We’ve all heard of the irresistible force meeting the immovable object. This is more like the garden snail oozing up to the rock and saying, “But you promised me your blood,” and the rock laughing, spraying salt on the snail, and rolling away. Snail, this is Donald Trump, the rock. Rock, this is Rudy Giuliani, who’s about to slime you really bad when you push him into a corner far enough and the only way he can get out of it is to rat you out. Give Michael Cohen a jingle if you need this concept explained to you.

Cohen said that Rudy and Donald never liked one another and it’s pretty obvious that Rudy’s allies are not thrilled with Trump, either, at least not now. They’re demanding he raid the campaign war chest and pay Rudy out of that. I sure hope they’re not holding their breath.

Kerik was the commissioner of police in New York City, appointed by Giuliani. And Giuliani’s kid, the one that gave him COVID-19, is quite concerned as well. New York Times:

Asked about Mr. Kerik’s tweet during an interview with ABC News, Mr. Giuliani’s son, Andrew, said that his father’s fees should be covered by Trump’s campaign coffers.

“I do think he should be indemnified,” the younger Mr. Giuliani said. “I think all those Americans that donated after Nov. 3, they were donating for the legal defense fund. My father ran the legal team at that point. So I think it’s very easy to make a very strong case for the fact that he and all the lawyers that worked on there should be indemnified.”

He added, “I would find it highly irregular if the president’s lead counsel did not get indemnified.”

Umm….Andrew? Scuse us, but you do know that Trump ran a fake university and stole money from a children’s cancer charity, right? Just asking.

Mr. Trump later told his advisers he did not want Mr. Giuliani to receive any payment, according to people close to the former president with direct knowledge of the discussions. Before Mr. Trump left the White House in January, he agreed to reimburse Mr. Giuliani for more than $200,000 in expenses but not to pay a fee.

Some of Mr. Giuliani’s supporters have blamed Mr. Trump’s aides — and not the former president — for the standoff. However, people close to Mr. Trump said he has stridently refused to pay Mr. Giuliani.

Mr. Giuliani’s advisers were also disappointed that he did not receive a federal pardon from Mr. Trump, despite facing the long-running federal investigation into his Ukrainian dealings, a person close to Mr. Giuliani said. After months of speculation that Mr. Trump might issue Mr. Giuliani a pre-emptive pardon, Mr. Giuliani said on his radio show in January that he did not need a pardon, because “I don’t commit crimes.”

No, pardon, no cash, no nothing, except an exclusive membership in Club Fed, which is where a surprising percentage of Trump’s cronies end up at some point. Follow the money is the oldest adage in politics and the money stops with Trump. The buck keeps going and somebody else has to handle that, but the money stops with Trump. Good luck getting your hands on the war chest, Rudy. Let us know how that works out for you.




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  1. The Miser in Chief is refusing to pay?
    Now why am I not surprised. Doesn’t everyone know by now that all contributions arefor Don John himself

  2. Rudy should have known better: he was in NYC when the former guy was scamming workers out of their paychecks and businesses out of their money.

    • Go back, way back to the beginning of the alliance of these two critters. Rudy was head of SDNY and wanted to be in elective politics. Mayor of a city like New York where he had name recognition (all that headline grabbing) would he knew be a great opening act. But, especially in a place like that he needed money in a campaign war chest. As so many aspiring politicians in so many places have learned getting to a certain point with donations/cash on hand establishes “viability” to other donors. And who was it Rudy got to give him the big enough chunk of money to establish himself as a potential political candidate? Trump.

      “Interestingly” enough, after a number of months went buy and investigation into the Trump Org. by SDNY seemed to kind of peter out. For someone with savvy (which Rudy had once upon a time) it wouldn’t be that difficult. Assigning people and resources to other matters for example, and in that jurisdiction there are always more goings on than people and resources to investigate and prosecute them. If done skillfully defanging and then quietly closing an investigation into one more real estate developer perhaps laundering money in a city full of them would have at most resulted in some grumbling at the office itself and some raised eyebrows over at the FBI.

      So basically Rudy solicited a bribe from Trump, or Trump offered one when Rudy came asking for money. Rudy got his political war chest established and Trump got an investigation he knew would cause him major trouble and maybe jail killed. Their relationship has been corrupt from the start. Each spent a long time assuming the other had the goods to bring em down, but knew doing so would bring themselves down. Mutually assured destruction.

      Trump was a goddamned fool not to pardon Rudy when he had the chance. Of course, doing so would have maybe created enough of a stir that people with knowledge of where records were would have spoken up and the whole ugly mess would have come out and ruined Trump’s image and Trump couldn’t abide that. But sometimes the truth has a way of coming out even if it takes far too long and too much collateral damage to countless people in the meantime. This could be one of those times.

      It looks like Rudy is leaking transmission fluid from his head faster than he can replace it. And if HE has to sit down with prosecutors to minimize his prison time, sit down and do the whole “queen for a day” routine and confess ALL (or no deal and everything can get used against him in court) then it’s all over for Trump. Unlike Cohen, I don’t think Rudy is going to be willing to only confess to some stuff and take some time in prison. Cohen’s wife had relatives to help the family out. Rudy has himself and nothing else. He either turns on Trump or dies in prison.

      If this plays out the way I hope, the delicious irony is that Trump’s vindictiveness that caused him both to not pardon Rudy AND to refuse to pay him now will be matched by Rudy. Rudy is very much the type of guy who if fucked over by someone, will do all he can to fuck THEM over in return and Trump has far more to lose than Rudy. Fucking over Trump could well be the last time in his life Rudy can derive some real pleasure from something.

      If, as I suspect the Feds have got the goods to back Rudy into the corner of “you’re going to jail the only question is for how long and where – a relatively nice place or…) he will destroy Trump.

      • I’m with you on this Denis, getting a pardon does have some quirks, to me the one about being guilty when accepting the pardon, just not going to jail for it … however, Rudy, by accepting could squeal like a pig on Trump’s antics and not go to jail for any of it, while Trump in his mindless day-to-day BS would be fit up for 2 orange jumpsuits, one to wear while he does the laundry for himself and all the other do-wrongs at the hostel with many doors …
        Trump is so up tight at the moment, like an, “E”, string on a violin … his survival health -wise is probably his main challenge at the moment …

        The thing that amazes me the most is how Donny John Trumpshit still holds so many Republicans in fear of telling all, maybe there has been some deep sick stuff in the past that snares some of the current ass-holes …?

  3. “No, pardon, no cash, no nothing, except an exclusive membership in Club Fed, which is where a surprising percentage of Trump’s cronies end up at some point.”
    Surprising!? Huh? Why? How? Where have you been these last five years?

    • You could have made your point in a nicer way. Surprising here does not mean surprising in regards to Trump’s cronies, but surprising in regard to the cronies of every other president.


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