Whether it’s karma, hubris or “God’s will” biting the GOP in the butt their despicable WH event to nominate Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the SCOTUS seat left vacant by Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death is giving them a dose of reality.   Or, to be snarky since from Trump on down they’ve tried to sell the notion that all that was possible to do was done.   That it was all a hoax but that (in direct contrast to the hoax thing but when did the GOP care about lying & hypocrisy?) Trump has done a magnificent job of managing the crisis – again while in the next breath saying “Crisis?  What crisis?”  The KellyAnne Conway created world of “alternative facts” has been hit with alternative REALITY.    I think there’s a reason why there are news reports that the WH isn’t actually engaged in contact tracing.   It’s because all objective evidence points to that super-spreader event to “celebrate” Judge Barrett’s nomination (that’s the cover story – it was I contend just as much a celebration of the death of a liberal icon) is responsible for this WH Covid Cluster that’s broken out.

In a delicious bit of irony (ok – so I’m a bad person for saying this) the very creator of “alternative facts” that has become conservative dogma under Trump, the infamous GOP Barbie talking head and political operative Ms. KellyAnne Conway who attended that awful event at the WH has tested positive!

Let’s be blunt.   If RBG had died a week before the election, or even a week before the Inauguration of Joe Biden McConnell would have rammed through a right-wing, neo fascist Christian Taliban appointee to the Court.   Everyone knows it.   In the latter case, as in after the election but before the Inauguration and especially if Democrats win control of the Senate next month McConnell would have visited every GOP Senator and brandished a canister labeled Novichok, pictures of their loved ones and tell them Putin already has an operative assigned to monitor them to ensure he’d get that one last Justice.   So waiting until the latter part of this past week wouldn’t have mattered.   Not even with the bombshell news of Trump’s diagnosis.   He can nominate someone from anywhere at any time, albeit if from Walter Reed the whole staging the GOP wanted wouldn’t have been possible.   Also, despite shutting down the Senate as a whole until Oct. 19 McConnell has already announced that Barrett’s Judiciary Committee hearing WILL take place on schedule.   So accept that McConnell was and remains committed to doing anything, anything he can to get his way.

Look.  I’m not saying there weren’t ANY conservatives who thought it was tacky to be holding that WH shindig before Ginsburg was even buried.    There probably were.   Also, some of that (small) group maybe even regretted her passing.   But not a one of them would ever, ever admit it out loud to anyone.   Their Party is now like the old USSR (and how the Russian Federation is ever rapidly becoming) spouses would inform on each other, and even children reported on their parents.    However, I said the night the news of RBG’s death broke that champagne corks were popping in conservative homes all over the country.   After so many health scares that RBG overcame, dashing their hopes (yes, they are that cruel) their hopes and “prayers” were finally answered.

They just could NOT contain their glee.   They also could not contain their desire to rub RBG’s memory and “gud-damned liberal’s” faces in it.  You just know that over and over they were making oh so “clever” quips about liberals crying in anguish, or how they were getting to do to Ruth Bader Ginsburg what they did to Thurgood Marshall.    They just decided to throw themselves a big ole garden party and have a merry old time for the whole country to see.

Hell, I’m quite sure that some of those who planned and/or attended the “We get to replace RBG ‘Jubilee’” at least thought about holding it over the river as close as possible to the grave of where she would be buried with her husband.    At least even these pricks knew better than to go that far.   Still, they orchestrated their celebration in the next best place, the formerly beautiful WH Rose Garden that had been transformed by “Melanie” into a setting as sterile as a ritzy cemetery mausoleum.   Close enough for government work as an old saying goes.

We’ve all seen pics and videos of that large, mostly mask-LESS crowd not just sitting packed together, but interacting, hugging and talking and even laughing at jokes that I’m sure included some jibes about getting the exact opposite of Ginsberg installed as her replacement.    The thing is, that outdoor announcement was only PART of that day’s “festivities.”   There were plenty of indoor meet and greets and coffee (covfeve?) klatches INSIDE that day.    One pic I tried to download of the Barret family standing behind Trump (sitting at the Resolute desk) holding up what I assume is his formal signed nomination kept causing a “blocked because image may harm your computer) or that would have been the one I used.   Because given how children can be terrific asymptomatic super spreaders having so many so close to Trump might be how he got Covid.    I’ve mentioned news reports say for all the talk the WH itself hasn’t been contacting many people there that day to do contact tracing.    Maybe they are afraid their newfound hero Amy Barrett’s family is who brought the disease with them?   I mean, even Republicans (well, most of them) can’t resist leaning in and making a fuss over cute young children, getting face to face and chatting about how proud they must be of mommy and isn’t it special to be in this place and so on.   How far would this (inept) WH go to cover that up if it turned out to be the case?   They know they’d be unable to do so, so better to not know at all.   Plausible deniability and all that, because THAT would really put a damper on the planned coronation of Barrett!

The more l look back on it, and now consider the scope of the outbreak in the upper levels of the GOP stemming from it the worse the whole thing looks.    Their little show that was partly intended to make their Trump inspired point that Covid really was fading away turned out to be more than the proverbial whistling past the graveyard.    It was more like partying IN the graveyard as infected relatives were burying loved ones who’d died of the disease.

McConnell is grimly determined to get Barrett on the Court.   His determination to waste no time, and to acquiesce in letting his Party put on that disgraceful display might wind up costing him attaining his final prize goal.    Oh how I hope karma is really a real thing.    And that it slaps McConnell and the entire GOP right between the eyes!

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  1. This is so well written Denis. And so spot on. It really did feel as if they were metaphorically dancing on the Notorious RBG’s grave. They have no respect for anyone or anything. And we must continue to tie a knot and hang on for what Glen Kirschner says is a reckoning because Justice Matters.


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