Sanders’ Snarky Plan Fails Miserably. People Call NYT To Thank Them!


After a senior Trump administration official wrote an anonymous editorial in the New York Times suggesting that Trump was dangerously unfit for office, Sarah Suck-a-bee used her position as Press Secretary to encourage Trump followers to jam the New York Times phone linesBut, instead of being flooded with angry calls, editors and staffers from the New York Times reported people were calling to show their support.

Yesterday, Sanders launched a Twitter campaign, complete with the phone number to the New York Times’ opinion desk, encouraging people to call to find out who the ‘gutless loser’ was who wrote the op-ed piece in the September 5th paper.

Well, it just didn’t work out for poor old Sarah.  Instead of inciting only rage-filled, glassy eyed Trump morons, the New York Times was contacted by many to show their support. New York Times reporter Kenneth Vogel shared the audio of a voicemail saying, “I just wanna thank you a million times over.”

Elizabeth Dias, also a reporter from the New York Times posted:

And Dias also updated her post this morning to say that her voicemail has filled with dozens of callers “thanking the NYT for its journalism”.

Thanks Sarah!  You (accidentally) did something right!!


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