We live in a culture which is rife with conspiracy and conspiracy theories. Maybe plain truth became boring at some point. I’m not sure what happened, but I know that in the past ten years or so it has become an in thing to have some exposé that nobody else has ever heard of. These first began playing on rural radio, i.e. Rush Limbaugh land. Then some syndicated radio shows began to pick these outré stories up and they were on late night radio in larger urban markets. Then Fox News got on the TV airwaves in 1996 and now, in the year 2024, we don’t know what’s real and what’s completely insane. And more importantly, a lot of people simply don’t care. Here’s a perfect example of what I’m talking about.

Do you love it? Melania the Tramp is really Lady Diana, who faked her own death in order to be with Donald Trump? Um….scuse the hell out of me, but couldn’t Lady Diana have simply publicly gone with Trump, if that was where her interest lay? I mean, why go to all the trouble of faking one’s death and having all kinds of elaborate plastic surgery?

And let me tell you where this conspiracy theory falls all to hell and all at once. Height. Melania claims to be 5’11” and yes, in five-inch heels she is that. Which makes her 5’6″ in her bare feet. And that’s about right. Take a look at her in flats sometime. See where she stands as opposed to where her son stands. There’s quite a height difference when she’s in flats.

Lady Diana, on the other hand, was legitimately 5’10”. You can check her height in all kinds of pictures. So, while I suppose it is humanly possible that Melania’s face could have been carved out of Diana’s, I don’t see how the length of Diana’s legs was altered in her new incarnation as Melania. Trump lies about his height, too. He’s probably 5’11”, not 6’3″ as claimed.

And just on the human side of things, can anybody explain to me why Diana would have left her two lovely young boys in order to undergo all this plastic surgery and pretend to be a soft-core porn magazine model? And then marry Trump and have Barron? It all gets a bit Bizarro World once you sit down and actually began to parse through it all. I don’t pretend to know the first thing about Diana Spencer but I believe I know enough human nature that there is no way that woman would have left her two darling boys to go be with some vulgarian from Queens. You think she would have inflicted that kind of pain on her children? Yes, I know that any story depends upon willing suspension of disbelief but some stories beg just a little too much from us and this is one of those.

Plus, to my way of thinking, why the Slovenian accent? If Melania was in fact Lady Diana Spencer, wouldn’t it be all that much more intriguing if the Slovenian model spoke English with an aristocratic British accent? Or at least a half assed decent American English accent?

And finally, I know that Lady Diana would not have presented herself at the Court of St. James, barelegged, and worn her hat into Buckingham Palace, because the princess had enough innate knowledge of these things before she became princess to dress like a Piccadilly tart. That distinction belongs to Melania Trump alone. Of all the First Ladies who have visited the UK, Melania and she alone decided to not listen to any of the protocol people and just do things her way. Following protocol during a state visit is a gesture of respect between cultures. But respecting other people and being a Trump are two different things.

I hope that the royal family gets a good laugh out of this. For my part, color me appalled.


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    • What I remember reading years ago is that Trump sent Diana flowers every day and it was making her very uncomfortable. She was not “encouraging” him, let’s put it that way. Plus, she was a young woman he was already middle aged. His money impressed somebody like Melania but no way money alone would have impressed somebody in Diana’s situation. But I do enjoy the elaborate imagination involved in this particular conspiracy theory.

      • I can see Diana was a very classy lady. tRump not classy at all, just a wannabe mob boss. He doesn’t even come close to being a real mob boss.

        • Diana’s saga was intruiging. She was a tall, gawky young girl in her teens from a very wealthy family. Then she got recruited to be a breeder (a cross way of putting it, but accurate) by the Royal Family. It was not a love match. But the world fell in love with Diana. Nobody foresaw that, nobody could foresee it. But she had a way about her that the whole world loved. And in fairness, if Camilla was the woman Charles loved, that should have been okay. It worked out that way, anyhow.

          • In ’81, when Chas. married Diana (enough nagging from the QoE would force anyone to get hitched) Camilla was 34. Besides not being virginal enough (in fact not one at all), being divorced, and any other baggage there might have been, she might have been considered beyond child-bearing years. She was likely beyond her best child-bearing years and you’re right about one thing–the queen wanted a brood mare. Having children is risky when girls get preggers but also when women reach their mid-thirties and beyond–any pol saying girls in their teens (i.e. h.s.) are in their best child-bearing years need to be shot. Also, back in the eighties IVF was in its infancy and not even close to a sure-fire way to get knocked up so I’m pretty sure the queen was looking at Camilla’s old eggs, uterus, and body and thinking (hell, saying) “Charles, I want grand children, the kingdom needs you to produce an heir, and this old gel might not provide one so marry the young one”.

            The result was Will and Harry so my narration might even be correct. lmao

          • If Charles had been allowed to.marry Camilla when they were both younger, as he wished to, it would have been an issue. She had children with her first husband. But rumor had it that she didn’t want the restrictions royal.life would require. I think there,was real.love but life got in the way: translation, is that she wasn’t virginal, she had a past like most women in our age group, and the Queen was still thinking it was 1860, not 1960.

            In all.fairness, Queen Liz learned from.the Diana Debacle and stopped insisting on virginal brides. She gave in to Meghan was divorced, an actress,,and biracial. And I still wonder which family member wondered aloud about Archie’s skin tone. My money is on Charles or Will.


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