Well, this is crazy.

Secret Service Agent Tony Ornato, in his testimony contained in the January 6th Report on the Capitol riot, revealed that two Trump aides, almost certainly prompted by the deranged Resident himself, wanted the Service to install Trump in a bulletproof enclosure from which he could view, and probably cheer on his mutinous mob as it descended on the Capitol.

Yahoo News

“A pair of Trump White House aides asked if the Secret Service could construct a bulletproof glass box for then-president Donald Trump to stand in after accompanying supporters to the Capitol on January 6, transcripts of an interview with his ex-deputy chief of staff have shown.

The transcript of the House January 6 select committee’s deposition with ex-White House Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations Tony Ornato revealed that the White House advance staffers, Bobby Peede and Max Miller, asked if the Secret Service could accompany the riotous mob he had called to Washington as they protested Congress’s certification of his 2020 election loss to Joe Biden outside the US Capitol.

When Mr Ornato, a Secret Service agent who was then detailed to the Executive Office of the President, asked what Mr Trump would accomplish by being at the Capitol during the vote count, Mr Peede and Mr Miller floated the idea of him appearing there in a bulletproof glass box.

“They said… they would build maybe a small stage, and the service can glass him in, and he could peacefully protest with people near the Capitol grounds,” he recalled. He added that he considered the idea to be “ridiculous”.”

Although I have quoted as much of the article as is permitted by fair use, it goes on to say that Ornato’s testimony that he could not “recall” an altercation involving drumpf and his USSS driver Bobby Engel, as recounted by Mark Meadow’s Aide Cassidy Hutchinson has been refuted by other interviewees and could possibly leave Ornato exposed to charges of lying to Congress.

Hugo Lowell, a reporter for The Guardian Tweeted the following exchange between Ornato and Hutchinson on the day of the riot that strongly suggests Ornato knew more about Trump’s reaction to being denied permission to accompany the mob than he was willing to share with the committee.

(Hutchinson’s side of the conversation is in blue.)

It is striking how these texts mirror the tone of the two FBI agents depicted as “love birds” by the MAGA crowd during the Mueller investigation.

It seems we all feel the same way about Rudy… 🤣

These two reports seem to conflict a bit, though I am guessing the conversation with the two aides about the bulletproof enclosure probably occurred during the planning stages of the event and not the day of, and was dismissed by Ornato as ridiculous… but when it came time to affirm Cassidy’s more explosive testimony he demurred.

I think Mr. Jack Smith needs to get Ornato under oath and before a D.C. Grand Jury to clear things up.

And perhaps we should start planning a more elaborate enclosure for TFG to occupy.

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  1. Someone probably remembered that car with the bullet proof bubble that was made for a Pope a few decades ago. Hell, maybe ole Newt talked with the Swiss Guard at the Vatican and tried to borrow it – and they told him to pound sand! Had there been time Trump probably would have ordered his own version of a “Popemobile” and ignored the outrage that would have ensued. I’m sure Erik Prince could have had his gang of mercenaries cut up an armored SUV and install a box complete with a throne/seat where Trump could have sat, elevated above eye level, complete with speakers that could let him address the crowd from safe in his enclosure. They just didn’t think of it in time.

  2. Ornato seems to have a serious memory problem, Shouldn’t he be on medical leave until he gets it working again and the doctors can certify he’s good?



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