I’m not saying that Traitor Tot isn’t going down on J6 related charges for the insurrection, all I’m saying is that it would be icing on top of the cake. Trump is going down, and hard!

An hour or so ago, The Washington Post broke a report that just put the final nail in Trump’s criminal coffin. They reported, based on 3 anonymous sources familiar with the matter, that some of the documents the FBI went to recover with their search warrant were for classified US military nuclear secrets.

Just a quick historical aside. In June of 1956, American citizens Ethel and Julius Rosenberg were executed in federal prison. Their crime? They were convicted of trying to sell classified US nuclear secrets to Russia. That’s how seriously the US government takes their nuclear secrets.

A quick tutorial. Trump left office on January 20th, 2021. Realizing that he was a National Security risk, President Biden declined to extend the usual courtesy of a modified classified security rating for Trump. Trump was warned in advance by both the National Archives, as well as the NSA not to remove the documents he was packing from the White House. But of course, being Trump, he did it anyway.

There are actually different security classifications in the US government. The lowest is classified, and as such the easiest to get. The next one is secret, which is followed by top secret. But there’s one more. It’s called Compartmentalized Top Secret. That means that even if you’re fully vetted, with a You Secret Clearance, if you don’t have a special clearance, you can’t see it. It is highly likely that at least some of the documents and files that Trump absconded with were in that category.

Which begs the simple question, why? Sweet Jesus, Trump doesn’t even read the comics page. He wouldn’t touch his PDB unless it had colorful graphs and cartoons. Why would
Trump bother to take those documents down to Mar-
A-Lago with him? Was Trump’s post presidential retirement going to be an interest in nuclear fusion? It makes no sense.

Unless you consider the fact that Trump’s name is mud, his business is bleeding red ink, he has hundreds of millions of personal debt coming due in the next 2 years, and no reputable US bank will deal with him. But what about the possibility of selling sensitive US secrets to foreign leaders, many of them unfriendly to the US, that he spent 4 long years cultivating?

I’m not saying that Trump is going to be executed for treason, because he won’t but the DOJ has a bird-in-the-hand case. They don’t have to prove criminal intent. Trump had no security clearance. He was warned in advance not to take the documents. He chose to take them anyway, and then he stored them in a non secure location. It’s the kind of case that federal prosecutors dream of.

But let’s just put one thing to rest. Whatever your feeling about Merrick Garland and his handling of the J6 investigation, remember one thing. In personally signing off on the Mar-A-Lago search warrant, and calling Trump’s bluff by having the DOJ move to make the search warrant and inventory public, Garland has made it clear that he won’t hesitate to indict Trump if the evidence calls for it. Don’t touch that dial.


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  1. He sure seemed resolute in his remarks. I doubt evidence was ever a problem. It wasn’t a problem in. the Mueller report either. The problem was bullfrog barr who lied to all of us. He’s still free by the way. The nagging fear for me was whether the power brokers had the will to take on Trump & his violent mob/cult. Whether they would take the risks necessary to fight this battle. Vets are asked to put their asses on the line without big government jobs. Garland has answered that. Now when the real shit hits the fan, he will need to stand firm no matter what. The majority of these folks have crumbled under real prosecution & I doubt trump’s cult has many who will risk their own ass if they try to take on DOJ. Yeah they will possibly act crazy & do some shit, but in a gunfight, I’ll take the US military any day anywhere. They cannot violently overthrow our government. The only way is for voters to hand it to them. Let’s see what happens 330pm tomorrow. By that time barr can research what ‘suggestion’ means & watch what a real AG does.

  2. If he’s not in danger of being executed for treason, he damned well ought to be and it’s bullshit he won’t be.

    One thing that ought to be on EVERYONE’S mind is how many foreign visitors were at that P.O.S. dwelling of his in FL and where were they from. Granted, we damned sure don’t want anything even Classified getting over to putie but anything involving our nukes getting to, say, MBS? That is bad also. There could have been even worse people who might already have copies.

    Again, if this criminal idiot is not in line for riding ol’ sparky for this stunt, he damned well needs to be.

  3. Actually, the Rosenbergs were executed in 1953 and their trial was rife with politics and genuine shenanigans. For starters, Ethel’s brother LIED about her role in the incident and did so under pressure from prosecutors (basically, it was “sell out your sister or your wife will go to jail”). And Daniel Patrick Moynihan was convinced that the information that the Rosenbergs passed along didn’t help the Soviets all that much (a nuclear expert of the era believed the Soviets would have their own bomb within 5 years of the US bombing of Hiroshima and they managed to do so within 4 years). Ethel was also effectively threatened with the death penalty if Julius didn’t make a full confession. For what it’s worth, the couple were actually told they could receive life in prison by naming other spies and *admitting* their guilt. The Rosenbergs were having none of that: “By asking us to repudiate the truth of our innocence, the government admits its own doubts concerning our guilt … we will not be coerced, even under pain of death, to bear false witness”
    At any rate, one of the leaders in pressing for the death penalty for the couple was none other than Roy Cohn. (That name should sound familiar.) Cohn claimed that he had Judge Kaufman and lead prosecutor Saypol put on the case.

  4. Id love to see him go down! right through the trap door on the gallow! If the Rosenbergs had to pay with their lives fat boi trump should pay the same price if he is indicted and found GUILTY!



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