This comes as a shock, but as no surprise. Donald Trump sees life in terms of a TV show, which he can use to grift. That is his worldview, insofar as anybody has been able to determine. Ergo, it makes complete sense that he would decide to create the myth of the stolen election and grift on it.

What is newsworthy is that he decided to elevate the myth into the realm of commerce by trademarking “Rigged Election!” and he got his brain trust, Jared Kushner and Eric Trump, right to work on it. CNN:

Then-President Donald Trump wanted to trademark the phrase “Rigged Election!” days after Election Day in 2020, according to emails provided by Jared Kushner to the House committee investigating the January 6, 2021, insurrection at the US Capitol.

On November 9, 2020, then-Trump aide Dan Scavino emailed Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser, with the request from Trump.

“Hey Jared! POTUS wants to trademark/own rights to below, I don’t know who to see – or ask…I don’t know who to take to,” the email from Scavino reads, according to a transcript of Kushner’s testimony to the committee, which was released by the panel on Friday.

Two phrases were bolded in the email: “Save America PAC!” and “Rigged Election!”

Kushner forwarded the request and discussed it on an email chain that included Eric Trump, the President’s son; Alex Cannon, a Trump campaign lawyer; Sean Dollman, the chief financial officer of Trump’s 2020 campaign, and Justin Clark, a Trump campaign lawyer.

“Guys – can we do ASAP please?” Kushner writes.

Now here’s where it gets nuts. Somebody else had thought of it first. Only in America, right?

Eric Trump responded saying “Both web URLs are already registered. Save America PAC was registered October 23 of this year. Was that done by the campaign?”

Dollman responds: “‘Save America PAC’ is already taken/registered, just confirming that. But we can still file for ‘Save America.’”

Kushner’s response, according to the transcript, was “Go.”

Very smart of whomever decided to grab the domain name “Rigged Election!” It was obvious that that was the newest entry into the American lexicon.

The interesting part here is that Trump’s mind went instantly to the grift. His mental functions are extremely limited. Somebody normal minded, in his situation, would have been giving thought to conceding the election, his next move in life, maybe even going along with the precepts set by other presidents of creating a foundation or at the very least, building a presidential library.

Nope. Trump didn’t waste two brain cells on any of that nonsense. His mind went on to how to take the situation at hand and use it to grift a lot of bucks from the rubes. That is the beginning and end of his analytical powers, right there.

It’s a shame that “Rigged Election!” was already taken. I can see him doing a whole franchise on it, Rigged Election! ice cream, Rigged Election! sportswear, you get the idea.

To some people life is but a dream, but to Trump it’s but a grift.

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  1. I’m somewhat surprised he hasn’t tried to trademark the word ‘grift’.

    It’s such an obvious natural fit with his ‘branding’

    • First rule for grifters: Never admit the grift.

      A ™ kind of gives the grift away.

      (On a more legalesque front, though, I think the courts have ruled that single words cannot be trademarked or copyrighted unless the word refers to a specific and distinctive item or product. For instance, you can’t trademark/copyright the general word “joy” but, as a dish washing liquid or as a song, you can.)

  2. Traitor Tot has always been a criminal and d grifter! It was when he was an illegitimate squatter in our white house ( and afterward)that he also became a TRAITOR!!



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