A couple of days ago I thought President Biden had turned the corner. Well, I was spectacularly wrong. Little did I know even friendly journalists/pundits and fellow Democrats were lying in wait. For the 2024 NATO Summit. For when our President would be consumed with critical national security and international diplomatic, security and even economic matters and unable to get out and punch back!  But that’s EXACTLY what I believe many have done. Trump, wanting to please his master Putin wanted and still wants us out of NATO. To see NATO weakened and vulnerable to Putin’s dream of a restored USSR. American journalists/pundits, elected Democrats and donors including the celebrities that hold fundraisers have chosen THIS moment to pile on.


Along with countless others I’ve said and written for years that with NATO and other partners in the free world Bush 43 was our “Mulligan.” He made quite the mess and the fact headlines of ‘How could Americans be so stupid?’ (as in voting for Bush) were common in Europe and around the free world. But with the election and re-election of Obama (not to mention the GOP putting up a sane and more traditional candidate like Romney in 2012) as I said we got a pass. Then came 2016. Our allies looked on with the same horror most of you reading this did as Trump first got the nomination, and then got elected. While President Biden has done much to restore our leadership the stone cold fact is that NATO and other allies look at U.S. politics and have realized they can only count on us for four years at a time.

There aren’t enough MAGAs to elect Trump without help but our Electoral College system gives him or any Republican a built-in advantage. That’s how Trump could lose the popular vote in 2016 by almost three million votes but eke out a ‘win” thanks to roughly 77k votes spread across three key states. Add in a GOP that has ruthlessly engaged in voter suppression and rigging of the rules (on steroids the past few years) and yeah, our allies know we can’t be counted on. And now? With them in town, kicking off the 2024 summit in the very room where NATO was established 75 years ago they are seeing DEMOCRATS swing at President Biden with political meat cleavers!

Over in Europe they’ve been quietly trying to make plans for a NATO without the U.S., or one in which the U.S. plays no significant role.  That has a greater cost than people seem to realize. Our leadership of NATO from its inception made us the leader of the free world, and helped us to becoming by far the world’s strongest economy. If we couldn’t literally dictate terms, our role as the world’s protector provided us outsized influence.

You can read an overview of what’s underway at the summit in this article from Reuters.  There’s a lot of critical discussion and decision taking place. Our President has been too busy doing vital work to be dealing with the ration of sh!T he’s taking from people who SHOULD be supporting him!  I want you to think for a minute. Before the debate what was President Biden doing? His job (unlike Trump actually at the office doing the job) and making campaign appearances. Starting the day after the debate? He made campaign appearances and has since been doing his freaking job and continuing to campaign. Oh, and preparing for this summit he/the U.S. is hosting. It’s only the most important political and security alliance in the world!

Today I saw pundits on the attack. One asshat (I know the face but couldn’t place the name) insisted, DEMANDED in fact that the President and others accept the fact that the voters have ‘deserted’ him. Funny, but that’s not the reaction polling seems to suggest. Of course, given the state of polling these days it’s hard to get a handle on what’s really going on in the country but I think back on the focus groups right after the debate. Yes, there was agreement the President had a bad night. There was ALSO agreement that Trump spent the time lying his butt off! Lie after lie. The President still has support from unions and the AFL-CIO has renewed it’s endorsement.

Does he have a tough task ahead? Yep. But I can’t shake the feeling that journalists/pundits had decided “Biden’s toast” and set about having wet-dreams of a brokered Democratic convention. And some Democrats saw a re-shuffling of the leadership deck as an opportunity to move up the ladder. They were all licking their chops and then damn – the voters did NOT desert Biden in droves. Frankly, I think the WH is on to something with the notion that Democratic “elites” are out of touch. And word getting out about that clearly touched a nerve.

So they waited until this week when the President would have a few days were he couldn’t punch back against their narrative and engaged in a semi-organized attack.  I say to hell with them. We need to elect every Democrat we can this fall, but I say people everywhere should take note of Democrats who have been taking potshots at the President. And every damned one of them should be primaried!

