There is no comedy writer who can outdo what you’re about to watch. This is beyond parody.

Dalton Clodfelter (and I would bet some cash that that is not his real name; clod-felt-her? I’ll bet he wanted to, and she wouldn’t have it, precisely because he is such a clod) has views on the female gender. Or, maybe he’s talking about artificial intelligence. I’ve often thought that guys like this would be much happier with a robot that they can program anyway they want, to play checkers, wash their socks, open a beer and have zero mind.

So whether this is to pwn the libs or for shock value or total sincerity, you decide.

Finding a robot may be challenging, but at least this is on the market and affordable.

Makes you wonder what kind of a relationship this guy has with his mother, sister, cousins, female teachers, neighbors, coworkers, he may have had. I assume he won’t retain the services of a female doctor or lawyer. I wonder if he’d let a female cop give him a ticket, or if he would simply inform her of his blank slate theory?

If Clodfelter was a boomer he’d have trouble with that pitch. To today’s young gals? Puh-leeze.

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  1. “need to be a blank slate” with no opinions so that they can “be molded by the man” to accept “that Jews control the world.” says the guy who has never had a date and aint gettin’ one anytime soon.

    • Unless someone manages to create stepford wives. This guy is an incel of the first order. What a moronic loser. Conservative=stupid, that’s all there is to it.

    • Oananism “R” him. I’d put serious money that he’s still a virgin and even more money that he’ll stay that way. Closet, mayhap?


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