I wouldn’t bat an eyelash at this nor probably even bother to post on it, if it was just Charlie Kirk and the other Ultra MAGAs who run the Arizona Republican party. You remember the RPAZ. They censured Rusty Bowers just the other day for having the gall to answer a congressional subpoena from the January 6 Committee and tell the truth.

What makes me pause and take note is that Ronna McDaniel is claiming voter fraud in Arizona. WTH?

Is McDaniel trying to get the primary declared invalid?

So we’ve got 63,000 misdelivered ballots and who knows how many ballots were short in Pinal County, and then to make things worse, the ballots that were there and that could be counted were ruined by Sharpie pens, so now they’re no good either? Or something?

It’s past midnight as I post this and my brain is not working optimally, so if anybody can figure out what Ronna McDaniel and Kellie Ward and Charlie Kirk are all up in arms about, I would love to know. Especially since it looks like the Lake/Robson contest is going to be ugly if and when Robson is declared the winner.

Where is Mike Lindell? Is he still flying through the Twilight Zone with his plane full of lawyers and cyber experts?

And most of all, where are the pandas? Or, are we in the clear this election and bamboo from China is not affecting the ballots, only Sharpies?

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  1. *munches popcorn*


    *eats sharp cheddar cheese cube on stick with frilly thing on it*

    *sips chardonnay*


  2. Oh, don’t overthink it, Ursula. McDaniel is trying to cling to her job because she feels a reckoning is coming for her. The part she’s probably hazy on is from where: the MAGA cult she enabled or the DOJ for crimes not yet known to the public. At present, she’s more terrified of the former.

  3. Does the ‘pube party WANT to lose in the general elections? These whackadoodles are not going to get elected except in the primaries F.F.S…..I hope (after all it is AZ).

  4. Well, I live in Arizona, and the only problem that we have had with the primary election is that we have some really awful Republicans running for most of the offices on the ballots.


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