However in the meantime our allies are in town for a literal front row seat to watch the Democratic Party and the free press tear apart our democracy. We aren’t losing our position of leadership in the world so much as we are pissing it away.


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  1. A lot of truth here, my friend. A lot of truth. What needs to happen and happen soon is that this Biden bashing either stops or he decides to step down. A friend called today and said that George Clooney is Biden’s “friend” — and that may be. But also today, after the Clooney essay in the NYT, was an Axios piece on how Chuck Schumer is hoping Biden leaves. Every hour that goes by, almost, somebody else chimes in anti-Biden.

    I have no idea. I didn’t think we would get to this place but we are here. I just hope that it resolves and soon.

    • I know I wrote about how he’s immersed with the summit but he dropped by the AFL-CIO gathering in DC and delivered a tour de force. It included, as Lawrence O’Donnell showed a minutes long talk citing economics and facts/statistics and there was no teleprompter! Yet how much will the pundits be talking about/showing THAT tomorrow? Little, if any is my bet.

      The WH Press Corps made fools of themselves over a sleazy NYT article that implied Biden’s been getting monthly visits/treatment from a neurologist, citing WH logs showing 8 visits. Except some basic checking (as O’Donnell explained on his show last night) revealed the President wasn’t even in town! Ed Henry showed his ass the most but he had plenty of company in the room during that press conference a couple of days ago. So they are embarrassed and will be out for blood (the President’s) tomorrow at the end of summit press conference and if to save face they have to draw blood, fairly or unfairly they by god will!

      Worse, there will be Democrats helping them do so by feeding them bullshit innuendo ahead of time.

    • So how do we win if President Biden steps down? Who will be strong enough to run, and WIN? Not VP Harris. Nope. She’s not ready, or the country isn’t ready. But not the VP. So who? WHO? NO ONE!! We automatically lose. Period. Are these democratic asshats so stupid that they believe that THEY can win??? No, they can’t. I just won’t vote. Just give up. If the President steps down, we’ve lost the White House.

    • That Schumer report has been debunked by Schumer. Pelosi reported a similar distortion. This is what North Of You called ratfucking down thread. It’s also calledskulduggery, maybe rats skulls.
      Ursula, you have written so many articles lately, I want to thank you for that, from the bottom of my heart.

  2. “…What needs to happen and happen soon is that this Biden bashing either stops or he decides to step down.”

    No, no, NO! Why? This is not the choice, it shouldn’t even be on the radar. Just because bashing keeps up he should fold? That’s sheer NONSENSE.

    C’mon, Ursula, you know better.

    All of this bruhaha is nothing but Roger Stone-worthy ratfucking. Plain and simple.

    Lawrence O’Donnell nailed it tonight, when he played President Biden’s remarks at the union meeting, and then trump’s at his nazi-fest. Guess which one spoke in complete sentences.

    And guess which got ignored by the people who said Mr. Biden couldn’t do what they ignore & that he just did?!? He was great, just a normal man speaking rationally. And no one ever plays trump’s daily gaffes. Ever.

    And all the President needs to do is keep working and keep campaigning. The Rs will self-destruct on national TV next week, and we get our convention coming up.

  3. And so another empìre falls. It was great to know you all but you’re in the process of destroying yourself so from now on I’ll keep my distance.

  4. I completely agree with you. I can’t believe the sh*+ coming from Democrats. Does Biden sh*+ his pants? I don’t care if he’s in a coma, he’ll still be better than Trump.

    Please keep me posted on which Democrats are stabbing Biden in the back.

    • Good idea: please publish (ongoing?) lists of those Democrats who trash the President in the lead-up to the most vital election on American history. Add their email adresses. And the dates when they’re up for re-election. Biden’s just been given immunity by Trump’s supreme court so maybe, once re-elected, Joe will do some serious investigating into the murkier aspects of those Democrats’ careers. Plenty of skeletons in plenty of closets, for sure.


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