The apple did not fall far from the tree this time. And the apple did not acquire any extra IQ points as it fell. What you’re about to see is a three-part video of Lauren Boebert’s mother talking to a friend. This was on YouTube and it was deleted — for reasons which will need no explanation — and now it is back. This is not good optics to put it mildly. This is October Surprise level torpedo material and since it’s mid-May now and the Colorado primary is the last week of June, hopefully this will finish Bobo off.

Before you watch it, let me say this much: I am a Coloradan by birth. I grew up there, went to college at the University of Colorado, worked as a radio announcer for a few years after I graduated with a degree in Journalism/Media and moved to Los Angeles. I knew a lot of types of people in Colorado. I knew slum level people, the ones we call *trailer trash* and I knew professional people, small business people, people from every walk of life. This was occasioned by the fact that I grew up in my own screwed up family and when we lost our house in 1960 (when I was 7) times were hard. We crashed in motels for a while, then graduated to apartments, some better than others. When my parents washed out, they stayed washed out. We never owned property again. We were the working poor.

I share this with you so that you know I did not have an *elite* childhood. I know what the low end of Denver was like, and also smaller towns in the state. I worked my way through college and it took me six years. That part of my life may have been elite, as CU is a nice school, but that’s about it. And being a broadcaster was elite, that’s true. That’s not something that everybody gets to do. But I wasn’t born into academic or artsy circles, I made all that happen for myself.

So having grown up amongst the lower middle class, having had neighbors on welfare, and also known college professors, local artists, etc. as I got older, I feel like I can make a statement about Colorado and who lives there. What you are about to see is the lowest of the low. Lauren Bobert’s mother is not only a white supremacist who thinks she’s *better* than POCs, she is a snide and disrespectful dummy. You could not write anything better than this, or get an actor to perform anything better than what you’re about to see.

This is why children should not have children. Boebert’s mother was a young, unwed mother when she had Boebert, and then she repeated the cycle and then her son repeated it, three generations in a row.

Both these women are in their 50’s but the kind of dialogue they have is indicative of an emotional level of a pre-adolescent. These are people who never grew up and are in a permanent state of childish arrest. Now we know why they love Trump. That part makes perfect sense.

And this hating of “Mexicans” is so ironic. Colorado used to be part of Mexico. I wonder if that ever crossed their stupid, feeble minds? Of course there are Mexican people and Mexican culture to be found there, like in other states with Spanish names, such as California, Arizona, or Nevada.

Now in all honesty, yes, I grew up listening to some of this. But it was usually a situation where some other family member present, or friend, would say “cool it,” after a few racist comments — and that may have been because I was present and I was considered an *elitist* pretty early on and I would challenge people like this. But I still maintain that this is not considered “cool” behavior in Colorado except amongst the very lowest echelon, which these people are. I don’t know if they’re the lower 15%, I couldn’t begin to tell you, but this is not the cultural norm there.

The part I LOVE, however, is when Mom Of Bobo says she doesn’t got to church. Oh, ho, how is that going to fly with the fundies?

I did in fact know women in Colorado who would put on full makeup and nice clothes to go to the grocery store — or anywhere in public. Some women were raised that way. They would never go out of the house without makeup. The ones I knew were white.

“They don’t speak no English” is another great line here. All I hope and pray for is that CO-04 residents bop Bobo in next month’s primary.

And let me say in closing that I never judge people by their parents for reasons which should be obvious. Mine chose to fail, but I never wanted to be judged as a failure. But the difference here is that Lauren Boebert basically behaves the same way and says the same things as her crazy mother. So she is an example of how a lot of people simply become their parents. This is not what CO-04 needs and it’s not what American government needs.

But there is a terrific lesson here. This is the appeal of Donald Trump. He’s a mental midget who acts out and he made it okay for other mental midgets to act out. That is the genie he took out of the bottle. Let me rephrase that: the GOP took the genie out of the bottle. Trump has only been himself all along. And as he himself has said, in that one poem he quotes because it’s the only one he knows, “You knew I was a snake when you took me in.” Indeed they did. And then all the rest, Boebert amongst them, followed.

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  1. Meet folks from all over in college. Had these young folks just wondering why one would call your kiddo “Jesus “ and one said some folks thought it was blasphemous (nothing threatening, folks just talking). I just mentioned if being named Christian or Christopher was bad… poor Kristy… “you going to hell!” Kiddos🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ yeah , good parenting takes a village sometimes.

    • It is kind of interesting that “Jesus” (or, more accurately, “Jesús”) is so dominant in Spanish-speaking communities (though mostly among Catholics, less so among the smaller Protestant and Evangelical communities) while it’s almost non-existent as a given name in other Christian, especially Roman Catholic, countries. “Maria” (or its equivalents like “Mary,” “Marie,” “Máire,” “Miriam,” “Maryam,” etc) is incredibly popular all over (in countries where French, Spanish and Portuguese are common, “Marie” and “Maria” are even used for boys’ names–generally in combination like “François Marie” or “José Maria”).
      It’s also worth noting that the name “Joshua” is related to “Jesus” (in Biblical Hebrew and Aramaic, “Jesus” is essentially a shortened form of “Joshua”–“Yeshua” to “Yehoshua”).

  2. They don’t like Mexicans? They spend more money at these stores and they support our economy in so many ways, shame on them, and yes these states are named after them in some cases

    • Bet a nickel that Bobblehead’s mom & friend don’t have a clue on that. Or why Modelo Negro is called that.

      I used to come all over giggles when I had to drive through Manteca to get somewhere.

  3. I don’t think even SNL could do a parody skit that would be more white trashy than what we see here. Racist, clueless, stupid, and PROUD of it!


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