Racist George Clayton Apologizes to Biracial Teen Admitted To Harvard, He Routinely Trolls POCs


A few days ago George Clayton, a Trump supporter who has announced his plans to run for the Texas State School Board insulted a young man, Drake Johnson, who has been admitted to Harvard, asking him, “was it merit or quota?” Clayton has caught a lot of heat since then and now he’s apologized — except not to Johnson but to the Dallas Morning News and Texas Tribune.

“What I said in my remarks was totally wrong and hugely insensitive, My shame hangs heavy in my heart. It was totally out of character for me to make such a hateful comment. I am, of course humbled by my words and sincerely sorry for them.”

Repentance is all very well, however, Johnson was not an isolated case, this is standard operating procedure for Clayton, who routinely trolls women and POCs on twitter when they share their good academic fortune with the world. A young woman, Hannah Ponce, was admitted to Brown University and Clayton cracked to her on March 29, “Are you qualified or was this a quota decision?” Another young woman, Nelly, tweeted about being admitted to Brown and Clayton tweeted on April 3, 2018, “Was you [sic] admission merit or quota based? Or, do you know th [sic] difference?”

To another student, Chelsea, the same thing.

Was you admittance merit or quota based?

George Clayton (@SBOEDist12) April 3, 2018

This is what Clayton had to say to him.

Were you admitted on merit or on quota regulations? If on merit, great job–congratulations. If on a quota number, work hard, make the best of it and thank the merit applicant you replaced.

George Clayton (@SBOEDist12) March 30, 2018

Clayton’s Twitter account is currently suspended. Text of unavailable tweets from The New Civil Rights Movement.

This is white male supremacy personified. The “only way” that women or POCs can make it is by a quota system, never by honest achievement. I wonder what schools Clayton applied to and was rejected from that gave him a worldview this warped that he has to take it out on these outstanding young people?

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