purchases into red flags …?

      • In order for a red flag law to work, lw enforcement mst enforce it. You may have read that Colorado has a red flag law, and that the Q-Club shooter was involved in an incident not that long before the shooting which would qualify as a red flag, but that nothing was done. You may or may not have read that the Sheriff of El Paso County (the county of the Q-Club shooting, and also the county where I live) publicly stated when it was passed that he would NOT enforce it. No, I didn’t vote for him.

  4. It will take winning a lawsuit against them for the verbal terrorism, inciting violence. Prove it? That’s the hard part – but if it’s civil it’s easier than criminal. There is no morality or conscience – so hit ’em in the pocketbook.

  5. RepubliKKKan Nazis and those who share their views, HATE everyone who doesn’t look like them, or speak like them, or believe what they believe in. It’s a simple as that. they hate everyone. Except themselves. They are non-human. And they will never change. 😢😡

    • I’ve got news for you. Some of them, in those deep, dark hours of the night while all alone with their thoughts and unable to prevent personal reality from breaking through to their self-consciousness hate THEMSELVES. You think even Trump doesn’t sometimes hate himself for not being as business savvy as hit dad? For having to have his dad bail his ass out again and again and have to stand there (before ole Fred started losing it) and endure the scorn? Translate that to average, everday MAGA goobers who aren’t all that bright, or hard working (or both) who know they aren’t as good as the people they vilify. Or worse, that they simply made not just bad but STUPID choices and/or weren’t willing to put in the kind of sustained effort to make a living, which in my lifetime (I’m sixty five) has become increasingly difficult. But sometimes, in their heart they know that part of the fault is their own. There’s more self-hatred out there than you might think.

      • Don’t be too sure the magats know anything of the sort. Some? Maybe. Some or most? I kind of doubt it. Just ended correspondence with someone who fell down the rabbit hole and they truly thought they were the genius, that I just did not do the proper “research” all the while spouting the qanon crap. Everything was a fucking conspiracy theory and the c.i.a., the dems, fuck for all I know the dalai lama, were hiding the “truth”. Denis, these people are too stupid to cross the street safely. Don’t pretend they have introspective qualities because they don’t.

  6. Disliking seafood is not prejudice, just dislike. It doesn’t harm fish in the least,,and fish aren’t people.
    Removal The dictionary definition of prejudice is “an irrational attitude or hostility directed toward an individual, a group, or a,race or their supposed characteristics.” Somehow I don’t think hating sushi counts. Another definition says that rights,are usually involved as a,result of this belief.

    and,yes, tge GOP.is prejudiced. And I wouldn’t put it past Faux,Noise employees probably share the prejudices of their viewers. They are threatened by the idea that PoC and women and gay people and non-Christians getting the same rights as them. They see life as a zero sum game so anyone not them gaining rights somehow means they lose rights.

  7. If liar tuck was capable of feeling shame, he would not be on faux nuz. The people on that shit-show channel are braying asses given a megaphone to spout nonsensical crap. Calling the channel a “news” channel is as accurate as calling Bobo the Clown a physicist.


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