The Boeberts have an interesting family life, not that that’s news. What can you expect from a family that takes holiday photos with AR-15s? Lauren Boebert filed for divorce in April but information is now coming to light about an incident that took place the previous December when one of the Boebert kids called 911 because Jayson was getting physically violent with him. Insider:

In the 6:46 p.m. call, obtained by Insider, the teen was sobbing, gasping for air, and had trouble speaking while saying his dad was “throwing me around.”

The dispatcher asked the teen whether Jayson Boebert was physical with him.

“Yes, he was throwing me around,” he said, breathing heavily.

“He called me a psycho, when he’s the — ” he added, trailing off.

The dispatcher told the teen she was going to have an officer come help and he didn’t have to worry. She also asked whether there were weapons in the house.

“I mean, there are weapons in the house, yeah, but I don’t think he’d use them on me,” the son responded, still crying. “He just does this to me so much.”

He added: “I’m in the driveway, but my mom’s staying down at the farmhouse because there’s problems with them. I’m going down there where he can’t get to me.”

Less than five minutes after the call ended, the teen called police again.

In the background of the call, a woman can be heard yelling.

“All I wanted to say is me and my dad were starting to yell. He didn’t really get physical with me,” the teen started to tell the same dispatcher before Lauren Boebert took the phone, cutting him off.

It’s pretty obvious that the kid went to Boebert and she wanted to chill the situation out because she didn’t want the negative publicity, so she had the kid call 911 back and soft pedal the incident. Can’t say as I blame her. A few months earlier, in August, Jayson was accused of running over the neighbor’s mailbox and the cops came out for that.

Boebert was in the other house on the property that day tweeting, records show. Far be it from me to judge somebody else’s home life, but if you’re in one house tweeting and your kid is calling the cops on his physically abusive father in the other, seems to me there’s a communication disconnect, at the very least, going on. The Boeberts are not Ozzie and Harriet, let’s say that.

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  1. As well as ‘being the party of law & order’ it’s just as obvious that they are ‘the party of family values’ as well.

    If they didn’t have hypocrisy, they’d have no ethical standards at all.

  2. Adam Frische better bring this up during the debates and EVERY TIME he can….if the shoes were reversed, escort granny would.

  3. Somebody should do a geneology of the family trees of Sarah Palin and Lauren Boebert. I for one can’t help but wonder if there’s some overlap, a common ancestor or two in there somewhere.

    • Profoundly stupid people ARE profoundly stupid and THUS…behave profoundly stupidly. No matching DNA needed. These are willfully ignorant people with low average IQ’s. Same with MTG. They will all behave the same way. Like morons with out a shred of common sense.

  4. Not Ozzie & Harriet… Not even Ozzie Osborne.
    Sound like lovely people, if the whole politics thing tanks for Bobo, maybe TLC will give her a reality show/

    • So true. Nice satire, Mike. Actually, given how put together Sharon is, my guess is Ozzy is probably a genuinely loving dad.


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